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A Daughter's Tribute To Her Mom

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  • Rev. Steven B. Thompson
    Margaret Boje left this Earth on April 23, 2006 Rest In Sweet Peace Margaret Letter read at Margaret s funeral by Renee s brother. Mom, During your funeral,
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      Margaret Boje left this Earth on April 23, 2006
      Rest In Sweet Peace Margaret

      Letter read at Margaret's funeral by Renee's brother.


      During your funeral, because I am not able to travel to the States at
      this time, I want you to know I am holding space for you at one of my
      favorite sacred spots here in Canada. I sit now doing a ceremony for you
      by a lake decorated with your favorite trees...weeping willow trees
      which have always reminded me of you and the times we shared in Illinois
      when I was a little girl and you read books to me under the willow
      trees. I sit at the lake's edge looking out over many tiny lily pads and
      beautiful white lotus flowers because the lotus is my favorite flower
      and is a sacred flower to many goddesses and faeries which I know are
      protecting your spirit now and encircling you with love. I am surrounded
      by many fluttering butterflies and singing frogs that also remind me of
      you and the many times we spent together collecting tadpoles and
      caterpillars in the spring so that we could watch them transform in to
      frogs and butterflies and let them go again once their re birthing was
      complete. Now the butterfly is one of my totems and the frog is one of
      my son, and your grandson Shiva's totems.

      Grieving your spirits passing has taught me so much about the depths of
      love I have for you and has brought that love to the surface which now
      manifests itself as tears that kiss my cheek with the sweetness of your

      It is so symbolic that you departed this earth with an enlarged heart
      because you have the biggest most beautiful heart I have ever known. And
      even now I can feel your heart expanding my own heart with so much love
      and I can feel your sparkling golden wings embracing my spirit reminding
      me of the radiant angel you truly are.

      Know now that your spirit lives on in all of those that you have touched
      throughout your lifetime and that all of the spiritual bonds you made in
      this life will continue on because spiritual bonds are eternal so that
      even death does not separate us from our loved ones.

      So many affectionate words come to mind as I remember you. To me, you
      were the embodiment of compassionate unconditional loving kindness,
      possessing the finest of the gentler qualities and passiveness in it's
      highest form. You were graceful, compassionate, gentle, sensitive,
      intuitive, psychic, open, affectionate, instinctual, supportive and an
      oasis to all of those in need, placing others before yourself always and
      offering a deep sense of service to all who were fortunate to know you.
      In your easy comforting way you have made the world a better place.

      I give thanks for the seeds of consciousness you have planted in me and
      want you to know I will cultivate and spread those seeds throughout this
      earth in your honor, Mom, and for me your memory will live on in all of
      the magic I am blessed to experience on this planet.

      Even now as your spirit is ascending I am reminded of your graceful
      dancing in the pink cherry blossoms that blow delicately through the
      wind here in springtime. I can hear you intuitive wise spirit whisper to
      me in the oceans waves which have always been like a eternal mother to
      me. I can hear your contagious laughter in my own son's precious
      giggling. I can feel your spirit soaring freely when I push my son on
      the swings and he pretends to glide like an eagle flying high up in the
      clouds. Most of all, I can feel our spiritual bond when I look to the
      rainbow because it has been a totem for us since we met on the sacred
      day of my birth. Know that when I pass on I will dance with your spirit
      again in the rainbow, Mom, and that with all of my being I look forward
      to the day when we will be reunited once more. Until then you will live
      on in my heart and spirit always here on earth.

      Your daughter, Renee

      Renee has been in Canada for many years, seeking amnesty there to avoid
      a US prison sentence of 10 years to life...for sketching a cannabis
      plant for a book's illustration! How cruel and sadistic the effect on
      this family has been...Renee and Margaret were not able to spend the
      last days and years of her mother's life together. Margaret never got
      her final wish to meet her grandson., due to the drug war. Renee cannot
      share her grief with her family, to give or receive comfort.
      Margaret was not well enough to travel and her doctor strongly advised
      against it. and, of course Renee could not go to New York for fear of
      certain arrest.. This was so hard on them both, because they were so
      close. Margaret used to cry on the phone sometimes about it. It always
      made Renee's heart ache because she was helpless and could not do
      anything about it. She often begged Renee to make sure to let the judge
      know how devastating it was for both of them to be separated for such a
      long period. And, how heartbreaking it was for her, as a grandmother,
      not to be able to meet her grandson and hold him in her arms.

      Renee tells me that she wishes that she could have held her mom in her
      arms one last time before her spirit passed on. She cradles her spirit
      in her arms now and knows that Margaret feels her, and Shiva's love.

      Send your condolences to Renee at: rboje@... She needs our love
      and support more than ever now.

      Rev.Steven B.Thompson,Director
      6215 Smeltzer Rd.
      Benzonia,MI 49616
      (231) 882-9721

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      GENESIS 1; 29,31: "And look! I have given you the seed-bearing plants throughout the earth for your food." Then God looked over all that he had made,and it was excellent in every way.
      Taken from "THE LIVING BIBLE"

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