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Change We Must

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  • Mike J Hughes
    As I look back over my history in this incarnation I can see it to be a phase that all initiates go through ,and that is known as the Dark Night of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2010
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      As I look back over my history in this incarnation I can see it to be a
      phase that all initiates go through ,and that is known as the 'Dark
      Night of the Soul'which is something that all mystics go through .It is
      a time of great stress and of the stale feeling of being alone in this
      world ,and I have come to realize the fact that all advanced souls go
      through this phase of life .There was a time when my life was so
      unmanageable through my drug use that I was a bloody train wreck waiting
      to happen.

      When I was growing up during my high school days ,my peers always
      thought that I was different from the rest, because of the kind of
      reading that I was engaged in,which was the topic of the occult, and
      esoteric philosophy which gave me a little respect as someone who can
      answer the kind of questions that teenagers have at that stage of life
      .Many were fascinated by the knowledge I had through years of study.Many
      teenagers would ask me to put a curse on their enemies,others wanted to
      know the future,or the making of love potions.Even at that age I could
      not even dare to teach these young minds about the dark side of the
      occult ,as I would be breaking a Law of the initiate of keeping silence
      concerning these matters, because the greater bulk of humanity today are
      in no way ready to learn the science of occultism.

      How ever I did teach all about the art of self awareness and the
      building into ones life a firm foundation of spirituality and brother
      hood.There are at this time some very powerful cosmic energies that are
      now entering our world from a great divine being known as the ''Avatar
      of Synthesis''who can descend no lower than the higher mental planes.It
      is his energy which is causing both the good and the bad in all humanity
      at this time ,and bringing it all out so that it can be dealt with.This
      Avatar is so highly evolved that if we were to compare him with Maitreya
      would be interesting.Maitreya has achieved two levels of cosmic
      consciousness while this great Avatar has 14 levels of cosmic

      Very soon we are to see a global revolution that will forever change the
      way in which we all live.As it stands now we,in the developed nations of
      the world use and waste 80% of the worlds resources.Every developed
      nations of the world will soon be invited to give over that which they
      have in excess that may be food ,education,shelter,health care ,and so
      much other things that would improve the way we all live, and sharing
      and brotherhood are the keys to a much happier world where all will have
      a chance to live beautiful and productive lives.

      As it stands today we have millions of people living miserable and
      stunted lives,and who deserves a chance to really become somebody and to
      live a life of happiness such as they have only dreamed of.The problems
      in the world today are very real ,but yet solvable if only we all pull
      together to free the divine possibilities which can change and
      profoundly change our world for the better.There is absolutly nothing
      that can prevent the divine human soul to expand and to develop its
      divine and creative nature,for such is the nature of both man and God.
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