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This universe is a shimmering bubble of free will

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  • GraceWatcher@aol.com
    This universe is a shimmering bubble of free will floating in a torus of space-time. It is a shimmering sphere that seems to function as a dimensional
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 10, 2004
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      This universe is a shimmering bubble of free will floating in a torus of space-time. It is a shimmering sphere that seems to function as a dimensional hologram.
      Holographic photography operates on similar principles as traditional photography, yet in more sophisticated ways. Rather than exposing the film to ordinary light, holographic film is exposed to laser light  to a laser light that is both aimed at and reflected onto film. This laser light, a singular beam of intense light, is split in what is called a  splitter. Part of that light, a piece of that light called a reference beam, strikes the film. It strikes it like a billion ball bearings striking a still pond, creating ripples wherever they hit, ripples that extend and run into and counterbalance each other, creating an interference pattern.
      The other part of the beam has been split off and is sent in a different direction, where it hits an object which is the focus of what you want to photograph. It bounces off that object and is reflected back to the film, but from a different angle. This light also hits the film like thousands of tiny billions of little tiny ball bearings. Upon this already-disrupted piece of film, the reflected light creates its own rippling energy. To the naked eye holographic film looks like a bunch of ripples big ripples, little ripples, some more intense, some less intense. It looks like an interference pattern, like a mishmosh, like nothing at all. Chaos.
      But when you look at that holographic film from a certain angle and with a certain intensity of light, out of this rippling, out of this interference pattern, emerges a three-dimensional image, a three-dimensional illusion that you can view from all sides. If you try to touch it, you realize it's not solid. It is an illusion with a certain degree of opacity but it is an illusion. An illusion.
      Now, what you also know is that upon this same film, you can project another beam that is split into another reference and reflection. It will also scatter all over the film all over this same piece of film. When you hold the film at one angle, you will see the first image. If you shift the film slightly, you will see the second image, and a third and a fourth as many images as have been captured upon the film.
      In fact, your researchers now know that on a single piece of film no more than one inch square that you could put all the information contained in 300,000 - 400,000 pages of a book. All can be fit onto a piece of film the size of a postage stamp. And you can see all the different information there just by adjusting the angle of viewing and the intensity of light.
      You also know that each piece of this film contains all the data, all the information though more vague and less clear of the entire film. So if you had only a quarter of this piece of film, you could reconstruct the whole of the film and every one of the images upon it.
      Now, imagine that our film is not one inch square but a tiny sphere. Imagine that our film is a shimmering bubble.
      When those seeds of energy began filling the space began landing within the bubble that is your universe they created interference patterns, ripples. None of them were "visible." Some were elliptical; others, symmetrical. They began to "fill the space."
      Out of the interference patterns that are everywhere and nowhere at once, standing waves emerge. Resonance emerges. As energy flows through these interference and resonance patterns, it takes formation and, in time, it becomes information: molecular, gaseous, matter. You call them galaxies. One such spiraling formation you call the Milky Way. It is spiraling energies that are traces of the energy that is invisible.
      In your latest high-tech spy movies, there are security systems with ultraviolet light and infrared light that cannot be seen. The light is in formation, but it is invisible. However, the shrewd spies have particular spritzers, and they can (spritzers sound).  In the dust are the tracings ... the tracks of light. They still cannot see the ultraviolet or infrared light, but they can see the reflection and expression they can see the traces of that light. "Aha! There's a beam of light."
      So , the seemingly infinite number of stars and the seemingly endless phenomena and anomalies suddenly show up, reflecting what cannot be seen, the energy patterns, sometimes elliptical, sometimes symmetrical.
      You haven't seen all the galaxies yet. You haven't "spritzed" enough of the universe.  {laughter} You know there is yours. Your Milky Way is sitting very much at the edge of this bubble. And at the very edge of this Milky Way, there's this star that you call the sun. And it has these strange bodies called planets that are elliptically orbiting about it. And some of them have moons. It's called the solar system, and the fourth body, the third planet out, is called Earth.
      And if you look from Earth, through your galaxy in a particular direction, there is a particular star that has been given the name Sirius. There. That star, so close, so bright ... only eight and a half light years away is Sirius. It is aligned with the portal. It is that portal, therefore, through which all energy has flowed and is flowing into the whole of your universe.
      Even though it appears that energy is exploding outward because it is traveling outward at a phenomenal speed even though the energy appears to have started in the "center" of the universe and is moving outward (Big Bang) ... that is not really how it works. Energy is being "drawn" from somewhere outside itself. It appears that energy is moving from the inside to the outside, but more truthfully, it is being attracted. Drawn, not driven; compelled, not propelled. Though appearing as an explosion, it must also be understood as an implosion. Energy, and thus your universe, is being pulled by the Attractor, the Grand Attractor, the Ultimate Attractor, by the Goddess.
      It is through this portal that is called Sirius ... it is through this gateway represented by the brilliant blue-white star Sirius that all the energy enters your universe. It is through this doorway that the Grand and Ultimate Attractor enters. It is through this portal and gateway that the Goddess enters your universe. It is Her vortex: The Vortex of Sirius.
      No, it's not a physical gateway. If you flew out there, you would not see an opening that you could kind of "look through"  {laughter} ... but it's there. Etherically, it's there. Beyond the dimensions of length, width, and breadth (one, two, and three) and beyond the dimension of space-time (four) into that fifth dimension and beyond there is a portal through which all energy has come into your universe.
      You see, and as we talk of a holographic piece of film that is flat ' two-dimensional ' your scientists are exploring and learning to project holography onto spherical film ... onto bubbles. The analogy works to describe what your universe is: It is a spherical holographic illusion. It is a holographic image expressed as interference patterns which, when looked at from a certain view, from a certain angle, and with a particular intensity of light, appears as a dimensional reality.
      Into this holography, through the Vortex of Sirius, comes energy,  the energy that is Goddess and that is God/Goddess/All That Is. Through the Vortex of Sirius comes the energy that is your very Soul and Spirit. Also there comes the energy of your Higher Self and of your Real Self, Truer Self ... Transcendent Self.
      Self creates a holographic brain to project a holographic body which references and reflects itself. Through the holograms of brain and body, Self creates a spherical hologram that you call physical reality. It is a bubble, a shimmering bubble. As with your universe, so your personal universe is as a bubble.
      And this bubble isn't that big, either. This bubble is just a quarter inch or less beyond your fingertips.  {laughter}  It moves faster than you. You can never touch it; no matter how adept and stealthy you are, you will never touch it.
      "I'm going to move that way."  {laughter} .. It knows. {laughter}  However fast you run, however high you jump, it's always just beyond your fingertips. And upon this bubble you project your reality and the reality of your world.
      Another analogy: You now have certain theaters that have huge curved screens. You sit in what appears to be the middle and the screen wraps above, below, left, and right. The lights dim and the projector rolls.  "Wow!" It looks as if you are right in the middle of everything. Now in such theaters they show things like roller coaster rides as you sit there. And it seems so real. It seems so much more real when the screen is curved above, below, to the left and to the right. You look this way, you look that way. It is all around you. It seems so very real.
      If you look behind you ... you see ... well, they haven't figured that one out yet.  {laughter}
      The energy of your holographic universe flows through the Vortex of Sirius. At a certain point in your growth, when you are done ... when you are complete with the physical plane and with the astral, causal and mental planes as well ... you, as energy, will exit this universe through that very Vortex of the Goddess. Exit into oblivion? ... into nothing? No, into a majestic and mighty vastness that is even more.
      This Vortex was closed down over 90,000 years ago. Let us be clear: It was not shut off, only closed down. If it had been shut off, your universe and every energy within it would have ceased and either evaporated or withered. It would be no more. The Vortex was not shut off, but it was closed down. A trickle of its energy flowing, the Vortex of Sirius opens cyclically to flow more fully, more richly and powerfully.
      This star system, which is represented by a star called Sirius ... the brightest star in your heavens ... was known by the ancients and is known in the "primitive" societies of your modern world. The Dogon tribe in northern Africa (as well as many other tribes in Africa) and aboriginal tribes in Australia, South America, and Asia also have knowledge of this star ... this singular star, so it appears, that is brighter and seems to twinkle more than other stars.
      The ancients knew that around this brilliant star that is Sirius is a dwarf star, a "shadow star," a black star that is much smaller, and more intense, and orbits in an elliptic every 50+ years, causing Sirius to wobble, and appear, therefore, to sparkle more brightly than any other star. All stars sparkle, but none as this one.
      And those ancient tribes not only knew it was there, but knew of its 50+ year cycle, and that that cycle was elliptical, not circular. And they have in their ancient records drawings of the movement of Sirius and of the dwarf star Sirius B, laid from a three-dimensional reality into a two-dimensional representation.
      They knew that Sirius was the source of all life, of all energy, long before the scientists who replaced the mystics ever speculated anything about it, long before any equipment existed that could measure it, long before your modern world could know.
      Before the ancients of your world who are often dismissed with that singular word "primitive," there was Lemuria, the Land That Imagination Forgot. So often we have spoken of Lemuria and the Lemurians that so many of you once were. It was a land located in what you now call the Pacific Ocean. It vanished. When its work was done, it left, not because it was conquered, not because it was destroyed ... which in the consensus seems the only way anything could come to an end ... but because it was. Lemuria and the Lemurians left by choice. They slipped into the mist from whence they came. By choice.
      While Lemurians were present in your world, the Lemurian year revolved around Sirius. The first day of the Lemurian year began on what you now call July 23rd with the Rise of Sirius. That is the day when Sirius rises on your horizon just before the Sun. This brilliant light is immediately swamped, swallowed up by the fires of the Sun, yet an opening has begun. The Rise of Sirius begins a 55-day cycle ... July 23 to September 15 ... when the Vortex is opened and more fully and widely than at other times. The universe is renewed. It is a time of beginning more profound than spring.
      Lemurians geared their entire mysticism, their entire year, their entire cycling of growth to that star, its rise, and the days of its beginning and opening.
      Understand: Even though it was closed down over 90,000 years ago and only opens cyclically each year, Sirius is available every day of each year. She did not forsake you; She did not forget you. However, during the Sirius Days ... from its rise on July 23 until September 15 ... the energy of Sirius is more available and more potent.
      Atlantis, likewise, is lost of myth, certainly so. Located in the Atlantic, but lost in myth, many argue: Did it really exist? It will never be proved, but nonetheless it was certainly there, and it, too, aligned itself to Sirius.
       The ancients in the Land of Sumer, who created an amazingly advanced civilization, recount the mysteries of Sirius in their tales. Their civilization is often overlooked or even dismissed by academicians in favor of Egyptian Civilization. Most cannot understand the Land of Sumer, between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, or the texts and knowledge of the Sumerians. Even so, in the Land of Sumer, Sirius was the core, the base, of those texts and that knowledge.
      And in Egypt, yes, so much revolved around Sirius as Her gateway and as the center of all that is sacred. The pyramids ... not really tombs as so many academicians still contend ... were temples and monuments of the celestial bodies. They were temples to the Goddess and to Sirius, Her gateway and portal ... the gateway and portal.
      The Great Pyramid of Cheops aligned with all directions, aligned to the east, aligned to the rise of Sirius. The chambers that have been found and the ones yet to be discovered and explored are strategically positioned in reference and deference to Sirius and all that the Vortex represents. Whatever else the pyramids may be, they are also monuments to the stars ... monuments to Sirius. All the mythologies of Isis, Osiris, and Horus in Egypt ... and the mythologies in the more ancient Land of Sumer ... are based upon this Sirius Connection.
      In your modern world, many of the myths are only held alive in the Old Wives Tales and even those are now being lost to the younger generations. But some of you are old enough to remember your mother's or grandmother's warning about the Dog Days of Summer, right? July 23 to September 15, the Dog Days of Summer. For reasons long since forgotten, these were special days of cleansing and purifying; they were special days of readying and preparation for the days of harvest ' for the days of bounty ' that would follow. The Dog Days of Summer correspond to the mystical cycle of the Dog Star constellation ... to the magical Days of Sirius.
      During those days, the Vortex of Sirius " the Vortex of the Goddess " opens, and an energy of cleansing, purifying, readying, and preparing flows into your universe and into your world. The Vortex opens more than usual, and a flow that is more than a trickle happens.
      It happens every day of the year, absolutely, but in those days it happens more powerfully and more profoundly. This cycle of the Rise of Sirius and of the Sirius Days has been happening for tens of thousands of years.
      And now, everything is different.
      **An Excerpt from Lazaris book The Sirius Connection: A Workbook

      "I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night"

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