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Spiritual Powers of the Soul

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    What are the spiritual powers of the soul ? First of all we have the 8 main powers of the soul: The Eight Powers of the Soul There are different ways of using
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      What are the spiritual powers of the soul ?

      First of all we have the 8 main powers of the soul:

      The Eight Powers of the Soul

      There are different ways of using and increasing these spiritual powers in your life. The first thing is simply to know that you have them.The second is to think deeply about them and what they mean and how they can work practically for you in your life.The third is to practise using them, the more you use them the more powerful they become. Finally its essential to draw those powers from the Source of all power. These eight spiritual powers are the foundation of transformation of the self in action and as such, transformation of our world.

      The Power to withdraw – know to step back, detach from the role, the situation… get perspective.

      The Power to Let Go – free yourself from the chains of the past, when it’s over, finish it and move on.

      The Power to Tolerate – go beyond the insistence of reaction. Rise above… seek the wisdom of understanding.

      The Power to Accept – leave behind the fantasy of ‘ should’, work with the truth of ‘what is’. 

      The Power to Discern – the power to see what is really going on, to clearly assess what is true and what is not.

      The Power to Decide – to take action, to commit and follow the course you know it’s right.

      The Power to Face - the courage and strength to handle whatever happens, whatever you feel, whatever you see, inside and out.

      The Power to Co-operate – surrender ego and force, lend your talents and to circumstances, read the omens and flow with them.

      Furthermore the soul has far more subtle powers:

      Power to absorb

      Power of accommodation

      Power to assess

      Power of blessing

      Power to break

      Power of catching and touching

      Power to churn

      Power of concentration

      Power of remain content

      Power to control

      Power of coolness

      Power to co-operate

      Power to decide

      Power of determination

      Power of discrimination

      Power of the divine eye

      Power of divinity

      Power to experience

      Power to face

      Power of being faithful

      Power of pure feelings and good wishes

      Power to fight

      Power of gathering

      Power to imbibe

      Power of inculcation

      Power of the intellect

      Power to judge

      Power of knowledge

      Power of spiritual language

      Power of love

      Power to merge

      Power to mould

      Power to pack up

      Power of peace

      Power of purity

      Power of realization

      Power of relationships

      Power of remembrance

      Power to rule / ruling power

      Power of sanskars (personality traits)

      Power of self-sovereignty

      Power of service

      Power of silence

      Power of speech

      Power of spirituality

      Power of stability

      Power to stop the waste

      Power of thought

      Power of tolerance

      Power of transformation

      Power of truth

      Power to understand

      Power of will / will-power

      Power of yoga

      Power of zeal and enthusiasm

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