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My Horror-Scope

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  • Petros Evdokas
    . My Horror-Scope For the Week beginning October 15, 2008 My Horror-Scope: I hardly ever pay attention to it. Hardly ever read it. Sometimes I get a really
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      My Horror-Scope
      For the Week beginning October 15, 2008

      My Horror-Scope:
      I hardly ever pay attention to it. Hardly ever read it. Sometimes I get
      a really strong urge to avoid and ignore it, stronger that at other
      times. That's usually a sign that I should pay attention.

      I'm subscribed to Rob Brezsny's Astrology Newsletter, for reasons I
      can't really explain. Other astrology resources I'd been plugged into in
      the past didn't quite click with the "pattern-seeking" part of my quest
      for insight.

      Tonight I found the weekly mailing waiting in the mailbox. Immediately
      decided I should ignore it, with a strong emotion. I registered the
      emotional response and realized that I'd probably benefit from reading it.

      What's my Sign? I'm on the cusp between Aquarius and Pisces. I'm
      "formally" a Pisces but most often various people I meet who like to
      type others before asking birthdays say I'm an Aquarius. Also, people
      who know me from a distance, for example through my articles or artwork,
      or people who are in my care, early in the therapeutic relationship,
      usually guess Aquarius as well. (Let me violate Security Culture here
      and reveal that my Moon Sign is Aries, and my Ascendant Leo.)

      Those of you who know me or who know about the work I do in politics and
      healthcare and also its currently unbearable realities, will appreciate
      what my Horror-Scope says for this week. It won't need any interpretation.

      Just a note on personal patterns at the cusp. I try to read both my
      Signs, Aquarius and Pisces, and to be mindful of various influences in
      my life that make one or the other more relevant. Sometimes a Full Moon
      (as we have now), or an intense psychedelic experience of another person
      close to me, or a confluence of weird CoinciDances and events of
      Synchronicity render the Aquarian influence more prominent. Reflecting
      on the Pisces Sign usually reminds me of my real and actual path through

      My Horror-Scope ~ Week beginning October 15, 2008:

      "AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): In a recent horoscope, I urged people to
      convince everyone around them to take more responsibility and be more
      accountable. In response, a reader named Rene wrote, "I can't think of
      ANYTHING more futile! Convincing other people to be anything other than
      the way they are is a misguided and losing proposition. Unless people
      have hired you as their therapist, or adopted you as their guru, they
      are not likely to take your opinions about their behavior seriously."
      Rene did acknowledge that it's possible to subtly inspire people by
      being a stirring example of the behavior you'd like to see in them.
      Since I think her observations are not only wise but also pertinent to
      your current situation, I'm passing them on to you.

      PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): In medieval Europe, more resources and human
      ingenuity were lavished upon cathedrals and churches than on any other
      buildings. In the last hundred years, the emphasis has been different,
      having switched to the towering structures that house institutions
      dedicated to commerce. By that measure, Money is a far more important
      God than God. During the next few weeks, Pisces, I invite you to buck
      the modern trend. As an experiment, see if you can devote at least one
      more percent of your energy and intelligence to matters of the spirit
      and soul than to the demands of the material realm. I suspect you'll
      find, ironically, that this will lead to an increase of your mastery
      over the material realm." - Rob Brezsny.

      Petros Evdokas
      I get my weekly dose (which I hardly ever read) from:
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