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FS: LOTS of History/Social Studies/Geography books

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  • awordfitlyspoken
    Civil War Parks --from “The Story Behind the Scenery” series Beautiful pictures accompany interesting facts about 26 Civil War National Parks. A great
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2005
      Civil War Parks
      --from “The Story Behind the Scenery” series
      Beautiful pictures accompany interesting facts about 26 Civil War
      National Parks. A great resource for those studying the War, or
      planning to visit the parks. Includes recommended reading notes for
      each location. 64 pp. Very good cond. $3.00

      You Can Change the World
      --Jill Johnstone
      A book to help children pray for the people of various countries and
      ethnic groups, one per week. Very interesting and engaging for
      children. 117 pp. Nearly perfect cond. $4.00

      You Too Can Change the World
      --Daphne Spraggett
      Companion volume to You Can Change the World. Nearly perfect cond.

      World Geography
      --John & Patty Carratello, published by Teacher Created Materials.
      Fun geography workbook for grades 3-6. Reproducible. Never marked
      or cut. Was $6.95 new, selling for $3.00

      Drill It Workbook: Lion Geography Workbook
      Published by American Teaching Aids
      Grade 5, good condition, unmarked. Was $4.95, buy for $1.50

      Understanding Our World Through Geography
      --Jerry Aten
      Good Apple social studies activity book for grades 4-8+. 204 pages
      including answers. Binding was poor; all pages are loose, but, to
      our knowledge, none are missing. Unmarked. New, $16.14, selling for

      Bard of Avon: the Story of William Shakespeare
      --Diane Stanley and Peter Vennema
      For children; like new cond. 48 pp. New $6.99, buy for $3.50

      Medieval Reformation and Renaissance History
      --Rea Berg, from Beautiful Feet Books
      A literature approach to discovering this time period, with study
      notes for grades 7-10. Comb-bound, like new cond. List price
      $12.95, buy for 7.00.

      Constitutional Law for Christian Students
      --Michael Farris, Esq.
      Revised edition, 1998. Includes teacher’s handbook. Absolutely
      brand new condition. $25.00 new, selling for $16.00.

      Guides to History Plus
      --Kathryn Stout
      A Design-A-Study book. For grades 1-12. Full of ideas, activities,
      teaching aids, and resource recommendations for both American and
      world history. Brand new condition. $14 new, selling for $8.00.

      Laura Ingalls Wilder Country
      --William Anderson
      A beautiful book, full of pictures, quotes, and intriguing
      information detailing Laura’s life, from when she was a little girl
      to her old age. A great way to help your family reference the
      events and people in the Little House books to American history,
      culture, and geography. Nearly perfect condition. List price
      $22.50, selling for $13.00.

      The Anne of Green Gables Treasury
      --Carolyn Collins/Christina Eriksson
      A delightful book with interesting tidbits, photos, maps, and even
      recipes and crafts to help your daughters “join” Anne Shirley in her
      adventures throughout the Anne books. They will enjoy learning
      about life during Anne’s time, and doing some of the same projects
      she did! Beautiful condition. List price $12.95, selling for $6.00.

      The Rebirth of America
      This book seeks to remind Americans of the Biblical roots from which
      our country came, and to show our need to return to obedience to the
      Bible. For upper high school students. Good cond. 249 pp. $7.00

      The Story of New England
      --A Landmark Giant by Monroe Stearns
      About New England and famous New Englanders from Miles Standish to
      John F. Kennedy. Hardback, 179 pp., black and white. Fair
      condition. $3.00

      A New Nation is Born
      --Milliken Publishing Co.
      12 full-color transparencies, 28 reproducible pages, teacher’s
      guide. For grades 7-12. About the formation and operation of the
      US government. Brand new cond. New $15.95, selling for $8.00.

      The American Pageant, Volume 1
      --Thomas A. Bailey
      5th ed. An interesting textbook with drawings, maps, diagrams,
      cartoons, and period artwork. It covers the discovery of America up
      to Reconstruction. Good condition, some minor marking. $4.00

      World History Dates
      -- from Usborne Illustrated Word History series
      Densely illustrated, this is a great reference book covering from
      ancient to modern history. Very informative and not dull. Perfect
      cond. 128 pp. List price $12.95, selling for $6.50.

      US History Collection
      Six booklets about the Pilgrims, US Flag, Declaration of
      Independence, Constitution, Abraham Lincoln, and Stonewall Jackson.
      Plus, a well-used copy of The First Frontier: Life in Colonial
      America, by John C. Miller. (283 pp.) All for $1.00!

      Facts Plus: An Almanac of Essential Information, 4th ed.
      --Susan C. Anthony
      A great almanac for students (and adults!) Comprehensive, but not
      overwhelming. Very good cond. List price $15.95, selling for $8.00.

      Cultural Literacy: What Every American Needs to Know
      --E.D. Hirsch, Jr.
      Includes 5000 essential names, phrases, dates, and concepts--great
      for quizzing yourself to see where you should study, or developing
      research skills. Brand new cond. List price $13.00, selling for

      The Usborne Book of Facts and Lists
      “Omnibus edition”--4 books in one: Earth Facts, Countries of the
      World Facts, Weather Facts, and Space Facts. Designed for kids, but
      adults will find it fascinating too. List price $14.95, selling for

      Information, Please!
      --Pat Wesolowski
      “A fun and exciting way to introduce children to the use of
      reference materials.”
      Getting Started
      Getting Started--Supplemental Questions
      Intermediate Level
      Advanced Level
      Buy singly for $11.00 each (list price is $18.00 each), or all four
      for $33.00.
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