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858Handwork Night-Knight Helmets!

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  • Krystelle Rose
    Feb 1, 2013
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      Handwork Night!

      I am organizing a handwork night for our Waldorf Group on Wednesday, Feb. 13th!  We are making a knight helmet which your child can wear outside in the snow or use for creative play!  It has a movable mouthpiece which I really like.  It is also often recommended in 3rd grade that your child crochets a hat, so perhaps this is a chance to learn and be able to teach your child.

      You will need to know these basic stitches before the class starts and how to do them consistently.  If you don't already know them, you could learn them on You Tube before the class starts:
      1. hdc
      2. dc
      3. sc
      4. Helpful to know magic circle.  If you don't you can just chain 3, slip stitch to form a loop, then work stitches into that.

      The pattern is available for $5 here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/90135902/crochet-pattern-pdf-sir-knight-helmet?ref=v1_other_1

      What you will need for the class:

      1. a size G or I hook. 
      2. Two 1" inch buttons
      3. 2 colors yarn
      4. purchased pattern
      5. Scissors and yarn needle

      The class will be held on Wed. Feb. 13 from 6:00pm-8:30pm at Abella Kinder Cottage: 1021 W. 500 N. Pleasant Grove.

      It has been requested by the teacher that if you are sick do not plan on attending the class due to her pregnancy! 

      Please bring a $5 or more donation to thank the teacher for her time!!! 

      We are grateful the teacher,  Mary, is doing this for us!  She is very skilled and talented at hat making and works for a company that sells hats online.  You will learn all the skills to complete the hat but we won't have the time to finish the complete project.

      We have room for 6 more participants in the class.  If there is more interest than perhaps we can plan another class. I will take the first 6 to respond and then put others on a waitlist.  Send your RSVP to Krystelle Rose: utahwaldorf@....