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1471Re: [V4Protocol] Operation Questions/ Observations today.

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  • Curt Nixon
    Aug 1, 2011
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      Hi Owen:

      I'm using a TR7 for all my digi modes and CW most of the time. My
      tested T>R latency runs about 90-110mS. Suspect others using much newer
      equip. I do have a Tony Parks SDR IF panadapter running on my r4 tho :)

      Are the Flex rigs able to get below the 250mS T-R Latency threshold?
      That could be the root of the problem.


      Owen Mitchell wrote:
      > Ted, it would be nice to know what radio, you and others are running.
      > It seems all Flex SDR Radios , I know of, are never able to complete
      > the task of receiving and transmitting the V4 system using ARQ. FEC
      > seems to work fine.
      > Would like to hear from Flex users on their problems.
      > Owen KB5XE Flex 5000
      > --- On *Sun, 7/31/11, Ted Trostle /<ttrostle35@...>/* wrote:
      > From: Ted Trostle <ttrostle35@...>
      > Subject: Re: [V4Protocol] Operation Questions/ Observations today.
      > To: V4Protocol@yahoogroups.com
      > Date: Sunday, July 31, 2011, 4:47 PM
      > I basically agree with your observations as my experience is
      > similar. The frustrating part I have is that the connection seems
      > to go idle and I never become an ISS and then it times out. I am
      > beginning to believe that signal level, noise and QSB impact the
      > timing sequence of the protocol steps and the expected transition
      > and exchange is not compatible with the conditions. If I switch
      > to FEC connections every time are very good and the exchange of
      > the conversation flows relatively smooth. When QSB hits and parts
      > of words are missed, just like in CW you can fill in the blanks.
      > I would like to test V4 with a rock solid RF connection. With all
      > respect to Rick I'd bet it would be perfect.
      > Ted, WB2LOU
      > On Sun, Jul 31, 2011 at 6:27 PM, captcurt@...
      > <http://us.mc558.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=captcurt@...>
      > <captcurt@...
      > <http://us.mc558.mail.yahoo.com/mc/compose?to=captcurt@...>>
      > wrote:
      > Hello to all:
      > Several times now, during unsuccessful attempts, I will do a
      > ARQ Call to a Callsign and get a CONNECTED TO message and the
      > system starts to cycle the (I think) IDL . The ARQ State is
      > cycling from IRSWaitLeader to TransmitACK (think that is right
      > msg) which is orange.
      > So I type in some text and hit CTRL CR and the text goes to
      > the Session text box but the OB Que never changes from 0 to
      > show the text was queued.
      > Is this because the text wont go into the queue until I am
      > ISS? I first thought it would queue up and wait for the ISS or
      > does it just stay in the buffer?
      > It seems when the system gets into this cycling loop it never
      > exchanges from IRS to ISS and I never am receiving anything
      > from the other station either. Constellation was score 58-60
      > S/N 0 or -1
      > Does this just sound like a quality of signal /strength issue
      > in the exchange of ACK etc?
      > The basic decoding seems to be pretty good..even printing CQ
      > Requests that are barely heard. But synching up and exchanging
      > is much more sensitive.
      > Is there some typical lower threshold of S/N or Constellation
      > score that has been seen so far?
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