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[GraceWatcher] Divine Plan for 2000 [part 1]

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    The Divine Plan for 2000 Welcome to the dawn of the Permanent Golden Age of Spiritual Freedom and Enlightenment. Throughout history, Golden Ages have come and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 14, 2000
      The Divine Plan for 2000

      Welcome to the dawn of the Permanent Golden Age of Spiritual Freedom and
      Enlightenment. Throughout history, Golden Ages have come and Golden Ages have
      gone, but for the very first time in the evolution of our Planet, this Golden
      Age is being called PERMANENT by the Company of Heaven.

      In past Golden Ages, illumined souls would come into physical embodiment, and
      through the radiance of their Light, they were able to lift into a higher
      octave of consciousness all of the people who were within their spheres of
      influence. Unfortunately, when it was time for the illumined souls to leave
      the physical plane, their Light was withdrawn. The people they left behind
      could not sustain the higher consciousness because they had not developed the
      ability to maintain that level of Enlightenment on their own. Without the
      support of the Light of the illumined Beings, the people faltered and fell to
      their previous states of awareness. That situation tragically resulted in the
      end of the existing Golden Age.

      We witnessed a very brief but graphic demonstration of that phenomenon during
      the Christian Dispensation. After Beloved Jesus was resurrected, He was able
      to lift up the disciples into a state of Christ Consciousness through the
      radiance of His Light. During the forty days Jesus remained on Earth, the
      disciples were able to teach, heal and perform the same miracles He did. Once
      Jesus Ascended into the Heavenly Realms, however, everything changed. The
      disciples could not sustain the level of Christ Consciousness they had
      reached when they were in Jesus��� presence, and they became afraid and began
      to falter and fail. It became obvious to Jesus and the Company of Heaven that
      the disciples were not going to be able to fulfill their mission of bringing
      the teachings of the Christian Dispensation to the rest of the World without
      Divine Intervention.

      Just ten days after Jesus��� Ascension, the disciples were called into the
      ���upper room��� where they experienced a miraculous Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
      That incredible influx of Divine Love awakened their Spiritual Brain Centers
      and lifted them into Christ Consciousness. We have all seen pictures of the
      disciples after the Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the Flame of
      Enlightenment blazing from their Crown Chakras. They were also given the
      ���gift of tongues��� which allowed them to travel to the far reaches of the
      Globe and communicate the teachings of the Christian Dispensation in the
      language of the people they were speaking to.

      This Golden Age is going to be different. In this dawning Age, there is not
      going to be one illumined soul or Avatar who comes into the physical plane to
      bring the next level of Truth to Humanity. This time it is different because
      Humanity is awakening to the reality of who we are. We are beginning to
      remember that we are Sons and Daughters of God. We are beginning to remember
      that the Enlightened State of Christ Consciousness is our Divine Birthright
      and is destined to be our natural state of Being.

      It is important for us not to get turned off or hung up on semantics. If you
      cannot identify with the term Christ Consciousness, then call it your Higher
      Self or Enlightenment or Divine Consciousness or whatever term resonates with
      you for your true God Self.

      As the Truth of Christ Consciousness awakens within our hearts and resonates
      in the very core of our Beings, we are beginning to see our lower human egos
      for what they really are. They are fragmented, limited, fear-based mutations
      of ourselves, and their main motivation is to compel us to gratify our
      physical senses. Once we acknowledge that Truth, we will be able to take our
      power back and transform our human egos into the Light. We will then be able
      to easily lift up in consciousness and become One with our true God Selves.

      This moment is being heralded as the dawn of the Permanent Golden Age because
      in this Age every man, woman and child is going to awaken to the Truth of who
      they are and reclaim their Divine Heritage as Sons and Daughters of God.
      Every single person is going to develop the ability to lift up in energy,
      vibration and consciousness effectively enough to sustain Christ
      Consciousness through their own efforts, independently of another person���s
      outside influence.

      This time there is not going to be one person who will leave the physical
      plane and withdraw his or her Light, thus causing those left behind to fall.
      This time, no matter who leaves the Earth, the Golden Age will survive
      because those remaining on Earth will have developed the ability to sustain
      Christ Consciousness on their own. That, in fact, is the true meaning of what
      Jesus was talking about when he referred to the Second Coming of the Christ.

      Contrary to our misinterpretations, Jesus did not say that he would ride in
      on a white cloud and do it all for us. He said, ���These things I do, you shall
      also do, and greater things than these shall you do.��� The only way we are
      going to restore the glory of Heaven on Earth and create a Permanent Golden
      Age is for each and every one of us to learn to live the Path of Divine Love
      that Jesus taught us to live. In order to do that fully, we must each put
      forth the effort to become One with our Christ Presence which is blazing in
      our hearts.

      Jesus came to Earth 2000 years ago at the beginning of the Piscean Age.
      During that 2000-year cycle, the Planet was bathed in the Sixth Solar Aspect
      of Deity. That Aspect of Deity pulsates with the Divine Qualities of Peace,
      Ministering Grace, Devotional Worship, Healing, Service and the Christ made

      Jesus��� mission was to model for Humanity the Path of Divine Love that will
      return us to Christ Consciousness. His symbol was the fish because that is
      the symbol of Pisces. He was known as the fisher of men and women. He was
      also known as the Prince of Peace because that is a quality of the Sixth
      Solar Aspect of Deity that He used to fulfill his Divine Plan.

      During Jesus��� lifetime, a New Archetype/Matrix for Humanity���s return to
      Christ Consciousness was anchored on Earth. Jesus��� mission was
      God-Victoriously accomplished, but He knew that Humanity would not be able to
      get our heads above the mud puddle of our human miscreations in order to
      fully connect with our Christ Presences for centuries to come.

      In St. John���s Revelation, it is stated that in the day of the Seventh Angel,
      when he begins to sound, the mystery of God will be fulfilled and time will
      be no more. That will be at the time of the Second Coming of the Christ.

      On December 31, 1999, as each consecutive time zone struck the sacred moment
      of midnight, unprecedented Light from the Heart of our Father-Mother God
      poured through the cup of Humanity���s focused attention and bathed the Earth.
      During that Cosmic Moment, the Age of Pisces was officially sealed, and the
      Earth and ALL Her life moved forward into the full embrace of the Age of
      Aquarius. Aquarius will now bathe the Earth in the Seventh Solar Aspect of
      Deity for the next 2000-year cycle. THIS IS THE DAY OF THE SEVENTH

      The Seventh Solar Aspect of Deity pulsates with the Divine Qualities of
      Limitless Transmutation, Forgiveness, Mercy, Compassion, Freedom, Divine
      Justice, Liberty and Victory. It is also a reflection of the perfect balance
      of our Father-Mother God.

      The Seventh Solar Aspect of Deity is comprised of the Sapphire Blue Ray of
      Divine Will and Power of our Father God and the Crystalline Pink Ray of
      Divine Love and Adoration of our Mother God/Holy Spirit. When these two
      Polarities of God are in perfect balance, they merge and form the Violet
      Flame. The Violet Flame is the perfect Forcefield of Light for the birthing
      of our Christ Presences.

      Now, all of the Celestial Forces involving both Heaven and Earth are in
      place, and we are ready to embark on the next phase of the Divine Plan.

      Incredible Activities of Light occurred throughout 1999 to pave the way for
      the wondrous events that will now take place in 2000. I have documented those
      activities and posted articles both on our Web site and in our newsletter
      Take Charge of Your Life. Please read this amazing information. It will
      assist you in seeing the bigger picture, and it will fill your heart with
      hope and elation. Our Web site address is: www.1spirit.com/eraofpeace. Scroll
      down the home page to the Latest Updates section for the article, ���Victory is
      Ours!��� The other very significant article is posted in the Important
      Information section and is titled, ���The Awesome Summer of 1999.���

      In spite of all of the gloom and doom soothsayers, Humanity proved, once
      again, that when we join together in an attitude of cooperation and
      one-pointed consciousness, we can change the course of history. The potential
      for serious Y2K problems was real. But instead of just succumbing to that
      potential, people all over the World joined together and developed viable
      solutions that averted a Global catastrophe.

      Instead of allowing our fear-based human egos to focus on the potential
      negative results of the Y2K bug, legions of Lightworkers around the Planet
      joined forces to co-create an alternative reality. Daily and hourly
      Lightworkers invoked the God Presences of every person on the Planet who
      could make a positive difference. We asked that the Light of God
      Illumination, Truth, Understanding, Wisdom and Enlightenment flow into each
      person���s conscious mind and feelings, activating within them the knowing
      necessary to solve the problems.

      The results of Humanity���s unified efforts confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt

      It is imperative that we grasp the magnitude of that outer world
      demonstration. What this means, both literally and tangibly, is that when we
      are willing to pool our efforts and our resources for the highest good of all
      concerned, we can solve the maladies of the World. This is true, regardless
      of what we are talking about. At this very moment we have all of the
      technology, knowledge, skill, wisdom, resources and ability to solve the
      problems of the World. That may sound like a monumental task, but I promise
      you, it will just take a slight adjustment in our consciousness.

      The moment we shift from a consciousness of separation to a consciousness of
      Oneness, we will know and understand that we have no choice but to assist
      each other and learn to live together in Peace and Harmony. The Family of
      Humanity is totally and completely interdependent, interconnected and
      interrelated. What affects one person affects us all. We cannot harm another
      Human Being or another part of life without harming ourselves. When that
      Truth sinks into our awareness, then the concept of war, hatred, prejudice,
      crime, corruption, violence, selfishness, greed, poverty, dominance,
      aggression, abuse of power and every other destructive human behavior becomes
      ludicrous, self-destructive and obviously insane.

      by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

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