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  • Kim F. Brinson
    This math manipulative set is made by the Cuisenaire Company, so it is a fantastic value due to the durability and quality of Cuisenaire products. It contains
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2002
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      This math manipulative set is made by the Cuisenaire Company, so it is a
      fantastic value due to the durability and quality of Cuisenaire products.
      It contains approx. 737 pieces and will last through your children and
      even your grandchildren! This has been gently used and some items have
      not been
      used at all.

      Although it is called "Overhead Material Kit - Intermediate," the items
      in this kit are perfect for everyday use without an overhead projector.
      They simply are clear, colored plastic pieces in which the light can
      shine through (like colored glass). This is also useable for a much
      larger audience than it suggests (I would think K - 8th).

      Items include:
      1. Fraction Rings - 3 rings - 13 cm diameter (1 each - degrees,
      decimals, minutes) with instruction booklet - in zip-lock bag (clear
      2. Fraction Circles - six 8.5cm circles of various colors (to be used
      with the above rings or alone). The first one is a solid clear plastic
      circle. The next one is a red circle cut into two equal parts, the next
      one is a blue circle cut into thirds, and so on. The fractions are: full
      circle, half, third, quarter, sixth and eighth all in a zip-lock bag
      (bright multicolored).
      3. Fraction Strips - set of 51 pieces. One 6" strip and 50 various
      lengths to represent the different fractions, use as you would Cuisenaire
      Rods. Thick plastic with smooth edges in zip-lock bag(bright
      4. Attribute Blocks - set of 35 blocks of various shapes (hexagon,
      square, rectangle, circle, equil. triangle, etc). Nice thick plastic
      with smooth edges in zip-lock bag (bright multicolored).
      5. Percent Protractor with instructions - 5" diameter (clear plastic)
      6. Color Squares - set of 55 2cm squares in zip-lock bag (bright
      7. Color Counters - set of 250 small circular counters. Unlimited use
      for games, fractions, sequencing, matching, etc. in zip-lock bag (bright
      8. Pattern Blocks - 49 blocks in various shapes (hexagons, squares,
      triangles, trapezoids, parallelograms, rhombuses) in zip-lock bag (bright
      9. Cuisenaire Rods - only flat so they can be used with an overhead
      projector - set of 60 from 1's to 10's. Color corresponds to length -
      in zip-lock bag (bright multicolored).
      10. Geoboard Circle - 18.5cm square (circle is etched and pegged out in
      the middle of the square) with rubber bands (clear).
      11. Geoboard Square - 18.5cm square with rubber bands (clear).
      12. Geoboard, large - 23cm square with rubber bands, cm etched into the
      board for easy viewing in zip-lock bag (clear).
      13. Hundred Board - set of 3 - 20cm x 21cm heavy, clear plastic sheets.
      Sheets are printed with one of the following: 10x10 grid - blank inside
      each square, grid of the same size with numbers 1- 100, grid of the same
      size with numbers 0 - 99. All in a zip-lock bag.
      14. Pentominoes - Set of 12 pieces in various shapes in zip-lock bag
      15. Spinners - set of 4 blank spinners on thick clear plastic. Template
      included in zip-lock bag.
      16. Power of Ten - set of 44 flat Cuisenaire Rods (4 Orange 10 cm
      square, 20 Orange 10 cm rods, 20 Clear 1 cm rods) in zip-lock bag.
      17. Number tiles - set of 55 in zip-lock bag (clear with black numbers).
      18. Angle Ruler - clear with blue numbers
      19. Two Color Counters - set of 50 small circular counters in zip-lock
      bag (25 red, 25 yellow).
      20. Tangrams - set of 35 pieces of various triangular shapes/sizes in
      zip-lock bag (bright multicolored).
      21. Overhead dice with instruction booklet - set of 2 - although these
      are made for the overhead projector, they are easily read without a
      projector "from the top" looking down. In zip-lock bag (clear with black

      I could not find a retail price so it must have been replaced with a
      different kit. A kit similar to this one is $85.00.
      I am asking $35.00 plus $3.00 postage ($38.00 total).
      I prefer PayPal but accept Money Orders and checks (2 week waiting period
      for checks to clear).

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