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    Alphabet Puzzle ~ Puzzles are a wonderful activity to help teach children: shape and color recognition, hand coordination, concentration and problem-solving
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2002
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      Alphabet Puzzle ~ Puzzles are a wonderful activity to help teach children: shape and color recognition, hand coordination, concentration and problem-solving skills.  And they're bunches of fun too, so they will hold your child's attention while they are learning.  Each piece of the puzzle has a letter with a picture that goes with that letter on it.  Also includes A-B-C flashcards for additional alphabet/letter reinforcement.  Everything comes in a nice decorative alphabet box.  Excellent, like new condition.
      A-B-C Practice Workbook ~ This workbook will teach your child the following: letter name identification, motor development, eye-hand coordination, and letter discriminating.  Brand new and unused.
      The Letters Are Lost ~ This is a great book!  Innovative and fun, fun, fun!!!  The premise is that the wooden blocks, with one letter to a block, were once together in their box. But now they've all gone astray. Where are they? Well, the A is in an airplane, the B has tumbled into the bath, and the L has landed in a pile of leaves. Each block is prominently featured in the framed paintings that show simple shapes and situations, which are, for the most part, easily identifiable to young ones. At the book's conclusion, the blocks are back together but "not for long. Soon they will disappear again. Can you guess where they might go?" An open invitation to have children make up their own scenarios while learning their letters. Fun! This book is in excellent, like new condition.
      ABC Beginning Sounds Workbook ~ This workbook will help your child to recognize uppercase and lowercase letters.  By associating words with pictures, children will learn the sound each letter makes at the beginning of a word.  Large block letters provide and opportunity for the child to experience the shape of each letter by tracing it with a finger.  Letters printed in dotted lines can be traced with a crayon.  Includes lots of activity stickers, as well as reward stickers.  This workbook is completely unused. 
      Winnie The Pooh's A To Zzzz ~ This is a beautifully illustrated book with Pooh and the whole gang teaching your little one the alphabet, with pictures and poems to go with each letter.  We absolutely loved learning with this book and it is still in excellent, like new condition.
      You Read To Me! I'll Read To You! ~ This is a great first reader with a variety of children's favorite characters: Clifford, Froggy, Rainbow Fish, The Little White Dog, and more.  Brand new.
      Disney Babies A To Z ~ Each page shows a Disney Baby character, letters of the alphabet, and pictures and words that go with each letter of the alphabet.  This oversized board book is in very nice used condition. 
      ABC & Counting Rhymes ~ A letter, a word and a picture on every page.  Then once you have gone through the entire alphabet, you will learn songs to reinforce ABC and counting skills: One, Two Buckle My Shoe; Ten Little Luebirds; One, Two, Three; Counting Cherries; Birthdays; Days Of The Month.  This book does show signs of wear, but is still in good used condition.
      A.B.C. ~ This book has a picture with the written word for each picture for each letter of the alphabet.  An easy and fun way to get children acquainted with the alphabet and what words go with what letters.  This book is in very used condition, but is still quite readable. 
      My son was in a special needs preschool program last school year and we never got a chance to use all of the materials I bought to use with him, which is why some of these listed materials are brand new.  I would like $35.00 ppd. and insured for everything listed above.  I can accept non-credit card PayPal, checks and money orders.  Please email me directly if you are interested.  Thanks so much.  Blessings,  Cheryl
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