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Giving Thanks

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  • danielshaurette
    Giving Thanks By Dan Shaurette 11/22/2001 I ve had a lot of time to think about this year, and reflect on everything that has happened. This has been
    Message 1 of 319 , Nov 22, 2001
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      Giving Thanks<br>By Dan Shaurette
      11/22/2001<br><br>I've had a lot of time to think about this year, and
      reflect on everything that has happened. This has been a
      year of many changes. As the Chinese would say, we
      live in "interesting times". I have experienced many
      disheartening things: From having my third stomach surgery and
      being told I cannot have anymore and living with the
      pain of continuing health problems. To my wife having
      a miscarriage and us not being sure that we will be
      able to have more kids. To losing my grandparents and
      seeing the heartbreak within my family that followed. To
      my wife, daughter, brother-in-law, and nephew being
      in a car accident that totalled our vehicle. Even
      the loss of a cherished pet. All of these personal
      problems were set aside on September 11th, when the world
      lost much more; innocent lives, brave rescue workers,
      and more importantly, their innocence.<br><br>Amongst
      all of this pain and loss, I still find that I have
      many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. But
      moreover, I am reminded about why we celebrate
      Thanksgiving. When the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock those
      few centuries ago and then made their way inland,
      they did not encounter a welcoming place. It was a
      harsh wilderness and they had a hard winter ahead of
      them. They had few encounters with the natives who
      lived here before them. The natives had very little
      that these civilized newcomers wanted or needed, save
      one thing. The natives had survived many centuries
      here quite well, and numbered many tribes all across
      the land. They knew how to hunt, what to farm
      successfully and when, and they had a society structure
      possibly greater than the English had foreseen. These
      natives did not know much about the white man but they
      saw another people struggling to survive. They taught
      them many things and shared much with them, and one
      day shared a feast with the Pilgrims. It is that
      meal, and that spirit and giving what you have to help
      others, that our ancestors had to give thanks for. They
      finally had something to be Thankful
      for.<br><br>Centuries later we tell the same story to remind ourselves
      that there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. But
      the truth of the story is sometimes forgotten. The
      truth is there is always something to NOT be thankful
      for. Choices made in error. Accidents happen. The loss
      of friends and loved ones. Fame or fortunes lost.
      Love lost. Battles waged and lost. Faith lost. But
      amongst this loss, there is still hope. There are still
      others who have much to give to those in need, and hope
      that they are charitable. There were still good
      choices made. There were accidents avoided. Friends and
      lovers still around to be near. New fortunes made. New
      loves found and old ones renewed. Battles waged and
      won. Faith that has been restored or never wavered,
      perhaps even strengthened.<br><br>That is what
      Thanksgiving is about. Not only the negatives but the
      positives in life. The positives would not be noticed if
      there were no negatives to face. They would be taken
      for granted. But the negatives, not matter how large
      or numerous cannot overshadow even the smallest or
      singular positive events. They are gifts to be cherished,
      and we are mindful of them today.<br><br>I wish you
      all a Happy Thanksgiving.
    • petros_evdokas
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        Friends,<br><br>Yahoo is beginning to act on
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