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Becoming aware and observe what is occuring

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  • GraceWatcher@aol.com
    From the desk of GraceWatcher@aol.com In these morning presentations, we have been offering much about being aware of every step you are taking along the
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      From the desk of GraceWatcher@...

      In these morning presentations, we have been offering much about being
      aware of every step you are taking along the sacred path. We want to
      simply emphasize that notion of being aware. You are moving through,
      within you physical environment, a most amazing array of created
      expressions and we, the collective consciousness of the One, simply
      encourage all aspects of oneness to be aware of that which is the
      created expression.

      All is one and as you, as an expression of One, move into and through
      the created expression and experience, as you are aware and as you
      experience and integrate and merge with all that is occurring, so does
      it translate into a collective statement of unity of awareness, of unity
      of purpose, of unity of intent, of unity of consciousness expression of
      the truth of who you are as a soul.

      It may appear to be that we are talking to you, but if all is one, you
      must recognize that we are simply expressing through the tools of
      interpretation that you embody as a soul. So we are not talking to you,
      we are talking through you. For it is the inner voice of One that is
      simply suggesting to all aspects of creative intelligence, suggesting to
      the consciousness that is composing the soul energy you are, suggesting
      that all radial components of consciousness be aware of that which is
      the infinite, beautiful, harmonious array of created experience.

      There is much that occurs each moment. The flow of the energy of
      creation is constant within the micro-level of your expression, within
      the macro-level of your expression, within the omni-directional and
      omni-dimensional continuum of who you are as a soul. Be aware
      constantly of the movement of that energy. Be aware of the sounds, the
      tastes, and of all the senses that stimulate, receive and interpret the
      created experience. Be aware of the feelings, the observations, the
      interactions. Be aware of the impulses of breathing, of simply living.
      Be aware of the inner multi-dimensional expressions of visions and of
      projections of consciousness that are constantly moving, being
      transmitted and received.

      You see, as you practice becoming aware and as you focus on the
      propulsion of consciousness that is moving through who you are within
      the created environment, you open to an ever-increasing awareness of
      what is going on, what lies beyond, and the interaction of all energy

      There are those who are called “sensitives”, psychics, or who are called
      other names that imply an ability or an openness or a sense of
      omni-dimensional observational capabilities. But you see, that is no
      different than who you are. For all consciousness moves in and through
      the same patterns. As a ray of consciousness, how are you illuminating,
      penetrating, and integrating with that which is being observed?

      So be aware of everything in the inner and outer movement of the energy
      of creation as you pass through each moment of the infinite patterns of
      created experience. All is one, and as you recognize and live and know
      and become aware of that oneness, the propulsion of consciousness
      becomes ever-increasingly a pattern of moment-by-moment awareness. You
      walk as one. You live as one. You move as one, recognizing that all
      points of consciousness radiate from the same source and are all part of
      the same pattern, the infinite patterns of creation. All is one. All
      is connected. You are I AM. You are one.
      Rejoice and be aware of all aspects and patterns of creation. Be
      sensitized to your environment within and without. There is much to
      observe that is often simply walked by or not seen. Open your eyes,
      open your feelings. Let the antennas of consciousness receive that
      which is being transmitted constantly through the energy of the created
      experience. Rejoice, live fully, and love completely.

      As always, we the collective consciousness of what has been called the
      Higher Self, Universal Consciousness, Super Consciousness, the doorway
      to that which is the infinite beyond, we who are this collective
      statement of expression of awareness are always present and available to
      penetrate the veil of darkness and the wall of separation that has been
      constructed through the involvement of the mental, physical, and
      emotional aspects of walking through and becoming attached to physical,
      three-dimensional experience.

      Do you recognize where these walls have been built? Do you recognize
      where the veils of misperception and of darkness have been constructed?
      Do you recognize where the limited thinking of the mind has become the
      dominant factor of attention and focus?

      You see, it is only through first recognizing where the limitations
      exist, where the boundaries and the barriers have been constructed that
      the penetration of those paper-thin barriers can be accomplished. We
      say, paper thin, for as quickly as they have been constructed, they can
      be removed. There is nothing permanent other than the flow of the Love
      and Light energy that is the Consciousness of Creation moving in and
      through all that is created. All that is constructed of the mind, the
      physical, and the emotions is very temporary, very transient. It can be
      dissolved in an instant once it is recognized and once there is the
      desire, and once there is the clear and pure intention to move beyond
      that which has been the self-constructed barrier to unlimited

      We offer this observation not because it is something new, but because
      it needs to be emphasized. For as you look at your experience, as you
      observe and feel the movement of your awareness throughout your entire
      embodied experience, it is important to be aware of where the
      limitations or boundaries that have been constructed exist. It is
      important to know that these boundaries and limitations are indeed
      temporary, and that just beyond the boundaries and limitations there is
      the infinite landscape of soul reality.

      Observe carefully, sense that which is occurring each moment of your
      existence. Observe your response and your reaction to that which is
      occurring. See where the limitations are. See where the misperceptions
      are that cause what you call fear, for fear is simply not knowing. See
      where the boundaries and limitations are that cause the feeling of not
      being able to move forward, not being able to accomplish, not being able
      to sustain, or whatever other limiting concepts percolate to the
      surface. Observe and then know that these boundaries are simply the
      self imposed limitations.

      As you move within and connect with this energy called the Higher Self,
      you observe that all boundaries disappear. You observe and feel a
      merging of consciousness with that which is the infinite statement of
      who you really are as a soul. You recognize that as a soul you are the
      infinite statement of the Consciousness of Creation in motion. You are
      a spark of the divine, a point of consciousness creating and manifesting
      moment by moment, as a radiant beam from that which is the center, the
      core, the Source, or whatever other words you choose to use to take you
      to that place which is the infinite beyond and the infinite source of
      all, the Consciousness of Creation.

      It is important to put all of this into perspective and to move beyond
      the mental and physical and emotional limitations, to merge with that
      which does indeed lie beyond that veil of darkness, that
      self-constructed wall of resistance and limitation.

      Again, we offer this not as a new concept but as a reinforcement of the
      pathway you are on, a reinforcement of the fulfillment of the intention
      that is felt and known to be so from deep within. We offer only the
      truth and the truth, as has been given, is what sets you free. And what
      is the ‘you’ that is being set free? It is the you of limitation, the
      you of self-constructed boundaries and veils of separation. As these
      are penetrated, as the truth is known, you as a soul are indeed free and
      then are consciously one with all that is.

      That is the pathway, that is the sacred pathway, that is the pathway of
      awakening to soul reality, awakening to soul consciousness, of becoming
      consciously the real you.

      Love and Light
      Paul E Jones
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