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Re: MINORML-TALK: Sioux Hemp Defeated

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  • Rev. Steven B. Thompson
    I may not be a lawyer,but I see this as yet another attack against a sovereign nation much like the U.S. going onto Canadian soil and arresting Marc Emory,a
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      I may not be a lawyer,but I see this as yet another attack against a sovereign nation much like the U.S. going onto Canadian soil and arresting Marc Emory,a Canadian citizen. But then, "we the people" just keep bitching about it while we do nothing to stop it....how very sad!!
      It is time for a strong third party,and if that fails,then another REVOLUTION is inedible for a human can only take so much before they finally lose it and start fighting back.....just go to any public place today and check out people's attitudes.....our country is in deep depression & anger.
      They invade our privacy,they price-gouge us,they lock us up or kill us and take away our earthly possessions while they get richer and richer from our sweat & tears.....and "we the people" give them the power to do it!!
      As for myself,I pray for the strong third party to bring about change for the good of ALL instead of the bloodshed. I pray for a REAL revival in our land so a REAL healing can begin and spread thru-out our mother earth before it is too late.
      You may call me a dreamer.....but I'm not the only one. MITAKUYE OYASIN !

      Adam DeVaney <wearthwyle@...> wrote:
      This is a classic case of the separation of powers actually limiting
      citizens from changing the laws. All one branch has to say is that it is
      another branch's responsiblity and that as they say is that. I applaud the
      Sioux and White Plume for their efforts.



      Adam DeVaney


      Hemp: No Farm on the Pine Ridge, Says Federal Appeals Court 5/26/06

      A federal appeals court May 17 rejected a bid by a South Dakota Oglala Sioux
      Tribe member to grow industrial hemp crops on his land on the Pine Ridge
      Indian Reservation. Alex White Plume and his attorneys had argued that the
      Controlled Substances Act did not apply to non-psychoactive hemp and that
      the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1868 gave the Sioux control over agriculture on
      their land.

      White Plume and his family members tried in 2000, 2001, and 2002 to grow
      hemp crops on their land, citing an explicit approval by the tribal council
      in 1998. But each year, DEA agents invaded the land and destroyed the crops.
      In 2002, the Justice Department sought and received a restraining order
      barring White Plume from planting any new crops.

      The appeal to the 8th US Circuit Court of Appeals in St. Louis was a
      last-ditch effort to win approval for the crop. But while the three-judge
      panel expressed sympathy for the White Plume family, it found that growing
      hemp was barred under US law and that US law overrode tribal law.

      "We are not unmindful of the challenges faced by members of the tribe to
      engage in sustainable farming on federal trust lands... And we do not doubt
      that there are a countless number of beneficial products which utilize hemp
      in some fashion," wrote Circuit Judge Arlen Beam in the unanimous opinion.
      "Nor do we ignore the burdens imposed by a DEA registration necessary to
      grow hemp legally, but these are policy arguments better suited for the
      congressional hearing room than the courtroom."

      Much of the decision was devoted to arguments over whether Congress intended
      the Controlled Substances Act to apply to hemp, and while the court was open
      to arguments that was the case, it ultimately rejected them. "Essentially,
      what appellants seek from this court is an amendment of the CSA," wrote
      Beam. "But the proper venue for amending a statute is, of course, the duly
      elected legislature, equipped as it is to make these policy decisions."

      Yes, and the duly elected legislature has done so well on this issue.

      ----------------------end report---------------------

      Rev.Steven B.Thompson,Director
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      GENESIS 1; 11,12: And God said,"Let the earth burst forth with every sort of grass and seed-bearing plant." And so it was,and God was pleased.
      GENESIS 1; 29,31: "And look! I have given you the seed-bearing plants throughout the earth for your food." Then God looked over all that he had made,and it was excellent in every way.
      Taken from "THE LIVING BIBLE"

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