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226Looking for UVAPG Members to Spotlight

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  • joseph_blake_everett
    Dec 14, 2011
      Each quarter, our Chapter has the opportunity to submit news about our Chapter and its members. The Chapter Spotlight highlights the collective activities of UVAPG. Member News is a chance to highlight individual contributions.

      We would love to share news about APG members in our area who are making significant contributions to the profession. Some examples of newsworthy items include awards received, books published, articles published in major national publications (such as NGSQ, TAG, etc.), or a member featured in print, electronic, or Internet media. (APG Quarterly is not looking for information about speaking engagements at a local or state gatherings or publications at the local or state level.) This is also an opportunity to honor any local APG members who have recently passed away.

      If you have something to share about your own activities, or you have news about another local APG member you know, please email that information to me. We have just a few days left to get something in for the next issue, but if it comes later, we can submit it for the following issue. Throughout the coming year, please continue to submit this kind of news, so that we can include it in upcoming issues of APGQ.

      Thank you!

      Joe Everett
      President UVAPG

      Pictures may be submitted with the Chapter Spotlight and/or the Member News sections. They will be included if space allows.