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First Initiation: The Birth of the Initiate

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    From the Desk of GraceWatcher@aol.com First Initiation: The Birth of the Initiate by Aart Jurriaanse Summary: A discussion of the First Initiation, at which
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      From the Desk of GraceWatcher@...

      First Initiation: The Birth of the Initiate
      by Aart Jurriaanse

      Summary: A discussion of the First Initiation, at which the man/woman first
      approaches the super-human or spiritual kingdom, including its requirements
      signature transformation of consciousness.
      For aeons of time and during the course of innumerable incarnations, the soul
      has over and over returned to human existence, to gain every possible
      which life in the physical world could offer, till at long last the stage
      arrives when it decides to enter the Path of Return, leading back to the House
      of the Father.

      This decision by the soul is marked by the man turning his back on exclusively
      human activities, and taking the first hesitant steps towards the super-human
      spiritual kingdom, which is esoterically known as the First Initiation. It is
      the entering of the fifth phase of evolution, the first four being the
      vegetable, animal and human phases, and now the spiritual is being entered.

      The First Initiation is the stage when the soul is gaining a considerable
      of control over the physical vehicle, and when various forms of excess, such
      gluttony, drink and licentiousness, are no longer allowed full sway and are
      brought under conscious and willing control, and are being disciplined by the
      dictates of the soul. This means that the bridge between the lower and higher
      minds is being firmly established and that obedience by the flesh is
      increasingly becoming automatic.

      Many phases of progress will be encountered during this early stage on the
      of Initiation, and it stands to reason that in the beginning the young
      is bound to succumb periodically to earlier appetites and temptations. That is
      why the Path of the First Initiation is so long and tedious -- it is always a
      difficult struggle, and remains characterized by many relapses and
      disappointments, is full of suffering, and usually stretches over several
      What matters is that the man has arrived at the stage where his shortcomings
      self-recognized, and when willingness is shown to fight and overcome these
      failings and imperfections.

      On the other hand, because the disciple has become aware of the requirements
      the straight Path, any lapses or deviations from this Path will be more
      judged and penalized than was the case when he still erred in ignorance --
      knowledge bringing responsibility.

      No hard and fast rules can be laid down for the development of individuals who
      have found the Path, because each man will follow his own pattern according to
      the Rays which influence his life and determine his character in the
      circumstances prepared by destiny. The main interest of aspirants, however,
      becomes centred on self-discipline and on limiting lapses in the control of
      physical nature, thus step by step gaining ascendancy over the sensual body.
      This mastery over the astral body is essential, because the Second Initiation
      cannot follow until the emotions are well under control. During the First
      Initiation the main objective is therefore the subjection of all forms of
      desire, but as man has been feeding and indulging these selfish desires during
      his many lives over the past millennia, it is understandable that these
      inclinations are not going to be lightly suppressed and overcome, and that
      process will only be laboriously accomplished, probably covering several

      Taking these first tentative steps on the Path of Return is sometimes
      symbolically described as the "Birth of the Indwelling Christ", and entails
      achieving certain minimum standards of right living, thinking and conduct. The
      germ of this Inner Christ, the Soul, has ever been present but was Iying
      dormant, and is only now beginning to manifest its presence.

      Large numbers of aspirants throughout the world have already taken the First
      Initiation, either in the present or in some previous life. The
      Christ-consciousness becomes apparent by aliveness to spiritual issues,
      intensity of aspiration, inclination to self-sacrifice, and a loving nature.
      These men and women are therefore sincerely moving forward upon the Way,
      although several lives may still be needed before noticeable progress will be

      It stands to reason that no Master will accept a candidate as disciple till he
      clearly shows that the Christ-spirit has been born in him. That such a man
      still have many failings is only normal and expected, otherwise he would
      be occupying a higher position on the ladder of initiation. The Master
      is not concerned about occasional failings -- what he is looking for is
      the right motives and intentions exist, and whether these are supported by
      conscientious effort.

      Most of those who are demonstrating the presence of the Christ-spirit are not
      even aware of the existence of esoteric teachings, and some may even be
      about the Christ teachings. These are therefore not the criteria which
      entrance to the Path of Spirit. It is the content of the heart that counts,
      consequent life discipline, and the conscious motivation with which man is
      striving towards his spiritual objective, no matter by what name this goal may
      be identified.

      During the First Initiation the aspirant must gain control over his emotional
      life and the only means to effect this is by developing a more pronounced
      approach, thus enabling the mind to supersede the emotions.

      The fact that hundreds of thousands of men and women from all over the world,
      and from all nations and races and all walks of life, have already taken, or
      preparing for the First Initiation, is evidenced by worldwide spiritual
      reorientation, by the interest exhibited everywhere in human welfare, the
      perseverance shown in search of Light, and by the longing and desire amongst
      average people for true peace, based on goodwill and right human relations.
      the unsettled condition of the world's youth must be seen as mainly caused by
      spiritual awakening and a search for more Light. The same holds good for the
      revolt which is everywhere displayed against crystallized, dogmatized and even
      materialistic forms of religion. People are searching for a religion that is
      vital, adaptive to the evolving consciousness, and deeply spiritual, instead
      stale phrases, hackneyed words, ritual and ceremony that has largely become
      empty and meaningless.

      Very few aspirants who have attained their First Initiation are consciously
      aware of this, or realize that esoterically they may be regarded as disciples
      the Masters. That they have reached this stage is evidenced by their life
      activities, their ideals, motives and objectives, and their attitude of
      and loving understanding towards their fellow men. Most of these individuals
      would, however, be surprised if they were told that they have already attained
      the First Initiation.

      The individual who has completed this first step -- even though unknowingly --
      will experience great changes in his general outlook on life, and his attitude
      towards both himself and his fellow men will be radically altered. There will
      a growing awareness of the duality of existence -- his life hitherto has been
      centred in the personality, and characterized by a selfish striving for
      objectives, but this will now increasingly be opposed by the spiritual urges
      the soul.

      The Tibetan points out that the Seventh Ray is now in process of superseding
      Sixth Ray as one of the principal Rays of Energy that will command world
      conditions during the Aquarian Age. One of the outstanding qualities of this
      Seventh Ray is that it operates as a synthesizing agent between spirit and
      matter. As far as humanity is concerned, this characteristic will be reflected
      by the strong influence it exerts in relating soul and personality, thus
      to the emergence of the 'new man' in ever growing numbers. DK states that
      whereas today First Initiates exist in their thousands, they will be present
      their millions towards the early part of the coming century; nothing will be
      able to arrest this activity, which will form part of the transformation of
      humanity and the establishing of a new world order, with its radical change in
      approach to human relationships, leading eventually to a better world and
      on Earth.
      Aart Jurriaanse, South African author, has written a number of compilations
      the books of Alice A. Bailey. Among these are: Of Life and other worlds;
      Prophecies; Ponder on this; Serving Humanity; The Soul; The Quality of Life;
      he is also the author of Bridges which is a Commentary on these teachings.

      Article is from a past issue of Share International <http://www.shareintl.org>

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      The book "Initiation, Human & Solar" by Alice Bailey
      can be found at:

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