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Clarify Your Intention

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  • GraceWatcher@aol.com
    From the Desk of GraceWatcher@aol.com We are spiritual beings having a human experience CLARIFY YOUR INTENTION We begin each moment of existence with an
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 13, 2001

      From the Desk of GraceWatcher@...
      "We are spiritual beings having a human experience"


      We begin each moment of existence with an observation, a reflection, and an
      increasing understanding of who and why you are as a soul.  You begin each
      moment with this intention, but how often is the reflection and the
      observation shunted and taken into a limited perception that is generated by
      the experiences, the attachments, the emotional interactions with the
      three-dimensional world through which you are passing?

      The pathway of experience is indeed exactly that -- each moment is an
      experience unto itself.  As you observe and reflect on each experience, do
      you see how each step, each experience, each event is connected to the next
      experience?  Nothing is separate.  Nothing is apart from the pathway of
      experience that you are walking.

      Within the context of the experience, as you observe and reflect on each
      step along the way, there is an increasing awareness of why each step is
      being taken.  This may not always be obvious.  It may not always be
      consciously recognized, but from the perspective of the consciousness of the
      soul, there is a continuous integration of each step, of each experience
      that is responding to the desire and the intention to bring all experience
      into an integrated whole, into a unified statement of existence, into the
      consciousness of oneness.

      As you reflect and observe those moments of experience that you have passed
      through over the current lifetime, feel the connectedness.  Reflect on where
      and how the points of expression connect with that which has occurred before
      and that which is the next step to occur.  Do you see the points of

      The soul is on an eternal journey of exploration.  The soul is the
      Consciousness of Creation moving through created experience.  And as there
      are moments where the externalized energy and focus of the mind, the
      emotions, and the physical attractions dominate and capture for a moment the
      intention of the consciousness of the soul, it is like coming to a resting
      place, exploring, experiencing, and then remembering that the outer
      expressions are simply the result of inner understanding.  And the outer
      tools of the mind, the emotions, and the physical activity are simply
      doorways through which the soul passes in order to understand the greater
      reality that lies within.

      Observe each step that you are taking.  Reflect on each step that you have
      taken.  See the connectedness.  Know that all is moving with purpose and
      intention.  It is significant that the intention being realized is
      understood.  For as there is clarity of intention, then there is a
      purposeful and conscious step that is taken along the pathway of experience.
      It all begins with intention.

      If your intention is to explore and to experience and to relate in the
      physical, emotional, or the intellectual realm, then that will be where you
      dwell but for a moment in eternity.  If your intention is to explore and to
      demonstrate the pathway of Love, radiating the eternal Light that resides in
      and emanates from the soul, then that will be the pathway of experience that
      you walk.

      What is your intention?  What is your viewpoint?  What is your vantage
      point?   What is the perception that you are taking with you and expressing
      each step along the way?  Clarify your intention.  Reflect on what your
      intentions have been through previous experiences.  And as you see the
      connecting points and as you feel that clarification of intention, you will
      become consciously the manifested statement of the Love and Light you are as
      a soul, embracing each moment in Love, embracing each soul you encounter in
      Love, seeing and walking the pathway of unconditional and unselfish Love
      each step along the pathway of experience.  This is the intention of the
      soul.  Let it be so.

      Love and Light
      Paul E Jones

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