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Transformation of Consciousness

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  • GraceWatcher@aol.com
    From the Desk of GraceWatcher@aol.com We are spiritual beings having a human experience TRANSFORMATION OF CONSCIOUSNESS As you take a moment from the outer
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 7, 2002

      From the Desk of GraceWatcher@...
      "We are spiritual beings having a human experience"


      As you take a moment from the outer framework of time that has been created
      in your earthly environment, and as you move inward to the center of your
      being, do you feel a transformation of consciousness taking place?  As you
      move consciously within, you feel the release from that which is the
      external environment.  You feel a process of letting go of the attachments
      to that which is in the external world of emotions of the physical and of
      the mental.

      You feel a transformation from being encased within the reactive adventure
      of three-dimensional existence to that which is the boundless and limitless
      environment of the consciousness of the soul.  Do you feel this

      Consider for moment if you were to view all of your experiences, all of your
      interactions, all of your activities within your three-dimensional
      environment from this inner, limitless, boundless perception.  How do you
      think the outer realm would be perceived?  How would it be different than
      the patterns and habits you have established in the reactive, attached
      environment you have lived in externally for so long?

      When you view the world with outer eyes, you see definitions, you see
      habitual patterns, you see emotional interactions that have been engrained
      through experience into the outer web of activity and reaction.  It is by
      definition a very temporary and temporal existence and perception that is
      attained.   However, when you view the same outer conditions from the inner
      perspective where the transformation of consciousness has occurred, you are
      looking through the outer eyes, radiating and feeling a sense of unity, a
      sense of oneness, a sense of infinite possibilities.  You are seeing not
      from the eye of the physical, but from the eye of the soul.

      So the inner perspective is most important for it is ultimately the only
      perspective that has sustaining and eternal value.  The inner perspective,
      looking through the eye of the soul, is viewing all experience from the
      foundation of soul reality which is an expression of the infinite statement
      of creation taking place moment by moment.

      As each observation, as each perception is bathed in the Love and Light that
      radiates from the soul, do you sense how that is different than the
      externalized observations that have become so engrained and so habitual?
      There is a transformation taking place in souls throughout Earth at this
      moment.  There is a movement inwardly viewing life experience, viewing the
      creative flow of energy from the inner perception of knowing the oneness of
      all creation.  As the transformation from duality to oneness in
      consciousness takes place, do you feel and sense how this unifying
      perception establishes a radiance of harmony, balance, peace, joy, and all
      of the attributes of creation in total unity of expression?

      Let that transformation of consciousness be what it is.  Allow it to take
      place by letting go of that which would stand in the way, letting go of
      false concepts, letting go of belief systems, letting go of misperceptions,
      letting go of attachments, letting go of ego-centered and emotional
      reactions.  Let the transformation take place.  Let the soul speak.  Let the
      real you arise in consciousness.

      As always, know that all is connected, all is one.  You are I AM the Love,
      Light, and Life of creation.

      Love and Light
      Paul E Jones
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