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Charter Program

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  • Krystelle Rose
    Several months ago I polled our Utah-Waldorf group and asked what most people were interested in with regards to Waldorf Education. By far the overwhelming
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2013

      Several months ago I polled our Utah-Waldorf group and asked what most people were interested in with regards to Waldorf Education.  By far the overwhelming response was in a Waldorf Charter or a Cottage School to supplement homeschooling.

      As you know we do not currently have a Waldorf Charter School in Utah.  However, I have discovered and used a Charter Program that can be used wherever you live in Utah.  This Charter Program teams up with Charter schools and offers government funds to supplement homeschooling. I have used their program and been impressed with the caliber of people who run it and also appreciated having money available as it can get quite expensive homeschooling several children.  In their program you are able to choose your own “Core Classes.” I personally want classes that involve Waldorf Education and in the past have been able to use funds and put them towards Waldorf Curriculum and classes taught at the Cottage Schools.  They also offer other courses such as Rosetta Stone for learning a second language and much more.  Anyone joining the charter program will need to contact Matt and work out a customizable program for each family.  Details are on their website.

      Another requirement for their program is you need to take a Technology or Entrepreneur Course.   They have approved a Green Technology and Ecology course being put on by our very own Raquel and Oliver Callous!  I’m so excited about this class.  (You are able to be reimbursed $300 for this course)

      In this course your child will learn about permaculture, gardening, and green building.  Some planned activities include building a pond, a solar greenhouse, strawbale architecture, growing edible & medicinal plants and selling them at a Farmer’s Market.  This class is also offered to the community and those who are not involved in the Charter Program.  More information on this course will be coming.

      Similar to if your child were going to a charter school there are other requirements such as testing. Check out their website for details.

      The name of this charter program is called My Tech High.  They currently have a waiting list and are opening it up soon for the following school year.  So my advice if you are interested in this is to get on the waiting list ASAP!  Their program is for those in 1st grade and older.

      You would need to submit a birth certificate, an immunization waiver or an immunization record and a short application page to their program after being accepted into their program.

      Here is a link directly to My Tech High’s website so that you can read over the requirements and also the benefits of joining. 


      Link to join the Wait List:  http://mytechhigh.com/how-it-works/

      If you have any questions about this charter program you may contact Matt Bowman @ (801) 319-4261. 

      This charter program may not be something every family is interested in but I wanted to make sure you were aware of this program.

      There is also currently a wait list for the cottage schools so please contact myself (
      utahwaldorf@...) or Julene (abellajulene@... ) to get on the waitlist.  Also, let us know if you are interested in being a teacher as we are hoping to expand and accommodate the waiting list!  Teachers must complete the Teacher Development Course that we are starting in April and concludes in August.  This is also open to anyone wanting to expand their skills and knowledge of Waldorf Education.  The early bird pricing for this course is $395 and is in effect until March 15! Thereafter, the cost will be $425.  A separate document was sent out detailing this Waldorf Teacher Development Course.  Please let me know if you would like another copy of it.

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