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  • Lisa
    Reader Rabbit, Social Studies, Bible Study Books, Bob Jones, ABEKA, Easy Grammar, Math. Writing, CD ROM s, Learning 2000 postage is not included in any of the
    Message 1 of 85 , Mar 19, 1998
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      Reader Rabbit, Social Studies, Bible Study Books, Bob Jones, ABEKA, Easy Grammar, Math. Writing, CD ROM's, Learning 2000

      postage is not included in any of the prices unless it states otherwise.

      payment is by money order.

      this is a long list, thank you so much for taking the time to read it.

      Reader Rabbit-
      Reader Rabbits Interactive Reading Journey I
      complete with set of 40 readers. win 95 CD ROM------------------ 25.00

      Social Studies Units
      New unused 9 book set covering Japan, India, Ancient Rome, China, Mexico, Ancient Greece, Soviet Union, American Indians, and Ancient Egypt. Loads of learning!-----------------15.00 +sh

      Bible Study Books
      For ages 6-12. 3 books set. Jesus Loves Me, Fruit Filled, Super Bible Heroes--------12.00

      1st Grade BJU-

      Heritage Studies Teacher's Edition(newest printing) & Student's book---27.00

      2nd Grade

      BJU-2nd grade set that includes both teacher manuals and both student

      readers, also includes teacher worktexts------25.00 for all

      3rd Grade BJU-

      Heritage studies 3 hardbound-4.50

      Heritage studies 3 student worktext (never used)------4.50

      3-1 reader- hardbound------6.50

      3-2 reader- hardbound------6.50

      3-1 Teacher's Edition-----10.50

      3-2 Teacher's Edition-------10.50

      Science hardbound reader,Teacher's edition, student notebook & teacher's

      notebook never used----all new---25.00


      1st Grade-abeka-

      Discovering God's World Teacher's Edition-----10.00

      Discovering God's World Student text------7.50

      Readers: Tip Toes,Stepping Stones, Secrets and Surprises, & The Bridge

      Book---3.00 each or all for 8.50

      4th Grade abeka-

      God's Gift of Language Teacher's Edition----10.50

      God's Gift of Language Teacher Test Key-----5.50

      God's Gift of Language Student tests (never marked in)---5.50

      Easy Grammar-

      Level 1 (5th-?) never wrote in answers included----17.50+sh

      CD ROM's-

      Multimedia Spanish with interactive video-win 3.1-win95----5.00

      Multimedia French with interactive video-win 3.1-win95----5.00

      Jumpstart Kindergarten-----dos/win10.00

      Learning 2000-

      Learning 2000 set. Complete CD set excellent shape and in nice padded

      case and in wonderful shape. The program consists of 47 CD ROMs which

      have pre-tests, practice exercises, final tests, and records to track your student's progress and

      print out. Over 100 interactive books covering major subjects, the Lifetime Library

      provides curriculum for Grades 4 through pre-college.

      Learning 2000 also contains: 2,200 minutes of full-motion video, 11,000

      question screens, over 7,000 instructional screens, 3,000 minutes of

      narrated test, loads of photos and illustrations with interactive

      lessons and much more!

      With workbooks to go along with it, the program could work out quite

      nice for some families. Lessons are not separated by grades. I will

      throw in 2 extra CD's that cover U.S. History and World History. I have

      never used them. I will sell my Learning 2000 set for $425.00(money orders only) I will

      pay shipping & insurance

      If you are interested in any of the following please email me directly.


    • prlegl
      Starfall Reading and Writing Journal- Level 2 (free with an order) The Internet for Dummies- $2 The Stress Factor by Reader s Digest- $2 Diet & Weight Control
      Message 85 of 85 , Jan 5, 2009
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        Starfall Reading and Writing Journal- Level 2 (free with an order)
        The Internet for Dummies- $2
        The Stress Factor by Reader's Digest- $2
        Diet & Weight Control by Reader's Digest-$2
        Cut the Fat- $1
        The Carbohydrate Craver's Diet- $1
        1 Meal at a Time- $1

        Arizona One Grand Adventure After Another- $2
        A-MAZE-ing Arizona- $4
        Gold Star English, ages 4-5- $2

        MCP-Word Study Level D- Copyright 1998- $5
        Phonics Learning games (this was a Scholastics book that I made a
        copy of) (this is a link to what it looks like
        http://www.alibris.com/search/books/isbn/0590963805 asking $3

        Saxon Flashcards Addition and Subtraction (1st grade I believe)- $3

        The Ancient Near East-A Bellerophon Coloring Book- $3

        One Hundred Years in the Cumberland Mountains- Copyright 1933 $1

        Globe Life Science by Globe Fearon (paperback)
        http://www.amazon.com/Globe-Life-Science/dp/0835911764- $10

        Five Minute Art Ideas- Brand New/Never Opened/Paid $6.95 each will
        take $3 each

        Brighter Vision-Learning Adventures-
        Discovery Tape About Seasons- .50

        Math Skills Workout grade K- by The Mailbox- Over 75 super skill-
        building reproducible activities $8 (paid $17.96 for it), shipping
        not included.

        Sesame Street Fire Safety Station- This activity book and the
        audiocassette of songs and stories helps educators reach preschoolers
        with simple, memorable fire safety messages. Both have been created
        with the resources and expert guidance of the USFA and Sesame
        Workshop. $3
        Reading Basic Skills by Brighter Child Series- Grade 2- $1

        My First Book of Questions and Answers by Parragon Publishing
        Simple Science (hardcover)
        Wild Animals (hardcover)
        $2 each (paid $4.99)

        Officer Snook Visits The Great Lakes Activity Book- .50

        The True Story of Inky the Whale Activity Book- .50

        Helping Your Child Learn Science- $2

        Sing, Spell Read and Write- Raceway Book 36 Steps to Independent
        Reading Ability- Second Edition- $15

        Life in the Water- A Child's First Library of Learning- (hardcover) $3

        Phonics by Gold Stars, ages 4-5- $2
        Math by Gold Stars, ages 6-7- $2

        First Language Lessons by Jessie Wise- $10

        I Am Not a Short Adult! by Marilyn Burns- $2

        Beginning Wisely English 3- Student and TE, Worksheets and Tests by
        Rod & Staff- $30

        Guitar book by Gordon Lightfoot- $1

        Teach Me To Stitch by Leisure Arts- $3

        My Very Own Journal by Crayola- $4

        Walt Disney World for Adults- $2

        The 28 Day Plan Cellulite Buster- $5

        Soft covered Books: .75 each

        Shark Tale Joke Book
        Shark Tale Lenny's Fishy Fib- Level 3
        Minnie and Moo and the Potato From Planet X- Level 3
        The Case of the Hungry Stranger- Level 2
        Little Quack's Hide and Seek
        The Green Man by Gail Haley
        Have You Got My Purr by Judy West
        The Pirate Queen by Marianne MacDonald
        Dazzle the Dinosaur by Marcus Pfister
        Danger Joe- Growling Grizzly
        Robert and the Scariest Night
        Funny Frank
        Marvin Redpost- Is He A Girl?
        Marvin Redpost- A Magic Crystal?
        Marvin Redpost- Kidnapped at Birth?
        Sponge Bob's Christmas Wish
        Jimmy Neutron's Return of the Pumpkin Head
        Sponge Bob's Who's Hungry?
        Season of Promise by My America
        Help! These Kids are Driving Me Crazy by Ron Carter
        101 Holiday Jokes
        Piglet Feels Small by Step into Reading Step 1
        Pooh's Halloween Parade by Winnie the Pooh 1st Reader
        Pooh's Fall Harvest by Winnie the Pooh 1st Reader
        Puzzle Fun Games w/ stickers
        The Power Broker by Stephen Frey
        Rascal by Sterling North
        Powerpuff Girls- Saving the World Before Bedtime
        Powerpuff Girls- Bought and Scold
        The Incredibles
        Five Funny Frights by Hello Reader- level 4
        Monsters are Knocking- an open door book
        Home on the Range by Disney
        Winnie the Pooh by Disney
        Froggy East Out
        The Danger Joe Show- Bungee Baboon Rescue
        Dinofours Rain Rain Go Away
        Lars and Robby
        Stuart Little 2- The Joke Book
        Breakout at the Bug Lab- Level 2

        Step into Reading:
        The Incredible Dash- step 3
        Lilo and Stitch- step 2
        Pie Rats Ahoy- step 2
        Pooh's Honey Tree- step 2
        Home on the Range- Hero of a Horse- step 2
        Brother Bear- Bear with me- step 2

        HARD COVERED BOOKS: $2 each

        Jesus Loves Me Bible Storybook
        Baby Bible Devotions
        Disney Princess Jigsaw Activity Book- 4- 24pcs puzzles
        Pigs in Hiding
        A Rainbow of My Own
        Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse
        Lessons from the Hundred Acre Wood
        Lady and the Tramp
        The Panda Club's Tree House
        When Winter Comes
        Edward the Emu
        Curious George Goes to a Chocolate Factory
        Moose Tales
        Foot Book
        Disney's Me and My Dad
        Grandma Elephant's in Charge
        I Can Move
        In a Cabin in the Wood
        Chester's Way
        How Will We Get to the Beach
        Jumping BeanWinnie-the-Pooh and Some Bees
        Simply Said.... Thank You Teacher
        Father to Son Life Lessons on Raising a Boy
        Little Miss Spider-Sunny Patch School
        Going to Sleep on the Farm
        The Hoppameleon
        A Guest is a Guest

        The Hungry Thing Returns
        Garfield and the Space Cat by Golden Books
        It's My Birthday by Heidi Goennel
        Mick Foley's Christmas Chaos
        Mick Foley's Halloween Hijinx
        Little Ways To Say I Love You

        Minute Mania- People and Places- The sensational one-minute quiz game-

        Birthday Journal (brand new)- $4

        Outdoor Gizmos- Make sundials, compasses, ect.- $2

        COOK BOOKS
        100 Creative Chicken Recipes by BC- $1
        Great Tasting Beef in a snap by BC- $1
        Campbell's Favorite Recipes- .50
        Best Loved Desserts by Eagle- $1
        Dinner on the Double by BHG- $1
        Award Winning Chicken- $1
        The A-Z No Cook Cookbook by Golden Books- $2

        Simplicity Sewing Book-. 25
        Sewing Pants That Fit by Singer- $5
        Singer Sewing Series for Home and Fashion (in a binder)- $2
        Learn to Knit For Beginners- $2
        Easy Pieces in Plastic Canvas by Leisure Arts- $1
        Table Settings for Plastic Canvas by Leisure Arts- $1

        New Testament and Psalms (hard cover) King James Version- $2
        New Testament Psalms (soft cover)- $1
        (2) The Ways of Prayer by Michael Francis Pennock- $2 each
        The Great Bible Question and Answer Book (looks like a coloring book)-
        What is God? by Etan Boritzer- $1

        Ultimate Skill Builder by Learning Horizons (a few pages done)- $2
        Rain Forest workbook by Brighter Vision- $1.50 Ages 3-5
        Brighter Vision Set- Back to School (workbook), Chrysanthemum book,
        puzzle, craft and poster- Age 2- $5

        I Can Draw Cartoon Animals- $1
        Hearts, Cupids and Red Roses- The Story of the Valentine Symbols- $3
        Valley of the Golden Mummies- $2
        Homework Helpers- Grade 1- Subtraction- $1
        Homework Helpers- Grade 1- Addition- $1
        Homework Helpers- Grade 1- First Grade Activities- $1
        Place the Plant (hardcover)- $2
        What is my dog thinking? (hardcover)- $2
        A Century of Crayola Collectibles- (hardcover)- $3

        3D Art- Baby Animals by Scholastic- $5
        2-Discovery Box-Prehistoric Life by Scholastic (paid $12 each)- $6
        Computer cd's: (all in original cases/sleeves)
        Kid Cad, ages 7+- $4
        Clifford's Musical Memory Games, ages 4-6-$4
        Arthur's Camping Adventure, ages 3-7- $4
        Stomped on Fairy Tales- Pigs, ages 3-10- $2
        Blue's Birthday-A Learning Adventure, ages 3-6 (2 disks)- $5
        Play-Doh Creations- $2
        3D Creations Station, ages 4+- $2
        Disney's Ready for Math with Pooh, ages 3-6- $4
        Reader Rabbit Learn to Read with Phonics, ages PreK-K- $4
        DK My First cd-rom Preschool- $2
        DK My First Math Adventure- Counting and Sorting- $2
        DK My First Reading Adventure- I Want to Read!- $2
        Fun Pack- 7 Action Packed Arcade Games for Windows- $2
        Computer cd's (in paper sleeves)
        Adiboo Magical Playland, ages 4-6- $1
        Play and Learn with Blinky Bill, age 5-7- $1
        DK Smart Steps- K- $1
        Lilo and Stitch Hawaiian Adventure- $1
        Muppet Babies Toyland Train, ages 2-5- $1
        Little Bear Preschool Thinking Adventures- $1
        Fisher Price 1-2-3 (copy)- $1
        More Bugs in a Box, ages 3-6- $1
        Crayola Print Factory, ages 5-10- $1
        Mr. Potato Head Activity Pack- $1
        Disney's 2nd Grade, ages 6-8- $1

        Panpipe Moods (music cd) The gentle tones of the panpipe, captures
        the spirit of these instrumental favorites: A Gentle Touch, Wings of
        Inspiration and More.- $2
        Playstation 1- Bear in the Big Blue House- $5
        Disney's Sing Along Songs- (dvd)- $5
        Letters and Numbers book and CD by Twin Sisters Productions- $10

        Free Stuff for Woman's Health, Fitness/Nutrition by Matthew Lesko- $15
        Free Money and Help for Woman Entrepreneurs by Matthew Lesko- $15
        Free College and Training Money for Woman by Matthew Lesko- $15

        New To The List

        Bird Feeder Kit : Assemble and decorate a wooden bird feeder-
        includes wood, paint, glue, brush and instructions- Ages 6 and up $5

        The Human Body- A First Discovery Book by Scholastic- $6 (hardcover)
        Native Americans- A First Discovery Book by Scholastic- $6 (hardcover)
        Turtles and Snails- A First Discovery Book by Scholastic- $6

        On Your Potty- $2
        Creative Homeschooling for Gifted Children by Lisa Rivero $15
        Kids Outdoor Parties- Hundreds of fun things to do at outdoor parties
        for kids 4-12- $5

        Paint with Water books:
        1- The Bear Family Waits for Christmas- .25 cents each

        Weather Seeds and Plants by School Zone- Grades 2-4- $3
        Kangaroos- Animals are Fun- $2
        America's Horrible Histories- Are We There Yet? Europeans Meet the
        Americans- $2
        Wipe-off Activity Books: $3 each
        Color, Shapes and Sizes
        Blue's Clues Colors
        Blue's Clues Sort and Match
        Dora Trace and Draw
        Practice Subtraction (ages 5 and up)
        Practice Pals- Cursive Writing
        Practice Pals- Manuscript Writing
        Pop-Up Book- Firefighters, Police Officers and EMT- $4
        Toy Story Memory Game- ages 3-6- $4

        National Geographic: $1 each
        Oct 2003- King on the Edge: Saudi Arabia
        June, 2004- The End of Cheap Oil
        Oct 2005- The Next Killer Flu
        Nov 2003- Guardian of the Sun God's Treasure
        Oct 2004- Red Hot Hawaii
        July 2004- Sun Bursts
        Aug 2003- Hidden Tribes of the Amazon
        Aug 2005- After Oil Powering the Future
        Strange but True Weird stories from the wacky world of sports by
        Sports Illustrated Kids- $2

        Fluffy by Scholastic- Level 3: $2 each
        Plants a Jelly Bean
        Meets the Dinosaurs
        Spring Vacation
        Grows a Garden
        Funny Field Trip
        Build Your Vocabulary by Scholastic- $6 (hardcover)
        Paint Your Own Sea Animals by Scholastic: comes with brush, glaze, 2
        figurines, 2 panoramas, paints and book- $8
        Soft covered Books: .75 each

        Marvin Redpost: Alone in His Teacher's House
        Missing Mittens by Mathstart: Odd and Even Numbers
        Sideways Stories From Wayside School by Louis Sachar
        101 Wacky Kid Jokes

        Modern Media: Film and TV- $2
        Simple Science Experiments (hardcover)- $2

        English/Spanish Dictionary- $2

        National Institute of Health- Supplement Series- $2 each
        Open Wide and Trek Inside (dental) Grade 1-2
        Science of Mental Illness (with DVD) Grade 6-8
        Looking Good, Feeling Good: From the Inside Out (bone, muscle, skin)
        Grades 7-8
        The Brain: Our Sense of Self- Grades 7-8
        How Your Brain Understands What Your Ears Hear- Grades 7-8
        Understanding Alcohol- Grades 7-8
        The Science of Energy Balance (calorie intake and physical activity)-
        Grades 7-8
        Chemicals, the Environment and You- Grades 7-8
        Doing Science: The Process of Scientific Inquiry- Grades 7-8

        Prices do not include shipping or insurance. Paypal accepted.
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