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Each step you take and your ego

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  • GraceWatcher@aol.com
    From the desk of GraceWatcher@aol.com There is a pathway of awakening that you are moving consciously along. There are many steps being taken each moment of
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2000
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      From the desk of GraceWatcher@...

      There is a pathway of awakening that you are moving consciously along.
      There are many steps being taken each moment of every day.  We would
      simply remind you that each step is a precious gemstone.  Look at each
      facet of each gemstone of experience.  See clearly that which is
      occurring and see deeply that which is the truth of that which is
      occurring.  Walk softly, speak gently, embrace all life
      enthusiastically, reflect deeply, act intuitively, feel deeply, listen
      intensely as you walk the pathway of awakening.  There is much to be
      discovered along the way.  As you see clearly, you will understand
      completely.  As you observe spherically rather than in a liner fashion,
      you will feel and see with the inner eye omni-dimensionally.

      You see, there are many facets to each stone, to each gem of
      experience.  Be aware of the process through which you are moving.  Each
      element of the process has only one purpose and that is to be a stepping
      stone to propel you along the pathway of awakening.  Do not hold
      tightly; do not react; do not become attached to that which is observed
      along the pathway, for that will be but a temporary stopping place.  It
      will be like a magnet that attracts and holds and prevents the
      acceleration of movement along the pathway. 

      So love endlessly.  Feel the infinite Light of creation shining from
      within.  Be the Life of the creative impulse so completely that there is
      nothing outside your focus, outside your attention, other than that of
      the pure Love and Light of creation being made manifest.  This is the
      pathway you are on.  Awaken totally to the realization that you are on
      this pathway and the movement of energy of consciousness will continue,
      will expand, and will be integrated totally with that which is the real
      you -- the Love, Light, and Life of creation.  That is who you are.

      As you move through your daily experience, are you really aware of what
      the driving motivation is for each action, each spoken word, each
      movement of energy within the environment of your earthly school?  Are
      you aware of what is driving your need to be involved in certain
      activities?  Are you aware of the reactions and response, even so subtle
      as they may be, as you move consciously into the create environment?

      We have given before that there is this tendency within the embodied
      soul to identify with that which is of the externalized nature.  There
      is a need to experience the created environment in order to understand
      and know how the created environment is indeed not a separate entity or
      separate creation, but is eternally and irreversibly aligned with the
      movement of creative energy, the impulse of creative energy that comes
      from within.

      This tendency to become externalized and to attach to that which has
      been recognized within the external environment has been given a name.
      It is called the ego.  This is a simple name but it is all inclusive of
      the movement of external energy that identifies with limited perception
      that which is the created environment.  The ego sees itself as separate,
      as unique, as an individualized component of creation, and indeed it
      is.  What the ego fails to see is that it is connected with and one with
      all creation, and that the movement of energy through that ego-centered
      focus has the potential for being the complete and full statement of the
      Consciousness of Creation in motion.  When this occurs, the ego no
      longer sees itself as separate.  There is a merging and alignment with
      that which is the pure essence of the infinite statement of creation
      moving through the consciousness of the soul.

      So the ego appears to be rather powerful.  The ego drives interactions
      and involvement in certain activities of the earthly school.  The ego
      wants to be recognized, wants to have influence, wants to manipulate,
      wants to control, wants to put on the robe of three-dimensional finery
      and say, look at me.  So the ego has its own identity and its own
      momentum of activity. 

      But as soul consciousness emerges, the ego looks in the mirror and says,
      who am I, why am I, what am I really all about?  This is the spark that
      ignites the flame of vision as the inner pathway of enlightenment
      becomes the recognized pathway of evolution of consciousness.  The ego
      merges and melts into this inner realm of soul consciousness.  The ego
      is vanquished. 

      Love and Light
      Paul E Jones

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