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  • Lisa Luneau
    I have the following Fun books for sale. I accept paypal, checks, and money order and ship my books media mail.  Upgraded shipping and Insurance is available
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2010
      I have the following Fun books for sale. I accept paypal, checks, and money order and ship my books media mail.  Upgraded shipping and Insurance is available upon request.  All books are paperback unless otherwise marked.    You can view complete lists of my books at my website.


      Book Blessings,
      Lisa Luneau

      3 Card Games, Crazy Eights, Go Fish, Memory Match, new, 3.75
      The Big Book of Questions & Answers, large chunky book, mint, 5.75
      Hangman tear pad, super, 2.00

      Oh, Yikes! History's Grossest Wackiest Moments by Joy Masoff, like new, 8.50

      Books by Subject 
      Birthday Party
      The Best Party Book, 1001 Creative Ideas Fun Parties by Penny Warner, vg, 4.00
      *Birthday Parties Best Pary Tips & Ideas by Vicki Lansky, vg, 3.00 (2)
      My Birthday! birthday scrapbook, like new, 3.50
      Happy Birthday, design & layout ideas, Vol IV, vg, 2.50

      Greeting Cards Organizer by Dayrunner Home, spiral folder, super, 4.00

      Tea Party
      The Best Tea Party Ever, Sugar & Spice Board Book, vg, 3.25
      The Doll's Tea Party, Storytime Books, vg, 1.50
      Our Tea Party, Hello Reader, ages 3-6, good, 1.75

      Ballon AnimalsHow to Make  (book only) make 20 critters, like new, 7.50
      Balloon Magic by Phylliss, hb, lib-dis, story, fair, 1.25
      How to Make Balloon Hats by CJ McDonald, vg, 2.25

      A Kids' Guide to Building Forts by Tom Birdseye, vg, 8.50

      Camp & Summer Vacation
      A Day at the Picnic, A Giant Word Book, boardbook, great, 3.75
      LL Bean Family Camping Handbook by Keith McCafferty, good, 4.00
      My Summer Vacation Book, activities and fun, vg, 2.75
      *Pig Pig Goes to Camp by David McPail, Camp Wild Hog, Scholstic, new, 3.50
      *Summer Journal, Rainbow Bridge Publishing, new, 4.00

      Card Games
      *50 Nifty Card Tricks & Games by Sheryl Scarborough, super, 4.50
      Card Games & Tricks by Graeme Johnstone, vg, 3.75
      *Crazy Eights and Other Card Games by Johanna Cole, super, 4.50
      The Great Card Games Book by Heather Ruth Mackie, Scholastic, vg, 4.00

      Chalk Around the Block by Sharon & David, vg, 2.00

      101 Questions on How to Play Chess by Fred Wilson, fair, .75
      How to Win Chess Games Quickly by Fred Reinfeld, good, 4.00
      The KIds Book of Chess by Harvey Kidder, vg, 5.00

      *Collect This! A Cool Guide to Collecting for Kids by Donna Guthrie, vg, 4.00
      Comic Books
      *100 Great Comic Books by by Jerry Weist, hb, new, 15.00

      Crayon Books
      Crayons & Markers, Tabletop Learning Series, creative fun, for the young, good, 2.25
      The Crayon Box that Talked by Shane DeRolf, Scholastic, vg, 3.50
      Gifts to Make with Crayola Model Magic by Kim Fernandes, Scholastic, like new, 4.00
      *How is a Crayon Made? by Oz Charles, like new, 6.50
      My Crayons Talk by Patricia Hubbard, good, lib-dis, 3.50

      Flower Arranging
      Beautiful Wreaths by designer Betty Valle, ideas all occasions, super, 6.50
      Flower Arranging, RD Home handbook, new, 7.50
      The Flower Arranging Expert by Dr DG Hessayon, art & craft of displaying flowers, vg, 4.75

      Face Painting
      Fx Faces, Kingfisher, Special Effects Face Painting by Snazaroo, some scary faces, vg, 4.50

      Foot Games
      The Foot Bag Book, All the Tricks All the Tips, book only, 3.50
      The Hacky Sack, American Footbag Game by John Cassidy, book only, good, 3.50

      Friendship Bracelets
      Creative Bracelets, Action Packs, book only, FREE
      Friendship Bracelets by Camilla Gryski, Kids Can Craft, great,
      Knot Now! Complete Friendship Bracelet Kit by Margaret Hartelluis, vg, 4.00

      Hair Wear

      Braids & Bows for Kids, fair, 3.50
      Nail Art, Klutz by Sherri Haab, spiral hb, vg, 3.75
      *Super Style, DK, creative fun to accessorize for girls, like new, 4.00

      I Spy Books
      *Can You See It? An Eye-Opening Adventure, Troll, like new, 3.75

      Eye Illusions, Magic 3-D Pictures by Jim Anderson, good, 3.00
      Magic Eye II, 3-D Illusions by N E Thing Enterprises, new, 5.00
      *Now You See It, Now You Don't by Seymour Simon, optical illusions, vg, 3.75

      The Complete Juggler by Dave Finnigan, from beginner to professional , vg, 5.50
      The Joy of Juggling the Book by Dave Finnigan, fair, 3.75
      Juggling for the Complete Klutz by John Cassidy, good, 3.25
      Juggling Step-by-Step by Bobby Besmehn, great, 3.75
      The Usborne Book of Juggling, super, 4.0

      Kites by Bettina Ling, Scholastic, color book for the young, 2.00
      *Kites How To Make and Fly Them by Marion Downer, hb, ex-lib, vg, 4.50

      Spark! Creative Fun for Kids, Go Fly Kite! How to Make Your Own, 1992, vg, 3.00

      Boon-doggle, A Book of Lanyard & Lacing, 16 amazing projects, book only, vg, 3.25
      Braids & Bows for Kids, good, 3.50
      Bubble Gum Science, vg, 1.75
      Cat's Cradle, Book of String Figures, spiral board book only, vg, 3.50 (2)
      The Cootie Catcher Book, vg, 3.50
      Create Anything With Clay, spiral board book only, vg, 7.50
      Draw the Marvel Comics Super Heroes, Klutz, vg, 3 markers in pouch, vg, 3.75
      The Foxtail Book, catch, throw it by the tail, Klutz, vg, 3.50
      Juggling for the Complete Klutz by John Cassidy, vg, 3.75
      Kids Gardening by Klutz, Activity Guide, missing back page, spiral, good, 5.50
      No Practice Magic, book only, 3.00
      Stop! the Watch, Book of Everyday, Ordinary, anybody Olympics, vg, 3.50
      Table Top Football, book only, great, 3.50
      The Unbelievable Bubble Book, spiral board book only, vg, 3.75 (2)
      Window Art, Klutz, book only, super, 3.00
      The Klutz Yo-Yo Book, vg, 3.75

      Magic & Tricks
      *10 Awesome Card Tricks by John Railing, Be Real Magician, like new, 3.75
      10 Awesome Card Tricks by John Railing, Be Real Magician,vg, 2.75
      Big Ol' Bodacious Book-O-Magic by Mac King, over 50 tricks/gags, great, 3.50
      Bill Severn's Magic Across the Table, good, 2.75
      Discover Magic! Keep your audience guessing!, Golden Book, vg, 2.50
      Draw Marvel Comics Super Heroes, has markers, some marks, good, 3.50
      Fun With Magic Tricks compiled by Robert Vitarelli, 1977, vg, 3.75
      The Klutz Book of Magic by John Cassidy, spiral, super, 6.00
      Let's Make Magic, Kingfisher, good, 5.00
      Let's Make Magic by Peter Eldin, hb, good, 5.00
      The Magic Show by Henry Gordon, book only, 3.50
      Magic Ticks You Can Do by Robyn Supraner, Troll Associates, vg, 3.75 (2)
      *Magic Tricks, Usborne Hotshots, new, 1.50
      Making Magic by Fay Presto, Barrons, oversize pb, great, 5.00
      *Paper Tricks, Paper Magic, hb, new, 3.75
      The World of Magic by Peter Eldin, dazzle your audience w/magic! vg, 4.00

      Magic Secrets, An I Can Read, grade 3-4, super, 2.25

      Paper Magic The Art of Origami, book only, Troll, vg, 1.25

      *The Amazing Paper Book by Paulette Bourgeois, 2 doz fun projects, great, 4.75
      Paper Crafting With Photos, Annies Attic Paper Crafts, vg, 7.50

      Scrabble The Official Quiz Game Book, vg, 3.75
      The Big Scrabble Junior, Milton Bradley, has chew marks, vg, 7.50

      *Robots Build a Bot a Press-Out & Play Book, hb, like new, 5.50
      Robot File From Everyday tasks...to out-of-this-world achievements, DK, great, 3.50 (2)
      The How and Why Library Robots, vg, 3.50

      Singing Fun
      Sing-Along Car Songbook, no cassette incuded, like new, 3.50
      Wee Sing in the Car, book only, new, 2.00
      Wee Sing Nursery Rhymes and Lullabies Book, book only, good, 1.50
      Wee Sing and Play, book only, vg, 2.50

      Word Fun
      Favorite Word-Finds, 2 in 1, like new, 1.00
      *Rebus Word and Picture Puzzles, Dover Little Activity Books, good, .50
      Super Word Tricks compiled by Sonia Back, Scholastic, vg, 3,00
      Word and Picture Rebus Fun, Little Dover Books, super, 2.00

      The Klutz Yo-Yo Book, vg, 3.75
      You Can Yo-Yo! by Bruce Weber, 25 tricks to try!, vg, 3.50

      Activity Books 
      Activity - Baby Play/ Games*
      Baby Games, joyful guide to child's play, birth to 3 by Elaine Martin, good, 3.25
      My First Activity Book by Angela Wilks, life-size guide fun to make, lg hb, vg, 7.50

      Post-A-Photo Kids, All in One picture postcard frame you can mail, includes crayons and 10 cards, new, 3.50

      Things to Do with Toddlers and Twos by Karen Miller, vg, 3.75
      The Toddlers Busy Book, 365 creative games, activities, age 1 1/2-3, vg, 4.00

      *Baby Signing
      Baby Signing, how to talk with your baby in American sign language by Andrea Fixell, vg, 3.75

      Baby Signing for Dummies pocket edition, vg, 3.00

      Activity Books - Kids
      *10 Minute Fun Things to do for You and Your Child Activity, hb, no paper, vg, 5.00
      101 Ways to Bug Your Parents by Lee Wardlaw, vg, 3.75 (2)
      *Alpha Books, Have Fun With Your Kids the Lazy Way by Barbara Neilsen, new, 6.50
      *Alpha Books, Keep Your Kids Busy the Lazy Way by Barbara Neilsen, new, 6.50
      The Busy Day Book, hb, 1974, an array of creative activities, vg, 8.50
      Creative Costumes for any occasion by Mark Walker, like new, 3.50
      February Holidays Handbook, Classroom resources for K-3, hb, awesome book, vg, 5.50

      *Huff and Puff's Hawaiian Rainbow by Jean Warren, activity & story, like new, 3.75
      The Kid's Book of Questions by Gregory Stock, PHD, vg, 2.00
      My Amazing Design Book, projects with stencil shapes, FREE stencil, good, 3.25
      Play it! Great Games for Groups by Wayne Rice, vg, 4.00
      Play it! Great Games for Groups by Wayne Rice, fair, 2.50
      Prime Time Together...With Kids, by Donna Erickson, good, 3.25
      Rainy Days & Saturdays by Linda Hetzer, vg, 6.50
      Rainy Day Surprises You Can Make, vg, 4.00
      Splish, Splash, Water Fun for Kids, by Penny Warner, good, 3.25
      The Unbelievable Bubble Book, Klutz, books only, vg, 3.75
      Arts & Craft Books 
      *Be-Dazzled: 50+ Projects for You and Your Home Made With the Original Be-Dazzler Machine, new, 7.50

      Bead & Button Fashion Designs! vg, 3.00
      *Collage It by Art Academy, super, 6.75
      Crafts and Craft Shows How to Make Money by Philip Kadubec, super, 5.50
      Crazy Creatures, Better Homes & Gardens, Art/Crafts/Cooking, markings, fair, 2.00
      Decorating Scrapbooks with Rubber Stamps by Dee Gruenig, 7.50
      Easy Bazaar Crafts by Better Homes and Gardens, hb, vg, 4.50
      *From Kids with Love, Gifts preschoolers can make and give, vg, 5.50
      Greeting Card Crafts by Muriel Hemmings, vg, 4.00
      *Hello Kitty Pipe Cleaner Activity Book, Scholastic, hb, new, 3.25
      Kids Create!` Art & Craft Experiences for 3- To 9-Year-Olds by Laurie Carlson, vg, 7.50

      Making Great Greeting Cards & Gifts by Natalie Lunis, water slight, vg, 3.75
      Making Space Puppets by Dave Ross, hb, lib-dis, 4.00
      *Make Your Own Rag Doll, step by step guide by Alicia Merrett, super, 4.50
      The Make-Your-Own Button Book by Andrea Wayne-Von Konigslow, vg, 4.50
      Michael Grater Cut and Color Toys and Decorations, missing 2 pages, vg, 1.00
      North American Indian Designs for Artists and Craftpeople by Eva Wilson, super, 6.50
      Pass It On: How to Make Your Own Family Keepsakes by Marguerite Ashworth Brunner, hb, vg, 4.50

      Puppet Party by Goldie T Chernoff, easy to make, good, 3.00
      Quick and Easy Angels, Quick Crafts, 17 anges, super, 3.50
      Soap Making 101, Can do Crafts, like new, 5.50
      Stamping Made Easy by Nancy Ward, fabric, paper, clay, wood, super, 6.50
      *Stencil It! Kid's Projects by Sandra Buckingham, Kids' Projects, vg, 3.50
      Super Springtime Crafts by Holly Hebert, like new, 4.00
      Things to Make by Robin B Cano, great teacher resource for young, 1.00
      Things to Make and Do Child Horizons, 1958 hb, 10.50
      This is My Family Games Book, create fun games with family, new, 1.50 (2)
      This is My Family Story Time Book, share family stories, new, 1.50
      *Trash Artists Workshop by Linda Allison, vg, 5.50
      The Usborne Book of Face Painting, Scholastic,has name, vg, 3.50
      What Shall I Make? Usborne Publishing new, 1.50
      Wondrous Wind Chimes by Dianna Marcum, 22 wind chime, like new, 4.50
      Creative Crafts
      Bright Ideas, Hang Ups designs by Suzanne Luke, vg, 3.50
      Create O' Clock, Volume II, Designs by a combination of  Porvo Craft Artists, published by Provo Craft, like new, 3.50 (2)
      Finders Keepers by Pegi White, Design Series, Book Three, Teddy Bear & Critter Designes for arts & crafts, excellent, 3.50
      Grow Garden Grow designed by Gaye Shoell, Farmers Market, like new, 3.50

      The Honey Patch, Hundreds of Bear & Bunny Patterns by Jan Way, Grace Publication, super, 4.00

      Me 'N My Honey Bear designed by Cristie Peterson, like new, 3.50
      Wood 'N Holidaze designed by Gaye Shoell, Book 4, like new, 3.50
      Everything Kids'
      The Everything Kids' Gross Hidden Pictures Book: Pick Your Way Through Hours of Ski-crawling Fun! by Beth Blair, like new, 4.00

      *The Everything Kids' Puzzle Book: Twist, squirm and wind your way through subways, museums, monster lairs and tombs! by Beth Blair, like new, 4.00

      The Everything Kids' Pirates Puzzle And Activity Book: Set Sail into a Treasure-trove of Fun! by Beth Blair, few pages done, super, 3.00

      *The Everything Kids' Puzzle Book: Mazes, Word Games, Puzzles & More! Hours of Fun! by Beth Blair, like new, 4.00

      101 Ways to Bug Your Parents by Lee Wardlaw, excellent, 2.75
      101 Ways to Bug Your Parents by Lee Wardlaw, good, 2.00
      The Book of Family Fun by valuebooks, great, 2.50
      Book of World Records 2005, Scholastic, good, 1.75
      Book of World Records 2001, Scholastic, good, 1.75
      Coloring & Activity Coloring Fun, Better Than Broccoli, new,1.75 (3)
      Funky, Freaky Facts Most People Don't Know About by Diagram Group, good, 2.00

      Giddy-Up! by Susan James, new, 2.75
      *Guinnes World Records Sticker Fun, wacky facts, trivia, new, 2.75
      Guiness World Records Amazing School Records, new, 1.75
      Guiness World Records Awesome Ocean Records, new, 1.75
      Highlights Sticker Stories Fun for the Young Reader, some stickers done, vg, .50
      The Hokey Pokey, Scholastic, vg, 3.00
      *Holiday Fun Year-Round with Diane Thomas, fun! like new, 8.75
      The Incredible Hulk Paint w/Water, vg, 1.25
      Lucy and the Sea Monster, Usborne puzzle adventure story, vg, 3.00
      *Mad Libs Junior, Teenage Mutant Nija Turtles, fill in blanks, new, 3.75
      *Parachute Play, indoor/outdoor fun by Liz Wilmes, new, 7.50
      Roller Coasters, I Had so Much Fun, I Almost Puked by Nick Cook, vg, 2.50
      You'd Better Believe it...Fascinating Fact & Feats by Dan Nevins, vg, 3.00
       *When You Lick a Slug, Your Tongue Goes Numb, Kids share, new. 3.50

      Classic Television, Game Show Classics, 6 Timeless Shows, new, 3.00
      Christmas Memories, Scrooge, Little Women, Jo's Story and Somewhere in Dreamland, new, 3.00

      Air Hockey Science by Ben Grossblatt, the magic of air hockey, vg, 2.00
      Cat's Cradle Activity Fun Pack, Funpax, string fun, vg, 1.50
      Marbles Hopscotch and Jacks, Favorite Games and Variations, like new, 3.75
      *The World's Best String Games by Joanmarie Kalter, vg, 3.50

      Activity Books
      Chutes and Ladders Giant coloring and activity book, new, 2.00
      Dot to Dot Game Pads, 3 pack, 1.75
      Hi Ho! CherryY-O, Coloring and activity book, new, 2.00
      Hungry Hungry Hippos, coloring and activity book, new, 2.00

      Joanna Cole
      Anna Banana by Joanna Cole, 101 jump-rope rhymes, vg, 2.50
      The Clown-Aounds Have a Party by Cole, story, good, 2.25
      Crazy Eights and Other Card Games by Joanna Cole, good, 2.50
      Six Sick sheep, 101 tongue twisters, good, 3.50
      This is the Place For Me, by Joanna Cole, vg, 3.50

      Jokes, Riddles Knock-Knock & Tongue Twisters
      101 Bear Jokes by Lewis K Parker, good, 2.00
      101 Ghost Jokes by Lisa Eisenbery, Scholastic, good, 2.00
      101 Valentine Jokes by Pat Brigandi, fair, 1.75
      991/2 Summer Jokes with Attitude, Scholastic, super, 2.50
      The Funniest Riddle Book Ever! by Joseph Rosenbloom, fair, 2.25
      *Funniest Riddle Book in the World by Morrie Gallant, vg, 3.00
      The Golden Book of Jokes & Riddles, good, 2.25
      Over 150 Great Pizza Jokes by Phil Hirsch, new, 2.50
      *Shanna's Animal Riddles, by Jean Marzollo, Level 1, new, 2.50

      Mazes, Puzzles, Puzzlemania, Crosswords, Word Finds
      *The Astounding Astromaze by Rolf Heimann, new, 4.50

      Disney Giant Maze Book, 10 amazing mazes based on Disney films, missing pen, huge wipe clean book, huge boardbook, appears to be unused inside, good, 7.50

      *The Great Race Maze by Anna Nilsen, new, 4.00
      *Jungle Mazes by Roger Moreau, Scholastic, new, 4.50*
      "Let Me Try" Mazes, for young, 3 pages done in pencil, good, 2.50
      Lost Treasure Mazes by Roger Moreau, few pages done, good, 2.00
      *Mountain Mazes by Roger Moreau, new, 5.50
      *Puzzle Island by Usborne, like new, 4.00
      Riddles & Muddles by John Pinkney, Sherlock Q Jones's Casebbook, vg, 2.00
      Tough Mazes Sports, new, 2.25

      Puzzles & Word Search
      Children's Puzzle & Activity Fun Book #1, Kappa, super, 2.00
      Giant Book of Challenging Thinking Puzzles, chunky book, good, 5.50
      The Giant Book of Menza Mind Challenges, huge chunky, great, 5.50
      Large Print Search & Find #14, new, 2.50
      Large Print Word Puzzles, vol 6, Landoll's, vg, 2.50
      My Puzzle Book, book 3, Dolch teaching aid, penguins on front, vg, 3.50
      Pencil Puzzlers by Steven Ryan,name no writing, fair-good, 1.75
      Power Puzzles, Crosswords #1, like new, 1.50
      Power Puzzles, Crosswords #2, like new, 1.50 (2)
      *Remember When Wordsearch Puzzles by Cindy Karwowski, 3 pages done, vg, 1.00
      Search & Find, Picture Puzzle Book, How Stuff Works, super, 2.75
      Search & Find, Picture Puzzle Book, Sports, super, 2.75
      Super Jumbo World's Greatest Kid's Puzzles, Kappa, super, 1.50 (2)
      Travel Pad Wordsearch, for young, vg, 3.50
      The Ultimate Large Print Crosswords Omnibus # 4 more than 100 puzzles to test your knowledge, challenge your memory and boggle the mind, like new, 6.50

      Usborne Agent Arthur's Puzzle Adventures, Three Thrilling Stories with Puzzles to Solve by Martin Oliver, vg, 4.00

      What Fun! over 150 Activities & Puzzles, for young, great, 4.00
      World's Best Puzzles Word, vol #39, Landoll's, unmarked, great, 1.00

      #1 Sudoku Hot New Puzzle Craze, like new, .50
      #2 Sudoku, Hot New Puzzle Craze, like new, .50
      Sudoku Puzzles, Kappa, volume 14. super, 1.00
      Sudoku Puzzles, Kappa, volume 78. super, 1.00
      Sudoku Puzzles, Kappa, volume 77. super, 1.00
      Sudoku published by Berryland Book, spiral, like new, 3.50
      Sudoku, 150 easy to hard puzzles, few done, good, .75

      December 1997, vg, 1.50
      October 1998, new, 1.75
      November 1998, vg, 1.50
      May 2001, vg, 1.50
      March 2003, vg, 2.00
      September 2003, new, 2.00
      January 2004, new, 2.00
      May 2004, new, 2.00
      June 2004, new, 2.00
      July 2004, new, 2.00
      Sept 2006, new, 2.00
      January 2009, new, 2.00
      Highlights Puzzlemania
      Bugs on cover, 1997, vg,  2.50
      Buson cover, like new, 2.50
      Bears on cover, like new, 2.50
      Castle on cover, like new, 2.50
      Computers on cover, like new, 2.50 
      Cowboy on cover, like new, 2.50
      Factory on cover, like new, 2.50
      Fishing on cover, like new, 2.50
      Doves on cover, like new, 2.50
      Emergency Vehicles on cover, new, 2.50
      Eyes on cover, vg, 1.50
      Farmer on cover, like new, 2.50
      Kids picking up trash, 1991, vg,  2.50
      Kitchen on cover, like new, 2.50
      Leaves on cover,  like new, 2.50 (3)
      Marbles on cover, like new, 2.50
      Maze on cover, like new, 2.50
      Ping Pong on cover, like new, 2.50 (2)
      Snowman on cover, like new, 2.50
      Train on cover, vg, 2.00
      Vehicles on cover, like new, 2.50
      Yuky Food on cover, like new, 2.50

      Highlights Hidden Picture
      Hidden Picture 2007, kids jump roping on front, like new, 2.75
      Hidden Picture Playground, bubbles on front, few stickers done, like new, 2.00
      Hidden Picture Playground, has creek on front, few stickers done, like new, 2.00
      Hidden Picture Playground, ferris wheel on front, few stickers done, super, 2.00
      Hidden Picture Playground, dog on front, few stickers done, like new, 2.00
      Hidden Picture Playground, rabbit on front, few stickers done, like new, 2.00


      Lisa Luneau


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