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Moral - The Most Important Part

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  • GraceWatcher@aol.com
    (http://www.gracewatcher.org/) Moral is the most important part of our life in this world. Moral cowardice keeps humans from speaking their minds. It is
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2005
      Moral is the most important part of our life in this world. Moral cowardice keeps humans from speaking their minds. It is dangerous & Irresponsible. Standing for right is unpopular or may get deleted but if you fight to find the truth you can't be bother, isn't it?... If you want to know the true test of moral character within your own knowledge, you must fight with courage of knowledge and potential proceeding and not by creating conflict. The ultimate measure is where you stands at times of challenge and controversy. The main task is to save the lives or our health.
      We may convinced of the GUILT and INNOCENCE of the appellants but decision must only be based on the EVIDENCE adduced, to reject the fact, we must have STRONG and COMPELLING REASON. The rule is abide by the law, conscience clear and all MUST be in GOOD FAITH. Everyone is entitle to opinion but don't say anything beyond assuming especially when serious matter involves. People all around the world must divide GOOD from EVIL and RIGHT from WRONG. No grievance can justify behavior.
      Are you members here to fight for the right of evil or hiding in the course of moral cowardice?
      As an example as I brought forward discussion from another group that I'm a member, which I strongly request for members together to help me to help us to help life in this world........It is foolhardy to put blame on a Religion. (That's as foolish as saying ALL Germans are BAD because of Hitler!! we know that's not true!) Although ALL RELIGIONS some day ARE going to have SO much to answer for cause as we all know that  true Spirituality seems to be less and less within the Religions of this world.
      Spirituality CAN survive without religion...but..Religion CANNOT survive without Spirituality, this is something I'd just love to get a discussion, this Soul destructive belief that only one is right and the others are all wrong.
      Like so often we hear when soldiers go into battle believing that GOD is on their side and the paradox of this is that. Usually BOTH sides believe this!! I cannot help but feel that if GOD is on BOTH sides, well there just wouldn't
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