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FS Frontiers of AMerica, Discovery series, COFA & more

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    All are hardcover unless noted (SC) Discovery series-$4.00 each or 5 or more $3.50 each These are easy to read with a little larger print size and full page
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      All are hardcover unless noted (SC)

      Discovery series-$4.00 each or 5 or more $3.50 each
      These are easy to read with a little larger print size and full page color pictures-great for your younger readers 2nd to 3rd grade approx.
      Linda Richards-First AMerican Trained Nurse by Collins
      George Rogers Clark- frontier fighter by DeLeeuw
      Clara Barton-soldier of mercy by Rose
      Daniel Boone-taming the wilds by Wilkie
      Martha Washington-first lady of the land by Anderson
      Mary Todd Lincoln-president's wife by Anderson
      Juliette Low-girl scout founder by Radford
      Elizabeth Blackwell-pioneer woman doctor by Latham
      Tad Lincoln-Abe's son by Anderson
      Abraham Lincoln-for the people by Colver
      Luther Burbank-partneer of nature by Faber
      Kit Carson-pathfinder of the west by Campion
      Florence Nightingale-war nurse by Colver
      William Penn-friend to all by Wilkie
      Jim Bridger-man of the mountains by Luce
      Mary McLeod Bethune-teacher with a dream by Anderson
      Richard Byrd-adventurer of the Poles by DeLeeuw
      Liliuokalani-queen of Hawaii by Malone
      Ulysses S. Grant-horseman and fighter by Reeder
      The Ringling Brothers-circus family by Glendinning
      George Washington-father of freedom by Graff
      marcus and Narcissa Whitman-Oregon Pioneers by Place

      Piper series-similar to COFA $4.00 each
      Sam Houston-friend of the Indians by Olgin
      Dan beard-boy scout pioneer by Seibert

      Frontiers of America series-$4.00 each or 5 or more $3.50 each
      The print is a little larger in these and they have quite a few pictures. the chapters are also a little shorter which makes these great for your younger readers. The main characters are fictionalized but they interact with historical figures that they will read about later. Most are written by Edith McCall but I will note those that aren't.

      Explorers in a New World
      Steambosts To The West
      Over The Mormon Trail by Jones
      Pirates and Privateers
      Hunters Blaze the Trails
      Gold Rush Adventures
      Mail Riders, Paul Revere to Pony Express
      Heroes of the Western Outposts
      Cowboys and Cattle Drives
      Wagons Over The Mountians
      Settlers On A Strange Shore
      Pioneers on early Waterways
      Grizzly Adams by James
      Pioneer Traders
      Forts In The Wilderness
      Pioneering On The Plains
      Cumberland Gap and Trails West
      Log Fort Adventures
      Men On Iron Horses

      Immortals of.... series
      Immortals of Science
      Leonardo Da Vinci-pathfinder of Science by Henry Gillette $6.00
      Gregor Mendel and Heredity by Robert Webb $6.00
      Antoine Lavoisier and the Revolution in Chemistry by Rebecca Marcus $6.00

      Immortals of Hstory
      Mahatma Ganghi-the great soul by Emil Lengyel $6.00

      Childhood of Famous Americans (COFA)
      John F. Kennedy-young statesman by Lucy Frisbee $4.00

      next 5 COFA are all softcover-$2.50 each
      Betsy Ross-designer of our flag by Ann Weil
      Elizabeth Blackwell- girl doctor by Joanne Henry

      North Star series-$4.00 each
      Around the World With Nellie Bly by Emily Hahn
      Thoreau of Wladen Pond by Sterling North
      The Battle For New Orleans by F. Van Wyck Mason
      The Trail to Santa fe by David Lavender
      the First northwest Passage by Walter O'Meara
      Indian Wars and Warriors Est by Paul Wellman
      The Battle of Lake Erie by F. Van Wyck Mason
      The Battle for Quebec by F. Van Wyck Mason

      All by Ronald Syme-$4.00 each
      this group is for approx. 6th-8th grade
      Nigerian Pioneer- the story of Mary Slessor
      First Man To Cross America-the story of Cabeza de Vaca
      African traveler-the story of mary Kingsley
      Bolivar The Liberator
      Benedict Arnold-Traitor of the Revolution
      Toussaint-the black liberator

      this group for approx. 3rd to 5th grade
      Francis Drake-sailor of unknown seas
      Amerigo Vespucci-scientist and sailor
      Columbus-finder of the New World
      Captain Cook-Pacific Explorer
      Vancouver-explorer of the Pacific Coast

      Heroes of Progress in America by Charles Morris copyrite 1906,1919 $6.00

      Marie Antoinette- daughter of an Empress by Marguerite Vance $5.00

      John Muir, protector of the wilds by Haines and Morrill $2.50

      Lafayette, friend of America by Graham $2.50

      4 book set-by John Cournos, Sybil Norton and William Stevens- $12.00 for set-
      Famous British Poets
      Famous British Novelists
      Famous American Statemen
      Famous Modern American Novelists

      Ancient Egypt by C.A. Burland $2.00

      Famous Justices of the Supreme COurt by James Flynn $2.00

      Masters of Infamy-Attila, King of the Huns by Robert Webb $3.00

      Coronado and his Captains by Camilla Campbell $3.00

      Invincible Louisa by Cornelia Meigs $4.00 (about Louisa May Alcott)

      Heroes and Leaders of West Point by Colonel Red Reeder $4.00

      White House Children by Miriam Bourne $3.00

      Shipping is extra. I accept checks, money order or for a small fee to cover their fees non credit card paypal.

      If you ahve any questions please email me

      Thank you,
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