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Michel in Philly the 18th and CT the 24th Predictions

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  • sarahgeidal
    Philly the 18th CT the 24th Predictions - We have said over the last year, perhaps longer, that you, in America, are heading straight into very difficult
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2007
      Philly the 18th
      CT the 24th

      Predictions -

      We have said over the last year, perhaps longer, that you, in
      America, are heading straight into very difficult times. Perhaps we
      have not said it this point blank - but now we are. You have
      divested yourself of too much and are now too dependent on other
      nations. Here are some examples.

      There is oil of course, but look at the devaluation of the American
      dollar compared to the British pound which is now worth twice the
      value of your American dollar. This has great impact, if Brits can
      come to America and buy commodities or items for significantly less
      then they can in England, then transpose that to other things. China
      can purchase metals like copper, aluminum, and such for less than
      they were spending. The stock exchanges are lower than ever and
      investments are leaning more toward Australia, New Zealand, and
      other Euro-based Countries. Think about the prices you are paying
      for gasoline for your cars, oil for your homes and businesses.

      Think of the increasing prices of your groceries (there will be
      increases) and think of this - these things as thoughts that are not
      realized manifest to get your attention. The American honey bee is
      dying off and that means problems with crops - get what we are
      saying. All things are connected to the whole. You are now seeing a
      trickle down effect that is making these things of concern to you.

      Now, lets talk about your housing market. If you do not need to
      sell, do not. Hear us. Wait. You will be better off. Homes are on
      the market and we warned you of this, for extended, meaning lengthy
      periods of time and you are over stretched by having front end
      loaded mortgages, second mortgages and higher maintainence costs.
      The American Dream means bigger, quicker, faster, here and now and
      right away. Sellers in the northeast and urban areas are facing real
      problems as they are in California and other metro areas. The areas
      that are stable are those of the mid-west and other places where
      there were not investors, or sellers seeking big gains and that are
      more traditionally fiscally-conservative. Look at where you live and
      just spend a moment thinking - is it financially tighter or not for
      you to live?

      Now, this global warming, is it true? YES. We have said for some
      time to watch your seacoast areas - and right now the Gulf of Mexico
      and the east cost areas, including the Miami and New York City
      areas. Also California is in for a difficult time this season, yet
      again. And so is the northwest and the lower coast-line areas of the
      great lakes. You see, what happens as the glacial fresh waters melt
      is desalination occurs in the seas. This effects the sea life and
      this enters the food chain, eventually reaching you, yes you.

      Now, this also causes an increase in flood plains and low laying
      areas, meaning they will get wetter and wetter. Animal life that
      needs colder climates to survive will, yes, we are saying will,
      become extinct. So will some species of fish and so will coastal
      species. The sea currents change with this desalination process and
      so do the water temperatures, again changing the sea currents and
      even the jet streams for both air and sea currents are dependent on
      each other as one fuels the other. This, in turn, will impact your
      climates and change your weather patterns. If you think this is
      something, wait to see what will happen with your topography, crops,
      vegetation and plants. Indeed, change is coming. Why is this
      happening? To get you to notice and move into pro-action. One voice
      can make the difference. When you take notice, indeed you, then you
      send your thought into action. Your thoughts create a reality of
      truthfulness and this is shared. This shared effectiveness of action
      speads the truthful knowledge that is reasonable. People need to
      hear the truth in a reasonable way.

      Now there will also be an increase in new flus and virus as these
      climate changes come about. Simply, there will be changes in molds,
      pollens, and this will lead to new spores and newer allergens. This
      also means that people will become more resistant to seemingly flu-
      like illnesses that are not the old flus that they will be thinking
      they are. Everything is connected. We have been speaking to you
      about this for some time. And we would suggest that you take some
      time and look at your individual life and prepare for the coming 3
      (three-years) years, which already includes this one you are in, and
      prepare wisely to ensure you have a comfortable life. 2007-2009.

      This is not about Americans even-though we have been speaking about
      them, through you. This is about the global economy and how you are
      seeing a reshaping at the level of the thought-birth processing of a
      new global awareness that will eventually lead you to a global
      society. Together you will be able to shift yourselves out of these
      dynamics and come together as a universal people, for not too far
      into your distant future you will come to know that you are not the
      only life that is in existence. And this will force you to see
      yourselves as one. This is, in part, the beginning of The Third-
      Dimensional Shift that you are hearing about.

      When you see yourselves as you do through what you call 'the
      internet' as faceless entities that share the same needs and
      sensations you will see beyond race, creed, gender and other false
      constructs that have been kept in place to keep you at odds with
      each other. This shift of awareness is about going beyond the
      limitations that you have been defining yourselves by. You are the
      greatest collection of potential that has ever been and it is within
      our knowing that you can masterfully resolve any and all global
      issues when you realize you are one country and one civilization
      with the same set of problems and desires.

      This is why it is necessary to move beyond the physical thoughts
      that are defined by newer, better, and bigger things - things do not
      define you as you think they do. What defines you is your humanity.
      You are the greatest manifestation of God the Architect that has
      ever manifested. All of you are manifestations of the same Divine
      Provinces and you can draw upon a collective awareness of shared
      information that can transcend any limitations.

      Michel though David Reid Lowell


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