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Re: Protecting Childhood-Part 1

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  • Krystelle Rose
    Hi Raquel and All! In response to your posts, It is sad about some of the problems with the environment such as the plastic you mentioned. I really think some
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 1, 2011
      Hi Raquel and All!

      In response to your posts, It is sad about some of the problems with the environment such as the plastic you mentioned.  I really think some of our God-Given rights of clean air, pure water, and land which connects us with nature, lets us explore the elements, and plant a garden in (bond with Our Earthly Mother) are being threatened.

      Every child and human being should have access to these things. We've gotten to the point where we buy bottles of (questionably) clean water? I say questionably because plastic can leach into the water from the really flimsy plastic bottles, especially if sitting in the sun.  Our air is polluted, and our water may contain contaminants.  So what can we do?  I don't think we can keep continuing things how they are.  Earth is a shared resource that affects all of humanity and if someone is polluting the air in another area, it affects us as it travels in the winds, chemicals leach into the ground water, etc.  We are all connected and when we make a change for positive or negative it affects those around us.

      One thing I think we can do is be involved in biodynamic gardening because it is giving back to the Earth, replenishing her soil, which creates better health in the plants which affects are health as well.  The plants will help clean the air as well.  We have to start co-operating with nature not fighting against it which is a central point in Permaculture.

      I think you are doing all the right things of researching vaccines, just keep doing that until you are sure.  I think the essential question to ask is "Are the vaccines really effective at fighting the disease it says it does, are their claims legitimate, or have the diseases already died out themselves.  I have met a number of people vaccinated against Chicken Pox and they got Chicken Pox anyway.  So, is there enough testing to support their claims.  The book Emily recommended looks good and tells ways of what to do if your child did get that illness. 

      Steiner does talk about childhood illnesses, and there is actually a healing and strengthening of the body when you go through an illness.  We have to trust the body wisdom sometime and instead of taking pills to hide the symptoms.  For example, when the body gets a fever it is raising the temperature to kill the bacteria, viruses, etc.  To take a pill to reduce the fever is not helping aid the body.  I have a friend who is an ER nurse and said there are very few exceptions where the temperature gets too high and needs medical attention.  She also said children are fine with a higher fever than adults.  She said they were fine with fevers of 103.  You feed a fever to encourage the sweating (removing toxins) and starve a cold.  You can do more research on this--Dr. Christopher and others talk about it.  It's also good to not eat when sick so that the body doesn't spend time digesting food, it simply can work on the immediate problem.  Broths, liquids, and juices are fine.

      There are things we can do and take to help the body clear what needs to clear more easily such as herbs, homeopathics, reflexology, massage, chinese medicine, etc.  There are lots of options!  The body gets rid of what shouldn't be there.  I've also had good experience with essential oils as you mentioned.

      This is my own experience and you should get accurate information from health professionals and do your own research.

      Hope this helps!

    • Emily Wenham
      Yes I have always treated my kids at home, and I do not suppress their fevers. One thing to remember tho is that dry heat kills, wet heat heals . What this
      Message 2 of 6 , Dec 1, 2011
        Yes I have always treated my kids at home, and I do not suppress their fevers. One thing to remember tho is that "dry heat kills, wet heat heals". What this means is make sure they are hydrated. If they will not drink water get them in a bath 1 to 2 degrees cooler than they are. Any more than that and you will shock their systems. Give them lots of yarrow tea bc it gets them sweating. It doesn't taste great so you can mix in red raspberry (which is great for flus) and/ or peppermint. Those are just a few tricks I have learned from classes with Dr. Mom (Sandy Ellis) and David Christopher (Dr, Christopher's son). I have a friend whose child did almost die from a high fever (to the point she stopped breathing and turned blue). It was very scary.  One thing that Dr. Mom always talked about is that you can absolutely treat them at home (for most things) but you have to be as aggressive w/ the treatment as the illness is itself.  

        Thanks for this post Krystelle. I love sharing things we have all learned on our journeys. 


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