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The Spirit's Laws of Prosperity

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    There is a spirit of caring in the universe that will meet our needs if we give it the opportunity. - David Spangler Pros·per: to thrive, to flourish, to
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      "There is a spirit of caring in the universe that will meet our needs if we give it the opportunity." - David Spangler

      Pros·per: to thrive, to flourish, to be fulfilled

      The Spirit of Prosperity

      Our natural state is one of grace, joy and prosperous ease. We have a sacred longing to be free of the financial constraints, fears and worries that limit our ability to experience life fully. Our spirits' call is a call to a life of purpose, pleasure and plenty. We naturally seek to prosper.

      We live in a vast and ever expanding Universe. Scientists have confirmed that the Universe is expanding so fast that they may never be able to count all of the galaxies. The Universe and this earth home of ours is abundant beyond our ability to measure, we have enough land, resources and knowledge to feed and clothe the entire world and yet we have an epidemic of poverty and lack of one kind or another.

      "It is now feasible to take care of everybody on earth at a 'higher standard of living' than any have ever known." - Buckminster Fuller

      Most of us have a basic sense of separation from our innate Divine Nature. That's what we are here to heal. This sense of separation is reinforced by cultural norms and passed on to us in our mothers' milk. The sense of "not being good enough" is an almost universal one acted out in many ways from deviant behavior to high-powered over achievement. It has held cultures together for centuries and seems to be a basic lesson for many of us to learn. You are worthy of anything you can dream of.

      "The abundant life for each individual is the Will of God. God is the source of all prosperity and is forever providing us with whatever we need in abundant measure." - John Randolph Price

      The Fabric of Creation

      Mystical traditions of many faiths teach us that the very "fabric" of creation is present all around us. We swim in it like fish swim in the sea. It is everywhere and ever-present and it responds to our thoughts, deeds and actions. It is tenacious and reliable and functions on set laws, similar to gravity. We can count on it. The trouble is many of us do not know this and hence are doing things that impede our ability to manifest the lives that we truly desire, if we haven't given up dreaming all together.

      The laws that govern prosperity are simple and most seem like common sense. They are tools for living in alignment with the natural laws of the Universe and seem very similar to many of the basic tenets of most world religions. If followed, they can create a life of abundance. In our Christian Bible we are even promised as much.

      "'Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,' says the Lord Almighty, 'and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it." - Malachi 3:10 (new international version)

      Our thoughts dictate what we allow to come into our sphere of awareness and therefore what we experience. They create the framework around which we experience the world. Scientists talk about what is called a scatoma- a blind spot where we cannot see something although it may be right in front of us. By consciously changing our thoughts and beliefs- the things that dictate our life or at least our experience of it, we can change what we manifest in and as our lives. We can change what we see. We can shape the vessel of our consciousness to receive a very little or a lot, to manifest fear and lack or prosperity and love. Choose wisely. You are more powerful than you know.

      "Think of Divine Abundance as a mighty, refreshing rain; whatever receptacle you have at hand will receive it. If you hold up a tin cup, you will receive only that quantity…what kind of receptacle are you holding up to Divine Abundance?"
      - Paramahansa Yogananda

      What if we knew at our core that we could have anything we truly desired and know that we were worthy of truly receiving it? What if we all remembered our Divine inheritance and our connection to the creative source of all life? What if we ran our lives, our institutions, our governments on the premise that 'we live in an abundant universe'? What if we all knew, at our core, that there is more than enough for us all and act accordingly? What if we taught our children in school the principals of prosperity and the laws of manifestation? What kind of world would we have?

      "One of the unerring Truths in the Universe is that there is already provided a lavish abundance for every human want." - H. Emilie Cady

      True prosperity is fourfold

      True prosperity is much more than having a surplus of cash. To prosper is indeed to live life fully and abundantly. It is the harmonious integration of the spiritual, physical, mental and environmental components of one's life. It is:
      1. Prosperity is having meaningful relationships with people you love and who love you.
      2. Prosperity is being healthy and having abundant energy.
      3. Prosperity is having work that you love so much that it feels like play… you would do it even if you weren't paid.
      4. Prosperity is having the money you need to have a sense of freedom to experience life as you choose and to have what you want, when you want it.

      Consider This

      According to Buckminster Fuller, if we were to take all the money in the world and divide it equally, each and every one of us would be a millionaire. That is $1 million for each of the planet's 6 billion inhabitants. We have more than enough.
      Source: The Little Money Bible- The Ten Laws of Abundance by
      Stuart Wilde

      "The spiritual substance from which comes all visible wealth is never depleted. It is with us all the time and It responds to our faith in it and demands upon It." - Charles Fillmore

      Affirm Daily

      God is the source of all my good and I openly receive it now. It is my divine heritage to be healthy, wealthy and happy.

      Ask Yourself (the answer will come in time):

      How can I align with the rich source of my good today? How can I manifest more prosperity in my life?

      Act Now:
      Tips for Manifesting More Prosperity in Your Life

      Release yourself from the Great Lie

      Examine your beliefs about money. Many of us have erroneous beliefs about money. It is important to first examine them closely and carefully. Thoughts are things, even if we are not conscious of them. Often we are not conscious of our beliefs and they are therefore subconsciously affecting our choices and therefore our lives.

      How often have we been told, "money doesn't grow on trees; it easier for a camel to get through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven; you have to work hard to get what you want; don't be greedy, accept what you are given." Sound familiar? Write down every negative belief you have about money and then beside each one write a new positive belief you now choose to accept as your Truth. Consciously choose what you will believe is possible for you in your life and what your relationship to money and the natural abundance of the Universe will be.

      Consciously choose to live prosperously

      Decide that you will live a prosperous and fulfilling life. Take it as a spiritual practice, because truly that is what it is. Practice the principles daily. Stay aware of your conviction. Make a pledge of prosperity to replace the subconscious pledge of poverty you may have been running on.

      Make your study of prosperity a journey of awareness

      Truly when learning the laws of prosperity and manifestation we are learning how to live in alignment with natural law; how to balance our desires with our energy output; how to heal our sense of separation from our own divine nature. It can be a wonderful journey of liberation and self-discovery if we choose to experience it that way.

      "Everything in nature contains all the power of nature. Everything is made of one hidden stuff." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

      Acknowledge the vast and unlimited abundance of the Universe

      Make it a point to notice and acknowledge the vast abundance of the universe. Notice the abundance and beauty of nature. Think about the abundance of air and water. How nature always provides if we respect and allow her. How many leaves do you have to rake in the autumn? Surely there is an abundance of leaves?

      Decide what you want

      One of the laws of prosperity is that God always provides for us according to our thought and belief. And, we must put in our order if we are to receive. It has been said that if we do not plant our garden, we get a random cropping of weeds. Be clear and be specific. Put in your order to the universe then follow the guidance you are given. Focus on the what and allow spirit to guide you to the how.

      "We do not put the self-expansive vitality into the seed, but we must sow it." - Thomas Troward

      Remember who you are

      Remember that despite what anyone may say to the contrary, you are a being of dignity and worth and that you are worthy of manifesting a life of purpose, pleasure and plenty. If necessary, use the above statement as a mantra for yourself until you believe it. Study and practice the
      Road to Worth tips. We are all made in the image and likeness of God.

      "You must remember that you are noble, you are sublime, you are divine, and can accomplish whatever you desire."
      - Swami Muktananda

      Dig your ditches

      If you want clothes, make room in your closet. If you want a new house, buy a special pen to sign the mortgage with. Clean out your garage to put the new car in. Ask yourself how must I prepare to receive my good? This is not what do I need to do. There is a subtle but very important difference here. Really feel the object of your desire close at hand and prepare to receive it.

      "It is the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the spring, who reaps a harvest in the autumn."
      - B.C. Forbes

      Practice generosity of spirit

      Give freely and willingly. Know that you have more than enough and that you are always provided for. Give especially when you are fearful of not having what you need. When we give freely and generously of what we have, no matter how little or how much, we change our consciousness; it's like we affirm our prosperity to the universe. Remember, like attracts like.

      Be grateful for what you have

      Gratitude is one of the most powerful ways that we can align with our spirits and the natural abundance of the universe. Acknowledge the wealth of love, of time, of intelligence, of electricity that you do have to open the door for more. Forgive Nothing can turn off the floodgates of prosperity quicker than a bitter heart. Bitterness only hurts us, by cutting us off from our own divinity and sense of flow. Forgive everyone and everything as often as necessary, especially yourself.

      "You can't get a pay raise when you are angry."
      - Stuart Wilde

      Practice mental and verbal harmlessness

      Gossip, manipulation, harboring resentments and all other related emotions drain power from us and attract negative people and situations, and is actually a form of violence. Besides, think of how much energy you are wasting that could be used for something positive in your life. Make a pact with yourself and your friends and family to end the violence.

      "Nothing is good or bad but that our thinking makes it so."
      - William Shakespear

      Act accordingly

      Our thoughts and actions create our future reality. Align yourself with your good by hanging out with positive prosperous happy people. Instead of buying 4 pair of crappy shoes, buy one pair of exquisite ones. Treat yourself as a person of stature, like the successful, happy and prosperous person you already are.

      "All the good that is to be made manifest in a person's life is already an accomplished fact in Divine mind." - Florence Scovel Shinn

      Tithe to remember God as your source

      I believe one hundred percent in the power of tithing. A tithe is 10% of your income shared with the places and people where you receive spiritual inspiration and nourishment. It is an opportunity to acknowledge God as your source. Sometimes I share my tithe with my spiritual community and other times I share it with friends, individuals or organizations that have touched me personally and deeply. It is not a gift to charity. My teacher in this area, the incredible Edwene Gaines, talks about giving your tithe to that which you want more of in your life. "You don't want to be homeless, so don't give your tithe to a homeless shelter," she would say. Give to the homeless shelter after you have given your tithe. You cannot out give God.

      Now, I know that this is a stretch for some so start where you can. Tithe on a part of your income, or give 5% or 4%- whatever you feel comfortable with. This is especially important if you don't feel that you ever have enough to save or give. This is the ultimate act of faith if done in a spirit of gratitude for the bounty you do have. Personally, I have experienced incredible miracles from the act of remembering God as my source, and I do believe the promise of Malachi 3:10, as stated earlier, worth stating here again:

      "'Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,' says the Lord Almighty, 'and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough for it." - Malachi 3:10 (new international version)

      That's the kind of promise I like. Just try it. Give yourself a 3-month trial. Decide what you want, daily affirm God as your source and tithe. Watch the miracles. And don't forget to email me to share them. Try some of the tools and resources in the spiritual toolbox or richer living products to support you.

      "Technologically we now have 4 billion billionaires on board spaceship earth who are entirely unaware of their good fortune." - Buckminster Fuller, Critical Path

      Commune with your spirit daily
      When we listen to our inner guidance life flows more smoothly. Take time to nurture your soul. Ask the question and listen. The answers will come and you will be guided to your greater good. Spirit is actually the source of all we have. Connect with your source.

      "Why are you so enchanted by this world when a mine of gold lies within you?"
      - Rumi

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      Watch your thoughts, they become words.
      Watch your words, they become actions.
      Watch your actions, they become habits.
      Watch your habits, they become character.
      Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

      " We are spiritual beings having a human experience "
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      Ask an Expert - Visit my Virtual Office at Kasamba

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