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  • Rev. Steve
    No Tunnel only Vision By: Rev. Steven E. Long D.D. Copyright ©2003Steven Elton Long A lot of Churches make emphasis on Jesus, Son of God. I ve been there.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2003
      No Tunnel only Vision
      By: Rev. Steven E. Long D.D.
      Copyright ©2003Steven Elton Long

      A lot of "Churches" make emphasis on Jesus, Son of God. I've been
      there. You've been there. Some of you may still be there and that is
      fine! A visitation started the movement and they moved and
      fellowshipped with that relationship with their Lord with the glimpse
      of the Kingdom through revelation in that certain area at that time.
      I've gone on to coming into a relationship with the Father. The Son
      made that possible. Law was not able to bring us into that
      relationship. Grace was able to do this through what the Son did to
      enable us to enter into a new blood line and walk above in newness of
      life. And this takes a whole life to accomplish.

      The Religious System has many places that preach a "tunnel vision"
      That's all they know and let them do it. If we do not look at the
      total picture and all of the Gospel and contents of the Bible as well
      as other religions, with help from the Spirit that in interprets, we
      too will stay in "tunnel vision" and walk in a limited perception of
      our ALL MIGHTY GOD and HIS plan for our human race.

      Some Churches are for those who believe in Jesus & being saved. I
      try to make a place that will welcome all! Week after week, they
      preach a salvation message for those who already believe in Jesus.
      The sad situation prompts the necessity to have revivals to revive
      their dead that are starving because they will not branch out beyond
      their revelation/doctrine/tradition to grow. That's why Jesus
      said, "Tradition will make you blind." These churches will make their
      traditions/visitation that started their movement denomination into
      their gravestone!

      Remember after Jesus came back to walk with his disciples for a while
      before he ascended. Some didn't recognize him. That's the very thing
      that is happening today. One day we hear a crazy statement said and
      then put it on the shelf. The next day, to our amazement, the Lord
      opens up our eyes and we see differently.

      TRUTH CHANGES BY DAILY OBSERVATION. God does not change but our
      perception and understanding does change daily. I have made it my
      mission to build a a half way house "Church" that is my calling from
      the "MOST HIGH". While, maintaining a relationship with God.

      I pray that you do not camp out on ONE revelation of the Bible move
      on Daily! I will be who I am and function in what God has called me
      to function. Realize that by doing your best, God will be satisfied
      but man will probably never be satisfied with anything you do. Get
      your strength from the Lord, not man! By being a servant to God and
      keeping a servants heart ---loving your God with all your heart, soul
      & mind. Your flesh will wrestle with this and so did my flesh. Jacob
      wrestled with God too and HE won and broke Jacob's hip!

      The disciples changed and shifted in their emphasis of their message
      continually growing and changing through revelation that was
      exemplified in the Gospels. Remember when Paul came on the scene he
      brought in a whole different picture & it was a jolt to Peter and the
      rest. They shifted from preaching to the chosen Jews to the
      gentiles. Well, it's no different now. At first, it is exclusive and
      we are infants and stay in the flock and are bundled up with infant
      teaching that is "milk". When we mature, we branch out and feed on
      meat. Our field becomes broader, not just the little sect of our
      chosen belief or what is comfortable for us in our little
      click/flock. It happened to the disciples, didn't it? It's also
      happening now too. Different emphasis. Each little "Church" (Half Way
      House) has a certain message. It took a visitation for the disciples
      to come around to what Paul was preaching too!

      So, nothing is different, same old. It still applies to this time
      too. Now, take this corporately instead of individually. Corporately,
      a lot of Churches are still in an infant stage only preaching a
      limited revelation of their experience and nothing more & they stop
      there. A lot of Christians can be accused of being "New Age" which
      really, I've become in a sense. Go out seek knowledge and keep
      professing whatever you feel in your heart and soul. My calling to
      this world is to tell you these words that maybe you too can say "ALL
      ARE WELCOME!" setting up your own halfway house instead of "Church

      Blessings to you all ,

      Rev. Steven E. Long D.D.
      Royal Universal Life Church
      Royal Arkansas
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