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Systems of Magick

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  • GraceWatcher@aol.com
    Systems of Magick There are many different types of Magick that yu will find along your journey. These are forms or different techniques that are applied
    Message 1 of 1 , May 15, 2003
      Systems of Magick

      There are many different types of Magick that yu will find along your journey. These are "forms" or different "techniques" that are applied for your magickal goal or desires. They can be combined or used separately. However and whatever you find most is that which works for YOU!!!

      Color Magick - This technique is used in various other forms and is the most widely used in relation to your desires. Color has the ability to enhance, modify, lessen, or change our moods & emotions, even our perceived desires. A color is chosen to represent the goal or desire of that which you are attempting. You can impliment it in to all other forms and techniques.

      Symbolic Magick - This is a system which uses different symbols to represent various ideas, people and goals. Numbers can also be used. A good self-made symbol represeting the thought form or the elements or whatever you wish, is the most powerful magick as it is your own, and any of the altar or ritual forms you choose.

      Poppet or Representational Magick - This system utilizes the figure of someone in which you are working the spell for. This helps in visualizing the main desire and the end result. These figures can be made from just about anything and are widely sold at many shops. But again, the best is the one you make yourself. It personalizes it even mor both for the person and for you. A lock of hair, a piece of clothing, even a photo or picture from a magazine will work just as well also.

      Talismans and/or Amulet Magick - These are "charged" magickally and usually worn or carried on the person for protection, good luck or any reason you want. It is a type of representational and a type of symbolic magick combined. There are many types, figures, combination, pices and items you can use for this purpose. Many are worn around the neck or carried in a pouch. Anything you carried with you is your "good luck" charm.

      Herbal Magick - This also can be implemented in many forms of magick. Used as talismans and amulets in a pouch or a dream pillow for dreams or good nights sleep. Combined inside a candle for a scented or enhanced energy for your goal. There are literally hundreds of different types of herbs readily available and each one can have its own specific use or a myriad of uses. Many are cultivated at the correct Moon Phases, both sown and harvested in order to maximize the magickal effects. This is a very ancient system but is still widely used today.

      Candle Magick - One of the oldest forms of magick as well as one of the easiest. Fire has held our fascination for many centuries and its uses are seemingly unlimited. Its use in Magick is not only extremely effective but you can also use the many other forms and techniques along with it. Color, Representational and Herbal Magick being the most used in conjunction with Candle Magick.

      Knot Magick or Binding Magick - This utilizes rope, string, yarn or even shoelaces to signify the desire. It is used in conjunction with many of the other forms and is a type of representational magick also. Some carry the tied desire around with them, wear it, untie it to represent release. The color, form and energies are all used when practicing this type of magick.

      Crystal Magick - Each stone or gem has its own magickal property. Here again, you will find wide differences in each attribute. It is used to enhance a spell or used on its own. The power of the Stone is amazing, you will find the beauty is attractive enough, now you will find that each can help you in a variety of way. Many healers use this system as the vibrational power of the Stones are useful in many ways.

      Elemental Magick - This is the use of the different elements, Fire, Air, Water and Earth. Even the directions of each one has its own magickal properties. Each has its own aspects and is used in very nearly all forms of Magick. These are very important and there is wide differences in the different properties attributed to each. It is up to you to find what works the best for you.


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