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  • BnK Heimbach
    All hardcovers unless noted, all good + cond, postage is extra. Thanks For Looking......postage extra = paypal= mo or check St. George and the Dragon, hb gc..
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      All hardcovers unless noted,  all good + cond, postage is extra. Thanks For Looking......postage extra = paypal= mo or check
      St. George and the Dragon, hb gc.. retold by M. hodges, larger picture book.. 8.00

      cHIVARY AND THE mAILED kNIGHT, Walter Buehr, hb gc.. ill., all about the medieval knights..SOLD Also by same author
      Heraldry, hb gc.. 5.75 similiar to book above, ill. by Walter Buehr
      Glimpes into Long Ago, Edna McGuire, ill, hb gc., a storehouse of infro and ill., photos etc from the ancient times.. 8.00 great book

      Egyptian Pyramid : Hb, vgc, ill., Inside Story series. 5.00 

      The Vikings : Hb vgc, See through History Series book, ill, neat..4.75

      Heiroglphics: the Writing of Ancient Egypt, hb gc.. 6.75, ill.

      next 2 are really nice and full of information and illustrations, one of the best series, presented in a interesting manner

      See Inside A Greek Town, hb ill., terrific pics.. 5.50vvgc
      SEE THROUGH SERIES. THESE ARE very large hardbacks in vvgc, they have the neat lift up see through scenes, 4 in each volume. very nice illustrations

      See Through Ancient Greece, hb vgc.. 6.75 again some very nice pics/, customs, daily lives, works of art. science, mathematics, . Revealed through stunning cut-aways , see through= of a typical Greek house, market place, warsip, theater. authoritive text and vivid pictures. See through scenes help to bring this to life as you flip it up and down for different views/ Very neat and educational.
      See THrough series : THE VIKINGS, HB VGC.. see description above same but covers the period of the Vikings.. 6.75 

      Young Conquistador, by Nevins, hb in A! cond., still wrapped in plastic..7.00, great Catholic writer of historical fiction
      also by A. Nevins
      The Spanish Conquistadores in North America, Walter Buehr, hb , gc ill.. 5.75
      The Lost Wreck of the Isis, hb  Ancient Roman ship , discovery, excellant.. 5.75 very neat pictures and fasinating story

      Egypt under the Pharaohs, Hb, vgc.Ill.
      B. sewell." Life in Ancient Lands" , a span of more than 3,000 years, from Cleopatra, buiders of the Great Pyramiads more.. superbly illustrated with 16 full color plates, 90 B&w with text, ages 12 and up.. 6.00 vgc

      Life in The Ancient World, hb gc Ill. culture, everyday life etc..6.00
      this is an older title by Random House, extra strong binding, does have wear around the edges, this is one of those books that just stays and stays.An account of how people of Ancient times lived, worked, played and fought battles,Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Iran, Crete, Greece and Roman. time chart, , 200 pgs, larger book, shelf wear to cover edges otherwise great cond for a 61

      Eyewitness Castle, hb well bound vvgc.. 5.00, take a peek into a castle, and those who lived there. Illustrations are very nice

      The Crusades by Malcon Billings, SC, good cond., many illustrations and color photos.A well balanced and well written account of this time period. 5.75, many great illustrations, just nice to look at the fine art work

      / Myths

      King of Men by Olivia Coolidge, Tales of Greek Mythology. hb good cond..6.50

      Tales of the Crusades by Olvia coolidge, hb vgc, wonderful stories! .6.75
      Captured by Vikings, Sc, vgc T. Hauger..haunting tale of a youth taken captive by Vikings. 4.00HF
      Mummy of Ramose, hb gc.. Shirley Glubok, this tells the story of the life and death, burial cermiony etc of a wealthy noblemen. 5.75
      Harold and the Giant Knight, D. Carrick, hb, picture book,educational glimpse into the world of a knight, great Hf...6.25 gc

      The Life of Rembrandt Van Rijn,very good, hb Hendrik Van Loon.. 5.75 wonderful bio about the life and works of Rembrandt, illustrated with his own works, very readable.

      Mystic of the Missions, larger hb, with tons of photos, ill., this goes into the California Padres ( Fathers), very nice book about missions.. 3.75
      Crusaders for Freedom, hb good cond. H. Steele Commanger, filled with stories! ages 12 and up.. ANCIENT TIMES TO aMERICA'S FIGHT FOR FREEDOM/ MORE many stories of people who have fought for freedom, 6.75

      FIRST BOOK SERIES, filled with lots of illustrtions, important facts, culture, more EACH IS 4.00 gc
      tHE fIRST bOOK OF Egypt, Franklin Watts, hb gc.. history, culture lots of ill. and photos.  How they lived, events, how they did things , etc. Very nice series for kids, 1950's ages 7-12
      similiar to above Growing Up in Series, ill, infro about the lifestyles, habits, pastimes and more  each is 4.25
      !. Growing Up in Ancient Greece
      2. Growing Up in Inca Times each is

      The middle Ages in Western Europe, hb vgc  like a Giant Landmark, nice ill., sub title " World to Walls", Early Middle Ages, Dark Ages, Gregory the Great, Charlmagne, Richard the Lion Heart, and much more . 1967.. 7.75

      Discovering the Royal Tombs  at UR by Glubok, lots of pictures and a great read for this time period. VGC hb... 5.75

      = Pyramiads and Temples by J. Parker, new hardback. Unlocks the secrets of building these great masterpieces, lots of illustrations...7.75 new

      I also have Roads and Tunnels in this series, much like above, this goes into the building of the first roads and elaborate tunnel systems of the Romans, and modern times,  construction methods both ancient and modern, tunneling under water and over mountians, longest railway tunnel, Early tunnels, overpasses . Timeline, Start to finish layout of how roads are built,  fully illustrated with drawings and photos and covers much more, more..also a new hardcover
      multiple copies
      each book is 7.99

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