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1796Re: V4 GUI improvement proposal

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  • Chris
    Sep 7, 2011
      Hi Rick,

      Interesting thread.

      I think an EAS option (echo as sent) should simply transfer the sent text, as it was acked, from bottom window to top. In a distinctive color. The speed at which that happened would be a direct indication of link quality. It worked very well in Amtor.

      As for IRS ability to force the link around, here again this was a very useful feature in Amtor (ACHG). Impolite to use in normal QSO but sometimes handy - like when you were communicating with an unattended station.

      I am calling and listening on 14073 right now!

      73, Chris ZL1BOE

      --- In V4Protocol@yahoogroups.com, "Rick Muething" <rmuething@...> wrote:
      > Pete,
      > It is hard to measure one or two parameters and show link quality. There is already one very good indicator and that is the constellation display and its score. This shows the “tightness of the symbols” and scores them 0 to 100. 100 is near perfect (4 very small dots in the corners of the constellation plot). A score > 50 is usually decodable without errors. The S/N is also computed and measures the average (across the frame) of the Desired signal (one of the 4FSK tones) compared to the other three tones. Its possible to add more frills, graphs and plots but the goal should be to communicate some useful information not just show and glitz. Its important to remember that the TNC does not actually have to be visible at all...its form is primarily for operator entertainment as there are few controls that are really required.
      > I’ll consider putting something else in if it makes sense and communicates something of value to the user. There really is not much one can do to improved the decoding other than trying with the filter IN or Out.
      > Rick KN6KB
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