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Re: [THC Ministry Newsletter] THC Ministry Newsletter - November 1st, 2004

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  • Steven Thompson
    I know that I said that I wouldn t do this anymore,but here goes.Let the condemnation begin.Trina,I will be in touch with Roger by phone to find out what it
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2004
      I know that I said that I wouldn't do this anymore,but here goes.Let the condemnation begin.Trina,I will be in touch with Roger by phone to find out what it would take to start a group here in Michigan.Him & I haven't had a conversation in two years,so it will be good to talk to him.

      Roger Christie <pakaloha@...> wrote:

      Hello THC Ministry Newsletter Subscribers,

      Aloha. How's it going, wherever you are? I hope this finds you well and
      happy with sufficient sacrament for your highest prayers.


      Thanks for signing-up online to receive the THC Ministry Newsletter. The
      newsletter is about to become a weekly service delivered into your email box
      providing you with important news updates, announcements, blessings, plans
      for the future of our ministry and much more.


      I'd like to hear from you about what state or country you're from. This
      list is made-up of approximately 150 people who have signed-up specifically
      to receive the THC Ministry Newsletter. Please let us know if you would be
      willing to have your email listed here for others to see, or not. Mahalo.


      What would you like to see included in future newsletters? Please express
      yourself, OK? Thanks.


      We have now tens of thousands of people who have signed-up online as members
      of the THC Ministry from approximately 40 different foreign (to me)
      countries. Hopefully in next week's newsletter we can print the exact
      numbers and the countries represented here, too.


      I read this past week that the USA arrested a new record number of its
      citizens for 'marijuana crimes' in the year 2003! :-{ (Where's the
      blessing in THAT?) As always, the vast majority of those arrested were for
      'simple possession' of under one ounce. This is just the type of non-crime
      that our religious 'defense to prosecution' works the best for. Please help
      to spread the word in your area or state that the THC Ministry works. Let's
      get 'er done and help to make the arrest figures go down to zero as soon as


      Our historic Federal complaint for a permanent injunction against Attorney
      General John Ashcroft, D.E.A. Administrator Karen Tandy and Federal
      Prosecutor Ed Kubo had been voluntarily dismissed by me last month. I had
      it dismissed specifically to remove our (former) lawyer from the case, to
      tighten-up our THC Ministry paperwork and doctrine, to remove any of our
      associates who lost interest in being a plaintiff, and to re-write and
      re-file it at a time of my or our choosing.

      Coincidentially, the US Government included mention of our lawsuit in the US
      Supreme Court medical marijuana case of Angel Raich, due to be heard in late
      November. Stay tuned for updates on this extremely important case that we
      are a part of.


      Please register your thoughts on our (former) lawsuit and give your
      suggestions for our next one on our forums at thc-ministry.net and
      thc-ministry.org. We can use some bright new ideas, more creative
      preparation, solid and simple inspiration, and some cash for legal fees.
      Mahalo for helping-out.


      Statistics of arrests or cases we have won (43), or lost * (1).

      * Rev. Meghan Jones (age 22) of New York State is our first pure loss in
      court. Her case is being appealed by the ACLU, so it's not over, yet.

      Meghan defended herself admirably in court without a lawyer and is a great
      credit to our ministry. She proved herself to be sincere, bold, courageous,
      authentic and smart. Way to go, Meghan! We love and support you.


      Prayer and contact info. for THC members who are in jail or prison. *

      1. Michael Barnes 95007-022 (Federal Detention)
      F.D.C. Honolulu
      P.O. Box 30080
      Honolulu, Hawaii 96820

      2. Dave Truszkowski ADC No. 188141 (State Prison)
      ASTC Safford
      Fort Grant Unit
      P.O. Box 2500
      Safford, Arizona 85548

      3. Robert McClure - Virginia State Prison
      address to be announced

      4. Roy Shortt Half-way house
      Rt. 3 Box 1
      Sneedville, Tennessee 37869

      5. Gregory Karl Davis - Georgia State Prison
      address to be announced

      * Each of these men became a THC Ministry member AFTER the fact, are in
      prison for a non-cannabis charge, or were convicted of a large, commercial
      amount of cannabis. They are loved, and in my opinion they all deserve our
      support with a monthly letter of encouragement. How about it?

      Each member in jail or prison is also a potential minister who might be
      ready, able and eager to spread the good word of the THC Ministry throughout
      their institution. Think about it.

      * Caution: Remember that all prison mail is read first by a guard.


      As I learn the mechanics of layout and presentation with Ferre and others to
      help, I'm sure we'll develop an inspiring, informative and useful
      communication tool here. If any of you receiving this has ideas,
      suggestions or comments for helping to make the newsletter a terrific
      reality, please advise me by email.


      This last week I was able to make a useful quantity of holy anointing oil
      during the full moon - lunar eclipse. If you're a member in good standing
      and would like to order some, it's available now in a practitioner-size
      quantity for a $50. donation, and a minister-size quantity for a $75.
      donation. Mahalo ke akua. (Thanks to God.)

      How did I do? :-}

      All the very best to you and yours!

      Much love, Roger

      The Hawai'i Cannabis Ministry
      "We use cannabis religiously and you can, too."
      (808) 961-0488

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