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Re: [Utah-Waldorf] Upcoming Announcements!!!

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  • jenica henderson
    Im very interested in the waldrof class, I cant seem to be able to open the link- How much is it? Where is it? And what are the times? Thank u Jenica Sent
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      Im very interested in the waldrof class, I  cant seem to be able to open the link- How much is it? Where is it? And what are the times?

      Thank u 

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      On Apr 17, 2013, at 12:41 PM, "Krystelle Rose" <utahwaldorf@...> wrote:


      Upcoming Announcements!!!

      Here are some events that relate directly to Waldorf Education or support ideas/topics that would be welcomed in a Waldorf Community or Waldorf curriculum.

      Our Waldorf Education Course starts tomorrow evening!

      There's still a little time left to sign up for the Waldorf Education Development Course! http://waldorfteacherdevelopment.eventbee.com/

      This schedule is just for the first weekend, we'll be covering a lot of material! (sorry the formatting changes when copying it into FB.)

      Covered Topics for Weekend Intensive:

      April 18th:

      o The understanding of our own biography and how it impacts our
      interactions with the child.
      o Child development.
      1. The three-fold human being

      2. The seven-fold human being and how it relates to the
      stages of childhood with an emphasis on the:

      • Physical
      • Etheric
      • Astral
      • Ego or I being

      3. The four temperaments:
      • Sanguine
      • Choleric
      • Melancholic
      • Phlegmatic

      4. The twelve senses
      • Will senses:
      o Touch
      o Life
      o Self-movement
      o Balance
      • Feeling senses:
      o Smell
      o Taste
      o Sight
      o Warmth
      • Cognitive senses:
      o Hearing
      o Speech
      o Another’s thought
      o Another’s “I”

      April 19th
      o Nutrition, sleep and general health
      1. Forks over Knives vs. Nourishing Traditions—middle
      2. Allergies—The Body Ecology Diet by Donna Gates
      3. Sleep—time to metabolize day
      4. Vaccinations
      5. Remedies for common childhood ailments
      o Daily, weekly, and yearly rhythms
      1. Seasonal festivals
      2. Birthdays
      o Preparing the indoor environment and outdoor environments
      1. Children as sense organs
      2. Preparing indoor environments:
      • Colors
      • Lighting
      • Scents
      • Furniture and objects
      • Thresholds
      3. Preparing the outdoor environment/importance of nature
      4. Media issues

      April 20
      o Review of previous material covered
      o Movement
      o Circle journeys
      o Eurythmy
      o Remedial movement
      o Verse and music through the grades
      o Storytelling
      o Puppetry
      o Parent/toddler groups
      o The kindergarten—rhythm, ritual, repetition, reverence
      o Delayed academics
      o The main lesson—from whole to parts
      o The main lesson book
      o Overview of 1-8 curriculum
      o High school
      o Reading, language and math instruction
      o Science

      April 20th—Afternoon

      o Form drawing/penmanship/calligraphy
      o Artistic expression/handwork
      o Classroom and home management
      o Transitions
      o Discipline for the growing child
      o Self-care and inner spiritual development for the adult
      o Review of entire weekend

      Homeschooling Girl’s Overnight Camp, Boys Day Camp, and Mom’s Retreat

      Girl's camp for Homeschoolers! Two different groups 8-11 and 12+. My daughters are going to this event. I saw pictures of what they did last year and it looks like they do fun and meaningful activities such as sewing, journaling, camping, nature crafts, handwork bracelets, singing, etc.

      It's only $78 for Thursday afternoon, Friday, and Saturday morning and includes all food and activities. There are only 12 spots left as of this morning.

      More information on Girl’s Camp, Boys Day Camp,  Mom’s Retreat & registration:

      Lamb and Wool Festival at Thanksgiving Point Farm Country

      Our family has gone to this activity in the past and it is a great opportunity to see a sheep sheered and lots of activities with wool. When we went we did dying, spinning, knitting, carding, wool bracelets, etc.


      Farming and Biodynamics

      Robert Karp, Executive Director of Biodynamics and Farming is coming to Utah this month!  We’re hoping to put together a group meeting.  You can read his bio below. He is a very important person in the food and farming industry!


      Free Spring Planting Festival in Provo!

      Classes will be held and Caleb Warnock is one of the presenters.


      Community Garden in Provo!

      Great opportunity for your children to practice gardening and work on a community project. Provo Community Gardens! Next group work time on Saturday morning!



      One of the petals of the Permaculture Flower is Education & Culture. Listed under that topic is Homeschooling & Waldorf Education!!! It also lists Biodynamics as an important part of sustainability.

      I encourage all of you to find out more about Permaculture and implement it where possible. I am continuing to learn more about it. To start, I recommend a book called, "Gaia's Garden."

      If there are enough people interested in this, lets put a class together and learn more!

      Krystelle Rose


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