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Dreams about fireballs, an angel and the president

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  • GraceWatcher@aol.com
    A Dream of GraceWatcher The night before I had this dream, I was really troubled and disturbed about the war we are having with Irag. Many people are
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2003

      A Dream of GraceWatcher

      The night before I had this dream, I was really troubled and disturbed about the war we are having with Irag. Many people are protesting this war, while others are saying we are not americans if we do not support this war
      The first dream I had 3 nights, first one was on March 27th, 28th, and 29th 2003
      I had this dream 3 times.
      Many people were just about to prepare for the holy day Easter, when suddenly I saw this fireball come down from the sky. It crashed right into the entire United States. What was so funny, no one was hurt, but many people came out of this fireball. Some were angry and others was confused. Next part of the dream I saw many of these people going to the White House looking for Bush, shaking their fists


      Here is the fourth dream I had on April 3rd

      GraceWatcher: anyway, this dream has really been a strugle for me, so last night I had a dream an angel came to me
      GraceWatcher: one with wings and everything
      GraceWatcher: he wore a white rob
      GraceWatcher: anyway in my dream, the angel asked me, why are you letting this dream trouble you?
      GraceWatcher: I told him, it looks like something bad is gonna happen
      GraceWatcher: they angel  said, you are doing your own thinking
      GraceWatcher: he said follow me
      GraceWatcher: so we went up to the sky, looking at the USA
      GraceWatcher: he said, now watch
      GraceWatcher: so I watched
      GraceWatcher: he said watch closly
      GraceWatcher: so I did
      GraceWatcher: again I saw a large fireball hit the entire states
      GraceWatcher: then the angels said look behind the fireball, he said what do you see
      GraceWatcher: behind this fireball was a dove
      GraceWatcher: The angel said do you understand now?
      GraceWatcher: I said I think so?
      GraceWatcher: the angel said, God is trying to get peopele's attention
      GraceWatcher: but they keep ignoring him
      GraceWatcher: the angel said the fireball is a symbol of God's glory and presense
      GraceWatcher: because God is trying to get our attention, sometiems we become angry and confused in the daily things of life
      GraceWatcher: So I asked the angels what about the people looking for Bush?
      GraceWatcher: The angel said come follow me
      GraceWatcher: next thing in the dream I was transported outside the white house
      GraceWatcher: the angel said, who is in that house?
      GraceWatcher: I said our president, Bush
      GraceWatcher: The angel said yes, that is true
      GraceWatcher: then the angel said, why is everyone mad at him?
      GraceWatcher: I said cause of this war
      GraceWatcher: The angel said now watch what happens
      GraceWatcher: he said look inside
      GraceWatcher: so I looked inside this window
      GraceWatcher: what I saw made me weep
      GraceWatcher: I saw Bush praying and crying on his knees
      GraceWatcher: Then I woke up
      GraceWatcher: after I woke up, these thoughts came to my mind
      GraceWatcher: the thing that caught my mind about the whole dream was that people was preparing for Easter, but they are going about it the wrong way.
      Here we are preparing for Easter and here comes a fireball.
      The angel told me God has been trying to get their attention, and they have been ignoring him.
      This is why so many people are mad and confused.
      when you leave God out, what do you have left?
      yes I think something good will come out of this war
      GraceWatcher: this war is waking us up
      This second dream made things so clear

      This came from the Desk of GraceWatcher Ministries
      "We Are Spiritual Beings Having a Human Experience"
      Love and Light
      Paul E Jones
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