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From the Heart

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  • gracewatcher@yahoo.com
    If you feel confused, alone, unsure of what to do next, go back to a place you can trust ~ your heart. In matters of work, money, love, play, go back to
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 28, 2005
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      If you feel confused, alone, unsure of what to do next, go back to a place you can trust ~ your heart.  In matters of work, money, love, play, go back to your heart.

      The issues that arise in your life can be dealt with from the heart.  You will be guided through gently, safely, with love and truth, along the path that's best for you.  Are you feeling upset?  Do you wonder why things aren't workout out?  Are you unsure of the map, uncertain of the next step, wondering how to untangle the mess of the past? The answer isn't in your head; it's in your heart.  It's not outside of you, although sometimes we receive guidance from others.  The answer you're seeking, the guidance you're looking for needs to feel right to you.  It needs to resonate with your heart.  Your heart is the center, the balance point for your emotions, your intellect, and your soul.  Your heart is safe. Go back to your heart. It will always lead you home.
      It wasn't as though I assumed after all these years and the hard work I'd done that all my problems would be solved and peace was all I would ever feel in all relationships for the reminder of my life. But I did think the days of mild panic and waning self confidence were behind me. And then a couple of months ago I felt like the world was shifting under my feet. My professional life was changing in a way I had neither orchestrated nor wanted, I felt very fragile emotionally and then quite unexpected tension in a long term friendship began to shake my personal life too.

      I felt like I was in a time warp. This was how I had felt most of my life before embarking on this spiritual journey I had been walking for so many years with relief. What had happened? The more I sought the answer the greater became my dependence on the ego. And of course I wasn't served by this choice at all, but unfortunately the vivacious cycle was triggered. It had obviously been triggered at the onset of the downward spiral, in fact.

      Seeking help from the ego naturally led me into greater self absorption, thus increased self doubt and then more desperate pleas to the insidious ego and a magnification of the fear. I wasn't conscious that I was doing this. The pattern had taken on a life of its own. And then I ever so quietly remembered, in a moment of fleeting contemplation and when I least expected it, that "this too shall pass" A shift in my perception was taking shape. A miracle was occurring.
      Now and then I hear people say they are not creative enough, smart enough, talented enough. Most of us have felt that we are not talented enough in some way. When that thought appears, all we need to remember is that our uniqueness is an important gift to the world. 
      We are all blessed with creativity because we create every time we think or speak. Our words and thoughts are acted upon by the creative force of the universe and manifestation occurs.
      We are each blessed with talent and intelligence because our unique and special way of expressing Spirit brings forth talents that others don't possess. Our life experiences have given us wisdom that others might not have. Our talent may not be widely known and we may feel we have average intelligence, but it doesn't really matter. The simple, the complex and everything in-between is Spirit expressing as the creative, talented, and intelligent being that we are.
      We have the power to create by thinking a thought or speaking our truth. We have the talent to express Spirit in ways that others cannot and we have the intelligence to make choices that produce more good in out world. Whatever we do today and every day is our gift to life.

      From the Desk of Anyeot GraceWatcher of Sakin'el
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