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228Re: [UtahValleyAPG] UVAPG Communications

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    Dec 15, 2011
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      Thank you for the many ways in which you and Renee are reaching out to members and potential members of the UVAPG. I don't have any communications solutions to offer, just a couple comments.

      I communicate by email so any communication that allows me an email notification gets to me. But I keep my inbox manageable by turning off notifications of Facebook postings.

      >we need to have a mix of private and public communication options.
      I agree. Whether it's called "communication" or "marketing" or "presence," there is a difference between what's being discussed with chapter members and communications promoting the UVAPG chapter. This is an interesting balance. And at what point are we duplicating what's happening on the Virtual Chapter?

      And speaking of the Virtual Chapter, I suggest that a member of the UVAPG specifically be appointed/volunteer to also be a member of the Virtual Chapter. The UVAPG can glean ideas from the Virtual Chapter as well as to promote UVAPG activities to those Virtual Chapter members living in Utah Valley. (I assume there are some.) It is nice that members have these options for meeting their individual interests.

      >or to post our bylaws
      The UVAPG has its own bylaws? I'm more out of touch with the chapter than I realized! ;o)

      Again, thanks for all that you do.

      Charlene M. Pipkin, A.G.
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