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1789Re: V4 GUI improvement proposal

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  • k1dow_4
    Sep 7, 2011
      My input regarding the user interface on V4

      First and foremost congratulations to you Rick on getting the V4 code running very well indeed!

      I would find the interface much more comfortable to use if nothing but received text appeared in the receive window and of course a separate window like we have now to type in. What would be VERY helpful is a small third window displaying the outgoing text that has been received by the IRS. This way you would be aware of your throughput and not get too verbose  under poor conditions. You would be seeing exactly what the IRS has displayed to the moment. 

      The constellation, while interesting, is something I would gladly do without to have this third window of  received text by the IRS displayed, if  keeping the amount of program code to a minimum is is important, and I think of course that it is.

      From all the posts I have read this morning, I think that the majority of the uses want to see the actual transmitted text they send as it is displayed at he IRS.

      Oh.. A last thought on the on the tendency of many of us to want to do the "BTU OM" thing, even though we understand the changeover from ISS to IRS is automatic. I simply end my typing by typically asking a question. This seems to to work pretty well in getting the other guy to type a reply. ;-)   

      Arcadia, FL

      --- In V4Protocol@yahoogroups.com, "Bob Thornton" <bob.thornton@...> wrote:
      > Constellation score shows how well we are receiving but something to indicate how well we are being received would be nice. Very good reasons of throughput why you don't want to bring that back, but could something simpler be done based on the counting of ACK and NACK frames. (ACK-NACK)/(ACK+NACK) sounds like a possible measure. Or effective data rate based on throughput.
      > Bob
      > G3WKW
      > --- In V4Protocol@yahoogroups.com, "Rick Muething" rmuething@ wrote:
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      > > Pete,
      > >
      > > It is hard to measure one or two parameters and show link quality. There is already one very good indicator and that is the constellation display and its score. This shows the “tightness of the symbolsâ€&#65533; and scores them 0 to 100. 100 is near perfect (4 very small dots in the corners of the constellation plot). A score > 50 is usually decodable without errors. The S/N is also computed and measures the average (across the frame) of the Desired signal (one of the 4FSK tones) compared to the other three tones. Its possible to add more frills, graphs and plots but the goal should be to communicate some useful information not just show and glitz. Its important to remember that the TNC does not actually have to be visible at all...its form is primarily for operator entertainment as there are few controls that are really required.
      > >
      > > I’ll consider putting something else in if it makes sense and communicates something of value to the user. There really is not much one can do to improved the decoding other than trying with the filter IN or Out.
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      > > Rick KN6KB
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