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Re: Links... / letter from Headquarters

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  • dnatureofdtrain
    ... credentials next says you automatically get them in the mail... I am getting a headache for trying to answer my calling. from, Dana C. L.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 25, 2002
      :(. I am totally confused. Also one site says I have to order my
      credentials next says you automatically get them in the mail...

      I am getting a headache for trying to answer my calling.

      Dana C. L.

      --- In Universal_Life_Church@y..., Petros Evdokas
      <petros_cyprus@b...> wrote:
      > Subject: RE: Links...
      > Date: Thu, 6 Jun 2002 08:53:45 -0700
      > From: "Universal Life Church"
      > <generalcontact@u...>
      > To: "Petros Evdokas" <petros_cyprus@b...>
      > We apologize for the tenseness of the e-mail. It was
      > not inteded to be
      > that way, and if there are any bad feelings regarding
      > said communication, we
      > would like to move that to the side and progress
      > forward. The "money
      > worshippers" as you claim, have not taken over the
      > church. At the time of
      > the Monastery's website creation, we did not have the
      > resources or
      > experience to create a website of our own, so we asked
      > Brother Daniel to
      > create a website in our interests. However, over the
      > past couple of years,
      > the ideas of Headquarters and the ideas of Brother
      > Daniel have not quite
      > been in sync so we have created our own site. Mainly
      > for the purpose of
      > letting any news or events happening at Headquarters,
      > be spread to the
      > world.
      > Anyway, again I apologize for the sharp e-mail that was
      > sent, and I hope
      > that there are no bad feelings, and we do appreciate
      > your support.
      > Thank you.
      > Joshua Hensley
      > Universal Life Church
      > 601 Third St.
      > Modesto, CA 95351
      > (209) 527-8111
      > www.ulchq.com
      > generalcontact@u...
      > --------------------
      > Hello Joshua,
      > A million thanks for your response. This is the
      > swiftest response I've ever experienced (or heard of)
      > from the Mother Church on anything (it came the same
      > day!). It's greatly appreciated.
      > In your response, you address some things which have
      > been troubling many members/ friends/ family of the
      > ulc, for a few years now. Is it a sign of a shift in
      > the balance of things?
      > As you probably know, the whole yahoo- related
      > conglomerate of online services is the largest portal
      > on the internet, so those of the ulc who Congregate
      > through those nodes (groups), have an impact on ulc
      > communities everywhere, both online and offline, in the
      > real world. So, I hope it's ok with you that I'm
      > sharing this dialogue with lots of our people, in the
      > hope that others among us will take heart from your
      > tone and directness, and resist the money- worshippers
      > everywhere.
      > We all know that the Modesto headquarters is very busy
      > and that replying to individual mails, phones, and
      > emails, is difficult. (In fact for me, the last direct
      > contact I had with anyone in Modesto was in 1989 on the
      > phone with Andre Hensley). That's why your tone and
      > response is valuable - who knows when something so
      > clear and concrete might come our way again from that
      > direction? But anyway, if it helps you be in touch with
      > more of what our members feel and say, I'm including
      > some relevant letters below (written before your recent
      > letter).
      > There are many ways ulc might benefit from its millions
      > of members online; among us there are many resources,
      > valid opinions, knowledge, and access to facilities
      > which might be utilised to make better sense of the
      > Modesto presence on the internet.
      > Please feel free to write to any of us about anything,
      > or just use our group addresses above to disperse news,
      > information, updates. Also, if you prefer our
      > communications to be more private, it's easily
      > arranged.
      > Thanks again,
      > Petros
      > http://PetrosEvdokas.cjb.net
      > --------------------
      > Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2002 17:00:06 -0000
      > From: "eyesmystic" <eyesmystic@a...>
      > Subject: Re: Links...
      > This is most confusing. The headquarter's link doesn't
      > even appear in a
      > google search for "universal life". No wonder I never
      > received certificate
      > or materials from my ordination! I've re-ordained with
      > the main site, and
      > hopefully will receive those promised materials.
      > Unfortuantely, it is the
      > blandest of all sites. I am relieved, however, that
      > the 'monestary' is not
      > the headquarters for the only religious institution I
      > will allow myself to
      > be associated with. Several of the other links claim
      > to be the 'official'
      > site of the church. Wonder if "generalcontact" is
      > aware of or cares about
      > that?
      > Be Blessed,
      > Cinde ~
      > -----------------------
      > Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2002 18:18:26 -0700 (PDT)
      > From: Jonathan Lobl <jonathanlobl@y...>
      > Subject: Re: Re: Links...
      > The confusion continues to expand. I just checked out
      > "ulc.net" and "ulc.org" Both lead to active ulc
      > sites. The ulc.net site claims to be Universal Life
      > On Line, and ulc.org claims to be the HQ in Modesto.
      > If this keeps up, ULC will face death by defusion.
      > While we are on the topic, is anybody in the "mother
      > church" actually keeping ordination records? Or
      > degree records? Or any other records?
      > Jonathan Lobl
      > -------------------
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