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More Info on Waldorf Teacher Development Course

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  • Krystelle Rose
    Hello All, I hope as many that can will take advantage of the Waldorf Teacher Development Course. I d like to give some perspective on it s value. First of
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      Hello All,

      I hope as many that can will take advantage of the Waldorf Teacher Development Course.  I'd like to give some perspective on it's value. 

      First of all, Julene Hume is a Waldorf and Lifeways Trained and Certified teacher and has been teaching Waldorf Education for over 10 years here in Utah!  She is very knowledgeable, skilled, experienced, and has much to offer us!  She continues to get ongoing training and recently returned from a Simplicity Parenting Course.  It was a 2 day course and the cost was $880.  That didn't include car rental, airfare, or hotel!  Not only is our cost very minimal, the training we will be receiving will be superb!  When Julene told people at her training that George Hoffecker was coming to Utah for our Week Intensive they were astonished and glad for us as he is a very well known and respected in the Waldorf Community.  I tell you this because some of you may not realize the importance of him coming here.  It really is a privilege that he would take time out of his busy schedule to come do this for us in Utah!  Those who attended the conference last year know what a talented and knowledgeable speaker Cheryl Mulholland is.  Our other presenters come highly esteemed as well!  I'm looking forward to the conference!

      As you know, Julene and I are not taking any money in our efforts of putting this together as we both value Waldorf Education and would rather that you get to directly benefit from the funds put towards this course.  We know what it can do for you and your families!

      If we are able to get enough people to sign up we may also be able to bring in a Waldorf specialist in music or handwork for the August mini-intensive.

      This really is a great opportunity and I hope many will be able to benefit from it.

      The Early Bird pricing of $395 is in effect until March 15th! Thereafter, the course is $425.  If you can't make it to the other trainings during the course, the week intensive is also available for the same price of $425 ($395 Early Bird).

      Here is the book list for our Waldorf Teacher Development Course.  Maybe some of us will be able to get an early start on the reading? :)



      Rhythms of Learning, Selected Lectures by Rudolf Steiner, edited and introduced by Roberto Trostli

      Waldorf Education:  A Family Guide,
      Edited by Pamela Johnson Fenner and Karen L. Rivers 

      Phases of Childhood,
      Bernard Lievegold

      Highly recommended:

      Simplicity Parenting, Kim John Payne


      You are Your Child's First Teacher, Rahima Baldwin

      Genius of Play,
      Sally Jenkinson

      Storytelling with Children,
      Nancy Mellon

      Millennial Child, Eugene Schwartz

      A good Waldorf curriculum, possibilities include:
      Waldorf Essentials, Melisa Nielsen
      Oak Meadow
      Live Education

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