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  • ibookloverforever
    All are hardcover $2.50 each Henry Hudson by Nina Brown Baker Juan Ponce de Leon by Nina Brown Baker True Sea Adventures by Donald Sobol Our National
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2009
      All are hardcover $2.50 each

      Henry Hudson by Nina Brown Baker

      Juan Ponce de Leon by Nina Brown Baker

      True Sea Adventures by Donald Sobol

      Our National Constitution by Rickard

      Great Women of Medicine by Ruth Fox Hume (vivid accounts of the lives of Florence Nightingale, Elizabeth Blackwell, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Sophia Jex-Blake, Mary Putnam Jacobi and Marie Curie

      California Camel Adventure by Gladys Relyea Saxon-this is the story of Jonathan Wright who in 1858 emigrated from Ohio to California with his parents.

      Those Yankee Rebels by Michael Pearson- the american revolution told from the british viewpoint

      The Newcomers- 10 tales of American immigrants by Joseph and Edith Raskin

      The River Road- a story of Abraham Lincoln by Meridel LeSueur

      Women Doctors of the World by Esther Lovejoy

      Florence Nightingale by Cecil Woodham-Smith

      Will Rogers, The Boy Roper by Donald and Beth Day

      Lives To Remember series
      Aaron Burr by wILLIAM wISE
      Amelia Earhart by Burke Davis

      Portals To The Past- the story of archaeology by Catherine SHippen

      The Castle Book by Alfred Duggan

      Mark Twain as others saw him by Sanderlin

      Profiles In COurage-John F Kennedy

      The Sports of our Presidents by John Durant

      The Helmet of Navarre-the story of King Henry IV of France by Burke Wilkinson

      Young Walter Scott by Elizabeth Janet Gray

      Rainbow Round The World- a story of unicef by Elizabeth Yates

      Peacefukl Fighter- Gandhi by Elizabeth Montgomery

      The Supreme Court and How It Works by Anthony Lewis

      Juliette Low by Mildred Pace

      Clara Barton by Mildred Pace

      Louisa May Alcott-her life by Catherine O. Peare

      Henry Wadsworth Longfellow-his life by Catherine O. Peare

      Breakthrough Series- 3 books
      The Race To Nome- the story of the heroic Alaskan dog teams the rushed diptheria serum to stricken Nome in 1925 by Kenneth Ungermann

      Peary To The Pole by Walter Lord

      Breakthrough To The Big League- the story of Jackie Robinson by Jackie Robinson and Alfred Duckett

      The Library of American Heroes series-2 books
      The Picture Story and Biography of:
      Tom Paine by Grace Brett
      Red Cloud by Shannon Garst

      Maria Mitchell-first lady of American Astronomy by Helen Morgan

      That Lively Man, Ben Franklin by Jeanette Eaton

      Auguste Piccard- captain of space, admiral of the Abyss by Adelaide Field

      Maria Tall chief-America's Prima Ballerina by Elisabeth Myers

      Open Door To The Great Lakes- their beginning, exploration , and lore by Dirk Gringhuis

      Luther Burbank- creating new and better plants by Paul Bacon

      Island in the Crossroads- the story of Puerto Rico by M. M. Brau

      Great River, Wide Land the Rio Grande Through History by Armstrong Sperry

      Nicholas and Alexandra- an intimate account of the last of the Romanovs and the Fall of the Imperial Russia by Robert Massie

      The Life of John Paul Jones by James Otis

      Great American Negros by Ben Richardson- 26 different short biographies

      Father of Mosern Anatomy Andreas Vesalius by Jeome Tarchis

      The Quest for Fire- a Novel of Prehistoric Times by J H Rosny

      Vasco Nunez De Balboa by Emma Sterne

      These are all $2.50 each. Shipping is extra. I accept checks, money orders or for a small fee (to cover their fees) non credit card paypal. If you have any questions please email me

      Thank you,
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