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eBook on the dying process: How I Died (and What I Did Next)

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  • Toh Lee Sin
    Hi All I would like to introduce to you the book * How I Died and What I Did Next *, channeled by Toni Ann Winninger and compiled by Peter Watson Jenkins.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 6, 2011
      Hi All

      I would like to introduce to you the book "How I Died and What I Did Next", channeled by Toni Ann Winninger and compiled by Peter Watson Jenkins.

      The book has plenty of insightful stuff regarding the dying process and listed here are some of them:

      Is Pain Necessary?
      A playboy drove his sports car over a cliff and died a painless death. An army officer suffered severe pain while being gunned down with machine guns by his enemies. Why did one soul experience a lot of pain during his transition while another did not at all?

      Tragic Deaths
      How about souls who perished in tragedies such as the following ones, did they have to undergo much pain and agony:
      - a tsunami
      - an earthquake
      - the 911 twin tower attack
      - a mine collapse
      - torture
      - starvation
      - drug overdose
      - Aids
      - suicide
      - during a suicide bombing mission

      Peaceful Deaths
      How about those who died in their sleep at home or under anesthesia in a hospital bed, is their transition any more peaceful and less painful?

      Tunnel of Light
      What happens immediately after death? Do all souls see a tunnel of light and are received by their family and friends back Home, or are there exceptions to the rule?

      Earth-bound Entities
      - What happens when souls transition with emotions of guilt, vengeance or attachment, or the belief that they deserve hell?
      - Will their negative emotional state or belief create for themselves post-mortal realities that trap them in the fourth dimension and cause them to end up as what is commonly known as earth-bound entities?
      - Do souls actually plan for these 'stopover' side trips or are these experiences usually unplanned and unanticipated?

      And More...
      - Are the why, how, when and where of death pre-planned before birth?
      - Do souls usually turn up at their own funeral?
      - How often do souls manage to achieve what they set out to experience, learn and accomplish?
      - What do souls go on to do after their transition, do they stay around to complete any unfinished business or do they immediately plan for another round of incarnation?

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