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History Related Books- Pioneer Days, Gold Rush, American Revolution, Civil War, ,WW1-2, Depression, Native Americans etc...

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    History Related Books- Pioneer Days, Gold Rush, American Revolution, Civil War ,WW1-2, Depression, Native Americans etc... $1.00 Early man in the New World By
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      History Related Books- Pioneer Days, Gold Rush, American Revolution,
      Civil War ,WW1-2, Depression, Native Americans etc...

      $1.00 Early man in the New World By MacGowan and Hester (Stone Age
      American) This Sudden New World, The Road of Early Man, The Dead hand of
      the Ages, The Great Ice Age, Early Man in the Old World, What the Bones
      Have to Say, The Artifacts of Early Man in the New World, Early Man and
      the Great Extinction, Pygmies, Australoids, and Negroids-Before Indians,
      Did the Indian Invent or Borrow his Culture, The Indian in Agriculture,
      Puzzles, Problems, and Half-Answers 333 Pgs.

      $4.00 Song to Demeter By Birrer- Hardback
      The anicent Greeks told this story about the goddess of the harvest to
      explain the seasons of the year.

      $2.50 Catherine Called Birdy By Cushman-The year is 1290 and the
      thirteen-year-old daughter of an English county knight keeps a journal
      in which she records the events of her life, particularly her longing
      for adventures beyond the usual role of women (Newbery Honor)

      $2.25 Tom Hawke By Fecher (Original Title- The Link Boys) (Historical

      $4.00 Road Song By Kusz- Hardback, 258 Pgs (A Memoir American Pioneer

      $2.50 The Witch of Blackbird Pond By Speare- Set in 17th century, 1687
      Connecticut, New England, A story about Kit Tyler who is feeling out of
      place in the Puritan household of her aunt the aspects of the colonists
      hard work

      $2.50 Fool's Gold By Snyder- Rudy's friends suggest digging in the
      abandoned gold mines near their home (Author of Newbery Award)

      $2.50 Humbug Mountain By Sid Fleischman- Wiley, the son of a traveling
      newspaperman, is searching for his grandfather, Using their newspaper,
      The Humbug Mountain Hoorah, Wiley and his sister and mother go about
      outwitting the outlaws in their scheme to ambush Grandfather's new boat
      and its cargo of gold. (Author of Newbery Award)

      $4.00 By the Great Horn Spoon By Sid Fleischman-Adventure story taking
      place in 1849 in the Old West and during the California Gold Rush.
      Hardback (Author of Newbery Award)

      $ 3.00 Golden Child By Engle- Hardback, spot inside cover, c1962, 128
      Pgs The Gold Rush and Pioneer Settlement

      $2.50 Sarah Bishop By Scott O'Dell- The tale of a girl's strength and
      courage during the American Revolution (Newbery Award Winning Author)

      $2.25 Frederick Douglas Voice of Freedom By Weiner

      $2.25 The Red Badge of Courage By Crane- About one Union soldier's
      struggle in the civil war,as he prepares for and fights his first
      battle. (Civil War)

      $2.50 Nights of Danger By Ellis (Historical Fiction, Adventure, WW2)

      $1.00 Conrads War By Andrew Davies-(WW2)
      $2.25 Kris's War By Matas-(WW2)

      $2.00 Down of Fear By Cooper- A story of a boy's gradual awakening to an
      awareness of the adult world in the harsh realities of World War II
      England (WW2)

      $2.50 A Pocket Full of Seeds By Sachs- A story of a young Jewish girl in
      France during WW2 who loses her whole family- (WW2 Holocaust)

      $3.00 The Kingdom by the Sea By Westall-One boy's courage during
      WW2-Hardback It's WW2 England, and young Harry's parents and sister are
      killed in a bombing. Harry fights for survival for himself and his newly
      acquired dog

      $2.25 Young Indiana Jones and the Circle of Death By McCay- While
      investigating some strange incidents at an archaeological dig at
      Stonehenge in 1913, the young Indiana Jones and his pal Herman encounter
      a mysterious band of Dark Druids with a connection to German espionage

      $2.25 Number the Stars By Lowry-In 1943,during the German occupation of
      Denmark, ten-year-old Annemarie learns how to be brave and courageous
      when she helps shelter her Jewish friend from the Nazis.(Newbery Medal)

      $2.00 Red Dirt Jessie By Myers- Jessie, a young girl living in the
      Oklahoma dust bowl during the Depression, tries to tame a wild dog and
      help her father recover from a nervous breakdown.

      $2.25 Park's Quest By Paterson- Park makes some startling discoveries
      when he travels to his grandfather's farm in Virginia; he learns about
      his father who died in the Vietnam War and meets a Vietnamese-American
      girl named Thanh

      $2.50 Dragonwings By Yep- In the early twentieth century a young Chinese
      boy, Moon Shadow sails from China to join his father, Windrider, in
      America. Windrider lives in San Francisco. Moon Shadow grows to love and
      respect his father and to believe in his wonderful dream. (Newbery

      $2.50 Forbidden City By Bell- A story about a teenage Canadian boy and
      his father-(China)

      $2.50 Child of the Owl By Yep - The story deals with one girl who
      discovers her Chinese heritage

      $4.00 The Day After Yesterday By Kaye- Hardback
      A Story about a Chinese girl named Su Su and her past in Hong Kong
      before moving to England.

      $2.50 Homesick My Own Story By Fritz- China of the mid-twenties (Newbery

      $2.50 Across the Tracks By Young- Mexican-American, Hardback

      $2.25 The Lost Prince By Burnett- A classic tale of kindness, courage,
      patriotism, and family love.

      $2.25 Onion Tears By Kidd- A Vietnamese refugee girl unfolds the events
      that brought her to Australia

      $2.00 Marie Curie Brave Scientist By Brandt
      $2.00 Woman of Our Time-Mary McLeod Bethune- By Meltzer
      $2.00 Woman of Our Time-Rachel Carson- Pioneer of Ecology By Kudlinski

      Native American
      $2.25 Ahyoka and the Talking Leaves By Roop- Ahyoka--daughter of
      Sequoyah, inventor of the Cherokee

      alphabet. Ahyoka discovers the concept of symbols for sounds, and the
      result is a workable syllable alphabet

      $2.50 The Talking Earth By George- Billie Wind ventures out alone into
      the Florida Everglades to test the legends of her Indian ancestors

      $2.50 Island of the Blue Dolphins By Scott O'Dell- (Newbery Medal)
      $4.00 Island of the Blue Dolphins By Scott O'Dell-The courage and
      self-reliance of an Indian girl who lived alone for eighteen years on an
      isolated island off the California coast (Newbery Medal)-Hardback

      $2.50 Thunder Rolling in the Mountains By Scott O'Dell- In 1877,
      threatened with forcible removal from their lands, Chief Joseph of the
      Nez Perce Indians and his people prepared to leave peacefully for the
      reservation. However, the U.S. Army attacked the Nez Perce, who fled to
      Canada, standing off attacks along the way (Author of Newbery Medal)

      $2.25 Squanto- A Warriors Tale By Fontes Korman

      $2.50 Remember My Name By Banks- Annie Rising Fawn is sent to live with
      her uncle, a wealthy Cherokee plantation owner in Georgia, where she
      befriends a young slave girl and is caught up in the tragic events
      surrounding the forced Indian removal in 1838

      $ .75ยข When Legends Die By Borland, worn- about the struggle of a Native
      American in a white man's world Thomas Black Bull and his parents sought
      refuge in the wilderness. There they took up life as it had been in the
      old days, hunting and fishing,battling for survival

      $2.25 Edge of Manhood By Fall- About a boy's struggle to understand his
      changing world. c1964 (Native American)

      $5.00 The Mystery of the Great Swamp By Zapf- (1967, Hardback)
      Adventures of boy Jeb. He has unexpected encounters with the Indians
      that were not all driven from the swamp years ago, as early settlers had
      thought. The author refers to true, realistic elements of the swamp
      throughout the story including: herons, alligators, waving reeds,
      grasses, tall spotted pitcher plants, cypress tress and tupelo trees.

      $2.50 The Legend of Jimmy Spoon By Gregory- The adventures of a young
      boy living among the Shoshoni Indians during the early frontier days

      $2.50 Secret of the Andes By Clark-An Indian boy who tends llamas in a
      hidden valley in Peru learns the traditions and secrets of his Inca
      ancestors. (Newbery Medal)
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