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  • macconnell
    Little House in the Classroom - This can be used with grades 3-5. To be used with seven of the Little House on the Prairie books, this reproducible book
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 1, 2000
      Little House in the Classroom - This can be used with grades 3-5.  To be used with seven of the Little House on the Prairie books, this reproducible book organizes the vivid recollections of Laura Ingalls Wilder's books into seven learning units.  Each unit incorporates activities that utilize reading and writing skills, poetry, geography, math, social studies, art, cooking and more.  Each of the units is divided into lessons for each chapter of the book.  For example, along with reading chapter 1 of Little House in the Big Woods, you are supplied with an outline map of Wisconsin to locate places she mentions (plus a U.S. map to trace the travels of the Ingalls family), a suggestion to examine pictures of the animals included in the chapter, a discussion of the types of foods eaten by the Ingalls family, and an art activity in which children, provided with a log cabin outline, draw the way they think the inside and outside of the Ingalls' cabin might have looked.  Chapter 2 had you writing about your favorite day (based on a discussion revolving around a quote by Ma), making butter, and doing "Jack Frost" art.  Useful background information on Mrs. Wilder and her books is also included.  The Little House books are easily borrowed from the library, if you don't already own them.  This unit study book is in very good condition.
      Stepping Into Reading: A Guided Approach To Critical Thinking - This workbook by Modern Curriculum Press teaches skills that you can use to become a better thinker, a better reader and a better writer.  In each lesson there is a shorty story, followed by exercises.  These exercises will show you how to get the most out of your reading experience.  Many of the exercises require creative thought, and often there are no right or wrong answers.  It is up to you to provide the best solutions.  The skills you learn can be applied to everything you read.  They will help you think effectively throughout your life.  This workbook is completely unused.
      EVERYDAY LIFE IN BIBLE TIMES: WORK, WORSHIP AND WAR -  Give your kids a fascinating look at their own religious heritage! This educational book features color illustrations, photographs, and explanations of all aspects of life in Bible times: worship, occupations, travel, buying and selling, government, justice, military strategy, synagogues, prophets, priests and
      Levites, and more. Hardcover in excellent condition.
      Basic Vocabulary Stories And Activities - The first page of each lesson serves as an advance organizer for getting the student ready to read the story.  The next four pages contain a story for students to read.  After the student reads the story, they are given the opportunity to answer literal and interpretive comprehension questions about it.  The next page in the lesson focuses on a comprehension skill that is utilized in the story.  Each lesson has a different comprehension focus.  In this book the lessons focus on the following skills: comparing, sequence, dialogue, main idea, details, cause and effect, real and make-believe, classification and summarizing.  The last page of the lesson focuses on writing, using the comprehension skill presented on the previous page of the lesson.  For example, the writing portion of Lesson 1 covers comparing, the writing portion of Lesson 2 covers sequence, and so on.  This workbook is completely unused.

      HOW TO DISCOVER YOUR CHILD'S UNIQUE GIFTS - "How is my child unique?  Is it good that he isn't like other children?  How can I help him become the person God created him to be?"  This book will answer these questions and help parents discover their child's God-given gifts.  It will help you see your child from a different perspective and make the most of his or her distinct qualities.  Excellent book in excellent condition.

      Math 3 Workbook - This first 8 pages of this workbook have been removed.  A few of the remaining pages have been very effectively erased.  Answer key is included. 
      I am selling all of the above listed 3rd grade materials as a boxed set for $35.00 ppd.  Please email me directly if you are interested.  Thanks so much.  Blessings,  Cheryl

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