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Excrement and Sacrament/ Theocracy means never having to say "God I'm sorry"

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  • Petros Evdokas
    Excrement and Sacrament/ Theocracy, means never having to say God, I m sorry! A lot of us have been through war. Survived it (some of us barely), and tried
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 3, 2002
      Excrement and Sacrament/
      Theocracy, means never having to say "God, I'm sorry!"

      A lot of us have been through war. Survived it (some of
      us barely), and tried to re-orient ourselves to
      "normalcy". Perhaps to even understanding it. But
      everyone at some point or other, whether survivors of
      wars, or just Peace -loving people concerned with
      preventing it, wonder how human beings become able to
      carry out the most unimaginable things within the
      context of war.

      Our friend Barkin and I became entangled with each
      others' lives within the global and regional Peace
      movement partly because we share an interest in this
      exploration of the pathology of human beings as it was
      articulated by W. Reich, the scientist who developed
      the modern Science of Orgonomy. Among other things,
      Orgonomy provides tools for an understanding of the
      sexual foundations of authoritarianism, and its
      degeneration into sadism, perversion, and, on the
      social level, the mass- scale phenomenon we know as

      The article below is of interest to people with many
      orientations. Especially to those of us concerned with
      how our Middle Eastern/ Eastern Mediterranean conflicts
      are being increasingly spun into a frenzied whirlpool
      aimed at taking down the whole world with it. Even more
      so it is of interest to those us who are seeking
      Orgonomic analyses and solutions to the most burning
      problems of our world.

      Your thoughts would be most welcome.

      "Nobody Should Preach to Us Ethics, Nobody!"
      Israel, a Light unto Nations?
      By Kathleen Christison
      Former CIA political analyst

      In the never-ending propaganda show designed to
      depict Israel as a
      moral nation victimized by immoral terrorists and
      anti-Semites, CNN
      recently ran a film clip of the late Israeli Prime
      Minister Menachem Begin
      declaiming, as only he could, "Nobody should preach to
      us ethics, nobody!"

      And, of course, few do.

      It's the general assumption among the vast
      majority of Americans that no on can preach ethics to
      Israel, that light unto nations. No nation is more
      ethical or more innocent--or so we are told.

      But I can't get something I recently saw off my
      mind. Every so often
      in the midst of a deluge of information something leaps
      out at you as
      unique--utterly electrifying, utterly horrifying,
      almost mind-altering in a way. One's senses become
      dulled after months, years, of reading about and seeing
      images on television of innocents dead from Palestinian
      terrorist attacks, of other innocents dead from Israeli
      tank or sniper fire, of cities and refugee camps
      devastated, in recent weeks of the entire civilian
      infrastructure of Palestinian society destroyed. But
      one searing article leapt out the other day that has
      stuck in my craw, and I cannot let go of it.

      In an article in the May 6 issue of the Israeli
      newspaper Haaretz
      entitled "Someone Even Managed to Defecate into the
      Photocopier," Amira
      Hass--an honest, courageous Israeli woman who has spent
      years living among
      Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and
      Gaza--described the scenes of
      destruction at the Palestinian Ministry of Culture left
      behind after
      Israeli military forces lifted their siege of the towns
      of Ramallah and its suburb al-Birah, where the ministry
      is located.

      Entering the building after its month-long
      occupation by an Israeli
      military unit, ministry officials, foreign cultural
      attaches, and reporters found a scene of grotesque
      vandalism. Equipment from the local radio and
      television station had been hurled from windows in the
      multi-story building, electronic equipment was
      destroyed or had been stolen, furniture was broken and
      piled up on heaps of papers, books, computer disks, and
      broken glass. Children's paintings had been destroyed.

      And then there was this, as described by Hass:
      "There are two toilets on every floor, but the soldiers
      urinated and defecated everywhere else in the building,
      in several rooms of which they had lived for about a
      month. They did their business on the floors, in
      emptied flowerpots, even in drawers they had pulled out
      of desks. They defecated into plastic bags, and these
      were scattered in several places. Some of them had
      burst. Someone even managed to defecate into a
      photocopier. The soldiers urinated into empty mineral
      water bottles. These were scattered by the dozen in all
      the rooms of the building, in cardboard boxes, among
      the piles of rubbish and rubble, on desks, under desks,
      next to the furniture the soldiers had smashed, among
      the children's books that had been thrown down. Some of
      the bottles had opened and the yellow liquid had
      spilled and left its stain.

      "It was especially difficult to enter two floors
      of the building
      because of the pungent stench of feces and urine.
      Soiled toilet paper was
      also scattered everywhere. In some of the rooms, not
      far from the heaps of
      feces and the toilet paper, remains of rotting food
      were scattered. In one
      corner, in the room in which someone had defecated into
      a drawer, full
      cartons of fruits and vegetables had been left behind.
      The toilets were
      left overflowing with bottles filled with urine, feces
      and toilet paper.
      Relative to other places, the soldiers did not leave
      behind them many sayings scrawled on the walls. Here
      and there were the candelabrum symbols of Israel, stars
      of David, praises for the Jerusalem Betar soccer team."

      This is not a tale we are ever likely to see in
      the American press,
      so the vast majority of Americans who think with
      Menachem Begin that nobody can preach to Israel about
      ethics, that Israel's army is the only moral army in
      the world and always employs the doctrine of "purity of
      arms," will go on thinking that way.

      But I cannot.

      I am forced to ask some questions that that
      American majority will no doubt never hear: Can it, for
      instance, be called terrorism if an entire unit of the
      Israeli army forsakes purity of arms and spends a month
      crapping on floors, on piles of children's artwork, in
      desk drawers, on

      Is this self-defense, or "rooting out the
      terrorist infrastructure"?

      Is it anti-Semitic to wonder what happened to the
      moral compass of a
      society that spawns a group of young men who will
      intermingle their own religious and national symbols
      with feces and urine, as if the drawings and the
      excrement both constitute valued autographs?

      Do they think Israeli shit is cleaner, holier
      than anyone else's?

      Why are my taxes paying for this army?

      How can Palestinians ever make peace in the face
      of filth and
      disrespect like this?


      Kathleen Christison worked for 16 years as a
      political analyst with
      the CIA, dealing first with Vietnam and then with the
      Middle East for her
      last seven years with the Agency before resigning in
      1979. Since leaving
      the CIA, she has been a free-lance writer, dealing
      primarily with the
      Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Her book, "Perceptions of
      Palestine: Their
      Influence on U.S. Middle East Policy," was published by
      the University of
      California Press and reissued in paperback with an
      update in October 2001.
      A second book, "The Wound of Dispossession: Telling the
      Palestinian Story," was published in March 2002. Both
      Kathy and her husband Bill, also a former CIA analyst,
      are regular contributors to the CounterPunch website.

      Other CounterPunch articles by Bill and Kathleen

      Bill Christison: The Disastrous Foreign
      Policies of the United States, May 10, 2002

      Kathleen Christison: Before There Was
      Terrorism, May 2, 2002

      Bill Christison: Oil and the Middle East, April
      6, 2002

      Bill Christison: Why the War on Terror Won't
      Work, March 5, 2002

    • happy_hempster
      Petros, What a particularily disgusting story. Thank You. Not to say I really support either side of the conflict. I stand by my previous statement that
      Message 2 of 4 , Jun 4, 2002

        What a particularily disgusting story. Thank You.

        Not to say I really support either side of the conflict. I stand by
        my previous statement that murder is just murder, no matter what
        trappings of "war" or "justice" we cover it with. Were it up to me,
        and it is not because I am just a citizen, we would withdraw all
        support from both sides, which means we would stop giving Isreal 10
        Million dollars A DAY to crap on Palestinians. I am so sorry we are
        helping do this, and feel powerless to stop such hypocrisy.

        The asshole terrorists accomplished one thing though that is
        helpful. The idiot FBI is now focusing less on the drug war, and
        more on their real job of protecting US from slaughter.

        Did The Drug War Claim Another 3,056 Casualties?

        While Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida minions were diligently
        preparing for their murderous mission, the FBI was looking the other
        way with equal determination. More than twice as many FBI agents were
        assigned to fighting drugs (2,500) than fighting terrorism (1,151).
        And a far greater amount of the FBI's financial resources was
        dedicated to the war on drugs.

        I thank GOD for the advent of the internet, because it introduced me
        to good people like you who press forward with their version of the
        truth, which veries dramitically from the "official truth"

        The Corruption of Journalism in Wartime

        MADISON, WISCONSIN-When I arrived in Afghanistan (news - web sites)
        last November, Operation Enduring Freedom-the American bombing
        campaign that eventually toppled the Taliban-was being hailed by the
        U.S. media as an unqualified success. Precision bombing and first-
        rate intelligence, the Pentagon (news - web sites) claimed, had kept
        civilian casualties down to a few dozen victims at most. Long-
        oppressed Afghan women burned their burqas and walked the streets as
        the country reveled in an orgy of liberation. Or so we were told.

        And a word to the warning, although the FBI is now more focused on
        terrorism because they not only fumbled but RAN THE WRONG WAY WITH
        THE FUCKING BALL, this means that they probably will continue to do
        poorly, but with an extreme increase in powers, namely, monitoring
        and harrasing and meddeling in churches and church internet groups
        such as this very one.

        Infiltration and internal psychological warfare.

        FBI agents and paid informers actively worked to disrupt
        organizations from the inside. The infiltration was designed to both
        sow discord within (Are you real or are you from the FBI?) and scare
        off potential supporters. It was also common to leak false
        information accusing genuine activists of being FBI plants and use
        entrapment techniques.

        External psychological warfare.

        The FBI planted erroneous stories with media sources, and published
        bogus material supposedly created by targeted organizations, wrote
        anonymous letters and forged correspondence, all this designed to
        paint false pictures of aims and goals. Other tactics included
        spreading misinformation about and/or disrupting meetings and events,
        setting up pseudo organizations run by agents, and using strong-arm
        techniques on parents, employers, landlords, school officials and
        others who had influence over activists.

        Legal harassment.

        Agents perjured themselves and fabricated evidence as a pretext for
        false arrests and false imprisonment. They discriminatorily enforced
        tax laws and other government regulations and used conspicuous
        surveillance, "investigative" interviews, and grand jury subpoenas to
        intimidate activists.

        Extralegal force and violence.

        The FBI and local police conducted break-ins, black-bag jobs,
        vandalism, assaults, and beatings. It is widely rumored that
        political assassinations were carried out as well.


        Peace and Determination,
        Rev Happy
      • 2nd Sight
        Excerpt from post by Petros -- Subject: Excrement and Sacrament/ Theocracy means never having to say God I m sorry *** Among other things, Orgonomy provides
        Message 3 of 4 , Jun 5, 2002
          Excerpt from post by Petros -- Subject: Excrement and Sacrament/
          Theocracy means never having to say "God I'm sorry"

          "Among other things, Orgonomy provides tools for an understanding
          of the sexual foundations of authoritarianism, and its degeneration
          into sadism, perversion, and, on the social level, the mass-scale
          phenomenon we know as fascism."

          My comments:

          I've read some history about Reich and about orgonomy, and I'll admit
          to being dubious about the scientific validity of his work with
          'orgone' and 'bions' and such. However, when his ideas are applied to
          the psychology of people and of societies, it seems to me that it
          doesn't really matter if orgone is a real, verifiable energy or not.
          I understand Reich's and his adherents' zeal to build a scientific
          case for orgonomy, but as in philosophy, psychology, and religion --
          there are some things that we can 'feel' and 'know' are true whether
          we can 'prove' them beyond scientific doubt or not. Reich was on to
          something that had only previously been explored in the domain of

          There was mention of some similarity of orgone to 'chi' or 'prana'. I
          read a great article yesterday that you might enjoy. I'm not Hindu,
          but it brought to mind some basic truths I've discovered along the way
          of studying history and social change. The recognition of female
          strengths and the need for them in order to find balance and
          fulfillment in life is shown in this article through the stories of
          the Goddess Parvati and the circumstances under which she turned
          herself into ten goddesses, each with different attributes which
          complimented her consort Shiva.

          It seems that this article I read indirectly deals with the same
          issues discussed by the Israeli writer in the article you enclosed.
          Equal recognition of the value of both male and female attributes, and
          of both male and female deities, seems to promote a more civilized
          society. Although the story of Parvati and Shiva is all about
          sexuality, it is not degenerate or abusive, but tells through fable
          how relationships between people must be based on mutual respect.
          Without respect for the feminine in our faith, we fail to respect
          women in general. If woman's place in the grand scheme of things is
          not valued then all life -- the unborn, children, the infirm, the
          handicapped, the elderly, wild and domestic animals -- becomes cheap,
          something to be used and abused at will by governments and by
          individuals like the Israeli soldiers.

          The best use Reich's work has been put to, IMO, has been in the areas
          of healing and self-healing. So many of us are hungry for healing
          today. I think that is one reason why there has been so much growth
          in the many pagan paths which include reverence for a female goddess
          today. Spiritual people are concerned about our shrinking world and
          how we can keep from destroying the earth and ourselves.

          Societies which restrict faith to a male god were and still are more
          warlike and aggressive. Evidence of ancient goddess-based societies
          has shown that (within the context of their times) they existed for
          the most part both peacefully and successfully -- oppression of faith
          in the goddess has usually meant change for the worse. Women have
          traditionally been the caregivers, the nurses, the caretakers of the
          home and family; but under male-dominated societies, these occupations
          are not highly regarded.

          I don't mean to suggest that I believe that men are evil and women are
          good, or that a female god is superior to a male. I think that it is
          the rejection of the male or female aspects of ourselves that causes
          personal and societal degeneration. Respect for both male and female
          roles within society and inclusion of the mother goddess as well as
          the male god within religion seems to me to be essential in order to
          maintain the balance we need to keep us healthy as individuals and to
          maintain the health of the larger social organisms and governments
          within which we live.

          Promotion (and acceptance) of women's rights seems essential to
          acquiring respect for the value of life itself and of human rights.
          Promotion of human rights is essential to a healthy society;
          oppression of them, as under fascist regimes, undermines the strength
          of the very society the government is trying to control. This ensures
          suffering by the weaker of us and the ultimate destruction of society.
          A government which does not value its people -- the female, the young,
          and the old -- will always fail.

          Here is the link to the article:

          Wisdom Goddesses : Mahavidyas and the Assertion of Femininity in
          Indian Thought
          Article of the Month - May 2002

          I hope I haven't offended the monotheists who believe only in a male
          God among us in this group, that wasn't my intention. Reich's views
          stirred a lot of controversy, so I suppose some negative reactions to
          my remarks is to be expected -- but even he didn't talk about a


          Catriona Lovett

          "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can
          change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." -- -
          Margaret Mead

          2nd Sight Magazine
        • Petros Evdokas
          ... Raymond! What s wonderful about reading your thoughts is that what comes through your letters is a cool, refreshing breeeze of your familiarity with our
          Message 4 of 4 , Jun 8, 2002
            ULChurch_We_Are_One@yahoogroups.com wrote:
            > Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2002 03:08:22 -0000
            > From: "rsbuscemi" <rsbuscemi@...>
            > Subject: Re: Excrement and Sacrament/ Theocracy means never having to say "God I'm sorry"
            > thank you petros for sharing this disturbing, illuminating article.
            > it has been/is a long and daily process for me to check my biases
            > while forming and interacting with the burgeoning (can i use that word
            > yet?!) criticism of israeli aggression towards palestine. even just
            > now i originally wrote 'policy' then deleted and wrote 'aggression'.
            > aaargh! that infamous international israeli p.r. machine is working
            > well! i am realizing how many lies i've digested, metabolized, have
            > escaped my filters and best attempts at critical thinking. for me
            > this war against palestine (and let's take G-d at her word and use our
            > power to name what we see) this war has prompted me to rethink many
            > things that have seeped into my 'taken for granted' tangle of ideas
            > the most prevalent being that criticism of israel = anti-semitism.
            > here in san francisco a true to life holy war is brewing as a result
            > of our local news' meager (but really extraordinary) attempts at
            > providing accurate information re: the palestinian experience of
            > racialist israeli policies. needless to say the letters and demos and
            > ad campaigns denouncing such news as 'anti-semitic' have been nearly
            > overwhelming. a tidal wave against a sand castle. luckily (?) i
            > worship a god of sand and sea and am learning to find my bearings in
            > an otherwise confusing cacophony of words, lies, and accusations.
            > reich helps, as always. but these days i'm going back to the source,
            > which is the subject of my next post......
            > ---------------------


            What's wonderful about reading your thoughts is that
            what comes through your letters is a cool, refreshing
            breeeze of your familiarity with our struggle on both
            sides, the internal and the external. It's what our old
            colleague Mitchel used talk about when he referred to
            the revolution as a constant "battle on the barricades
            inside our own minds".

            Regarding the war of extermination by the Israeli
            rulers against Palestine, one should not rely on what
            Petros says. Some of the very best criticism and
            resistance against the horror, is coming from within
            Israel itself, from very highly conscientious Israeli
            Jews who have been consistently working to develop a
            thourough critique of the structure of society, and
            using it so as to build better obstacles to the war
            machine. I feel the best source for their work at this
            point in time is the Israel Indymedia group, which
            operates an independant media source at this page:

            It takes a lot of courage to even say the things they
            are saying. Even more courageous, a large number of
            members of the military reserves in Israel, some
            affiliated with the Indymedia group, have been engaged
            in a campaign in which they are refusing to carry out
            genocidal orders, and calling on other members of the
            military to resist. There are people in jail over this
            campaign now, and it's making a big impact in saving
            lives, and eroding the credibility of the US/Israel
            alliance. This whole subject is being mostly kept out
            of the mainstream media.

            Can you imagine what amount of moral outrage a soldier
            must reach before saying "No!"? My heart is with them,
            these resistors, because they are helping Israeli
            society find its moral and political compass again. The
            network of Jewish Americans who recently have been
            expressing concern over the events in Palestine in a
            multitude of social gatherings and events, are not
            being told about this campaign by Israeli soldiers. It
            would be an excellent furthering of Peacework to
            promote this knowledge.

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