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  • Rev. Steven B. Thompson
    Richard Lake & All, Don t mean to toot my own horn , but thought youns might like to know that my LTE is in this week s Northern Express (January
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2007
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      Richard Lake & All,
      Don't mean to "toot my own horn", but thought youns might like to know that my LTE is in this week's Northern Express (January 11-17,Vol.17,No.2), and I have been getting positive feedback all week long from the folks at the newspaper on down.
      I think that it can be viewed on www.northernexpress.com .

      P.S. Glad you got to read it Matthew Abel and thanks for the kind words. 2007 is going to be the year of change for the better!!

      Rev.Steven B.Thompson,Director
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      (231) 882-9721

      GENESIS 1; 11,12: And God said,"Let the earth burst forth with every sort of grass and seed-bearing plant." And so it was,and God was pleased.
      GENESIS 1; 29,31: "And look! I have given you the seed-bearing plants throughout the earth for your food." Then God looked over all that he had made,and it was excellent in every way.
      Taken from "THE LIVING BIBLE"

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