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Memories and a Life A Life Of Ecstasy

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  • GraceWatcher
    We come together at this moment in eternity entering the peace and harmony that is the natural pathway of soul reality. We come recognizing that it is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 10, 2002
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      We come together at this moment in eternity entering the peace and harmony
      that is the natural pathway of soul reality. We come recognizing that it is
      interesting to observe the events of your life experience that in many
      respects generate an aberration of that which is the pure peace and harmony
      of soul reality.

      Have you ever wondered why there are these disturbances, why there are these
      points of divergent energy that disrupt and create a discord that penetrates
      the veil of the pure peace and harmony of creation? There is always much
      that is occurring within your web of experience creating the opportunity for
      attachment to that being observed. Then there is the emotional response and
      then the physical reaction in the outer conditional responses to the created
      environment. There are then the opportunities for disturbing and for moving
      away from the absolute peace and harmony that is the eternal statement of
      being of the soul.

      It is within your experience that you realize a memory of an event, an
      occurrence, a memory of people, of certain conditional type activities that
      provide a certain element of remembrance about an event that perhaps took
      place earlier in the current lifetime, or if the inner eye is truly opened,
      events that might have occurred in a previous incarnation.

      It is important to look at those memories as they arrive and as they come to
      the surface for there is always a message, there is always an indication of
      why that memory, perhaps, has come at a certain moment.

      You see, imbedded within the experiential baggage of the soul is the memory
      of all that the soul has participated in throughout eternity. There are the
      immediate memories of the current lifetime which are more pronounced and
      more recognizable, but there are also memories of previous existence,
      previous environments, previous involvements that come to the surface in the
      form of an intuitive remembrance, a feeling about a condition that must be
      resolved, or there is a stimulation that brings about a certain response and
      a certain feeling of perhaps elation, or perhaps frustration, or perhaps
      some other conditional response in the outer activity of the mind.

      Memories are tools that can be used when reflected upon and then observed
      from the perspective of the current activity. When the memory pops into
      awareness, ask why that is so, what is that about? What is the feeling that
      is generated by the memory that comes to the surface? Is it a feeling of
      lack of resolution of a previous condition? Is it a feeling of support and
      affirmation of that which is the path that is being walked in the present
      moment? Is it a feeling of resentment or anger or some other emotion that
      is resident within the memory bank that is calling for resolution? Or is it
      simply a memory of the out-picturing of the attributes of the soul where
      there is a remembrance of a moment of supreme ecstasy and beauty, of living
      fully in the peace and harmony of soul reality?

      You see, memories take on many shades and colors. They take on many
      meanings and interpretations. We are simply suggesting that as there are
      these moments of remembering a condition, a person, an event, a situation,
      or a general feeling of a past involvement, consider what is being offered.
      Consider where there might be a rough edge or a point of resolution that
      still needs to be brought into alignment with soul reality. Let the memory
      of events and conditions be like a teacher that is simply reminding you of
      what you need to do or what you need to resolve, or what needs to be
      accomplished in order to bring fully all memory and all activity into the
      current moment where there is the full embodiment of the presence of the
      Love and Light you are.

      Use your memories constructively, use them productively, and use them
      efficiently and effectively to resolve and to come into focus then with that
      which is the pure statement of Love energy that you are as a soul.

      When you observe life around you and you feel the impulse of life from
      within your embodiment, do you experience a sense of ecstasy? This is a
      word that is used that often transcends the physical, transcends the
      emotional, transcends all that is being outwardly being observed, releasing
      that which is being inwardly recognized.

      Ecstasy is an expression of spiritual recognition. It is an expression of
      identifying and aligning with that which is the eternal statement of the
      creative impulse always in motion everywhere throughout all eternity.

      The notion of ecstasy can be observed and can be experienced moment by
      moment when you sincerely and deeply observe the life patterns around you.
      When you look into the eyes of another soul that is embodied in this
      experience, do you see past the surface of the face and the smile and all of
      the external regalia and see the beauty of the eternal statement of truth
      that lies deep within the consciousness of that soul? When you do, you feel
      a sense of awe, a sense of inspiration, a sense of ecstasy.

      When you look at flowers that are blooming in your garden, or when you
      observe the new growth that is occurring during this springtime, do you see
      beyond that which is the form to the substance of that which is being
      offered as a gift and as a declaration of truth of that which is the eternal
      statement of beauty and harmony and the continuum of life that is always

      When you observe and feel what is being expressed, you feel a sense of
      ecstasy for that is the feeling that takes you beyond the form and substance
      to the Source of all that is being expressed. When you align with the
      Source of all that is being expressed, you know that you have connected with
      the eternal statement of oneness that is the pathway of soul reality. There
      is an expression of ecstasy that bubbles to the surface and cannot be

      When you look across a vista and see the expanse of the created environment
      of which you are a part, you often feel a sense of �knowing� that there is
      something greater that is far beyond what is being observed. You have a
      sense of eternity and you have a sense of experiencing infinity. This calls
      forth a sense of ecstasy where there is then the identification with the
      eternal statement of soul reality that aligns with the eternal statement of
      created reality.

      You see, there are many ways that the expression of ecstasy becomes a living
      reality, becomes a moment by moment expression of the joy of creation, of
      experiencing and feeling deeply the unity of all creation, the oneness of
      all that is.

      As you walk through your daily experience, be aware of these moments of
      ecstasy. In the physical, do you ever feel a tingling that rises up your
      spine and reaches out into the extremities of your physical being? Do you
      ever feel what are called goose bumps that simply suggest the recognition of
      the connectivity that is beyond the surface? Look for these moments,
      moments of experiencing the expression of unity, and see where the moments
      of ecstasy rise to the surface and where there is then consciously an
      alignment with the eternal statement of truth of who you are as a soul and
      the eternal statement of truth of the continuum of the process of the
      creative impulse being manifested. Live a path of ecstasy and you will be
      walking the path of soul reality.

      As always, know and remember that all is connected and all is one. Live a
      life of expressing, recognizing and fully emanating the ecstasy of creation.
      That is your birthright as a soul. That is walking the spiritual path, the
      sacred path of soul reality.

      Love and Light
      Paul E Jones
      UFOs, Paranormal, Ascended Masters, Angels, Occultism
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      We are Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience

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