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    HAPPY NEW YEAR! Reposts and Brand NEW books: Postage paid on orders over $20!!! Contact germ@midusa.net ABEKA Grammar and Compositon 1 Student Workbooks, not
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 1999
      Reposts and Brand NEW books: Postage paid on orders over $20!!!
      Contact germ@...

      ABEKA Grammar and Compositon 1 Student Workbooks, not written in like new
      l985 revision. $7
      the student test booklet that goes with the above l985 $2.50
      teacher key to the above test booklet l985 $2.50

      l985 Heritage Studies 4 HB in great shape $8 l985 (new is $l4 for pb)
      > Teacher's Binder l985 Has the lesson plans, the student text , the student
      > worksheets (minus one page) and the answer key. ,$l5
      > Science 4 HB l976 great shape, older edition $4 each. (have more than one)
      > I do have one teachers binder that goes along with the above book will
      > for $15

      Combined-Class Curriculum Outlines To be used with A Beka Book day by day
      curriculums in combined classed (used in private schools) Has two grade
      combinations and three grade combinations and four or more grade
      combinations, (Eg. Grades K-3 , 1-4,up to 7-12. Seems to have all the
      classes from religion to P.E. 44 page large slim pb. New is $6.25, asking

      Bob Jones Elementary Bible Truths Handbook. Reference book for the
      BATs,Catechism, and Bible Glossary $2

      Kindergarten Graduation Invitations from Abeka with matching envelopes
      very cute. 10 altogether. Might be cute for a homeschoolers group. $1.50

      Abeka Bible Doctrines answer key to quizzes and tests. In a black binder.
      Revised in l988. (Have the textbooks to go with this if you interested)

      Freckles by Gene Stratton Porter Junior Deluxe Edition HB in good shape
      320 pages. 5th grade reading level and up Looks like a good read $5

      Davy Crockett and the Pirates at Cave-In Rock Disneys American Frontier
      Series #3 pb 75 pages reading level grade 3 and up in fair shape $1.50

      � Pioneers by Willa Cather A Reader�s Digest HB in excellent shape Looks
      like it has never been read Reading level grade 5 and up $3.50

      *Animal Rescue Farm "Win or Lose" by Sharon Hart $1.50

      *The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis $1.50

      *The Golden Name Day by Jennie D. Lindquist. A charming story of a girl who
      goes to live with her grandparents. Cover in poor shape, inside is fine $1

      *The Herb Book by John Lust. Thick PB 650 pages. I wish I had this when I
      was "into" herbs Over 2,000 listings and 275 line drawings. Very
      extensive! $4

      Pollyanna by Eleanor H. Porter (A classic! Fair shape) Reading level grade
      5 and up. An apple classic $1.50

      Lassie The Secret of the Smelter�s Cave by Steve Frazee reading level grade
      4 and up Older larger pb in fair to good shape $1.50
      Lassie Come-Home by Eric Knight A Dell Yearling Childhood classic PB in good
      shape $1.50

      Sugar Creek Gang: Screams in the Night by Paul Hutchens A Moody Pre-teen
      PB in fair shape $2
      Sugar Creek Gang: The Indian Cemetery by Paul Hutchens A Moody Pre-teen book
      PB in fair shape $2

      And What Happened, Paul Revere, by Jean Fritz HB $3.50

      Harriet Tubman�..Value of Helping��A Value Tale HB ��great shape $4

      Brand NEW books (order was cancelled)

      The Original 21 Rules of this House by Gregg and Joshua Harris Teaches
      the Basics ofGood Behavior . Fold out jelly proof postor in the back. Pages
      color and great way to build
      solid character traits $13.50

      Choreganizers by Jennifer Steward. The visual way to organize chores.
      Includes 6 chore charts, 60 chore cards, the chore store and dad dollars and
      mom money $l5

      more NEW BOOKS with CD�s and TAPES�.straight from the publisher�.just came
      in!!! These aren�t reposts�..

      Ballads of American History by Fred Cooper
      In this exciting history textbook (l80 pp) and compact disc the musical
      style of each era is put in lyrical ballads. Not only the music but the
      important historical information as well. Ballads cover Jamestown,
      Plymouth, the Colonies, the Revolution, The birth of the Nation and the
      Construction, Westward Expansion, the Civil War and more. Bring History to
      life $22ppd

      Fun Physical Fitness for the Home by Sono Sato Harris. Good physical
      fitness programs for home schoolers. Fully illus. (47pp) With a compact
      disc. Strengthening and stretching exercises for children ages 2-10.. Pre
      ballet, sports teamm program. After teaching the routine you can hit the
      play on the CD player and release the kids to 30 minutes of great fun and
      exercise. $18.

      Mary VS. Martha by Sono Harris 2-tape set
      Tape 1 is A joyful mother of children
      Tape 2 Help for the Home-School Mother
      Mellow Mary and Managerial Martha�which one are you? Asking $13

      Let me know you saw it here!
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