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2005 Global Marijuana March / Saturday, May 7

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  • Petros Evdokas
    2005 Global Marijuana March Saturday, May 7 Hi, I m going to try to attend this event tomorrow, Saturday. I ve been one of the long- term supporters of the
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      2005 Global Marijuana March
      Saturday, May 7


      I'm going to try to attend this event tomorrow, Saturday.

      I've been one of the long- term supporters of the global efforts
      to change legislation all over the world toward laws that would
      allow and protect responsible and informed usage of cannabis,
      including spiritual- religious communion with the plant;
      medicinal- therapeutic use; and recreational.

      I don't feel 100% comfortable to give my endorsement to the local
      leaders- organizers of the event in Portland yet, as I have some
      doubts and political criticism of the organization, but the event
      and the efforts deserve our support, so I would participate
      regardless of disagreements.

      In Portland it starts at :
      Pioneer Square at 11:00am; the march begins at noon.

      Background information about the March and its history:

      2005 Global Marijuana March
      List of Cities, local Contacts, and liks to further:

      Posters, flyers, banners /tools for organizers:

      In Portland:
      and :


      Parallel Update

      In Cyprus:
      I'm also the local public contact for the same event in Cyprus,
      which unfortunately, due to heavy state- sponsored terror will
      have margins only for semi-underground, semi- open gatherings of
      familiar faces. Other activities may not be safe on the island
      this year.

      Our activists in Cyprus are safety- conscious, and have a lot of
      clarity on the balance between risks and benefits to the
      movement. During the summer of last year (on a different date,
      not in relation to the global march) we witnessed an
      unprecedented type of attack on the efforts for legislative
      change in Cyprus: a totally artificial and bogus "legalization
      event" was set up in conjunction with the Police by a corporate-
      sponsored fake environmental organization in order to entrap
      activists and random members of the public who attended
      innocently without knowing the treacherous politics of the group
      (the organization publishes the monthly newspaper "Green Shield /
      Prasini Aspida"). There were arrests, illegal search and seizure
      operations, and very effective terrorizing during the event.
      This year we are being doubly careful.

      "letter to Dana":

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