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Transformation and the flow of creative energy

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  • GraceWatcher@aol.com
    From the Desk of GraceWatcher@aol.com Read it, Believe it, and God will do it THE BRIDGE OF TRANSFORMATION We begin this discourse with an affirmation, a very
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 12, 2001

      From the Desk of GraceWatcher@...
      Read it, Believe it, and God will do it


      We begin this discourse with an affirmation, a very simple affirmation that
      is always true.  You, the real you, are a soul with a body, not a body with
      a soul.  As this statement is made, it is most important to internalize and
      feel the depth of meaning.  This provides a point of focus for making the
      transition from that which has been and, to a measure still is, the
      involvement, attachment and interaction with the created universe, making
      the transition to that which is the unmanifested Source of all.

      It is like there are two pillars holding a bridge of transformation.  On one
      side is the pillar of unmanifested, infinite reality of the existence of
      all.  It is the pure statement of Love, Light, and Life, the mighty trinity
      of creation.  As this pillar is observed, it blends effortlessly with
      everything.  It has no distinct and unique form, for it is the formless from
      which all form comes.  It radiates the pulse of creative energy that moves
      across this bridge of transformation into the realm of manifested existence.
      This Source, this infinite foundation, this pillar of the Source of all is
      the anchor, is the foundation, and is the point in the infinite cosmos from
      which all energy and all creativity manifests.

      It is important to know that within the soul, the doorway to merging with
      and remembering the oneness with the Source is available.  It is only
      through the consciousness of the soul that this bridge from the manifested
      to the unmanifested can be crossed.  There is no other pattern of
      expression; there is no other statement of creation, other than the soul,
      through which the total and complete understanding and identity with the
      Source can be attained.

      This is most important to realize for even though there are discussions of
      and connections with entities or energy patterns along the entire continuum
      of existence, each of these energy patterns, each of these presentations,
      each of these entities has within the depths of its existence the soul
      identity, the identity that connects that point of consciousness with the
      very Source of all.

      So every element of creation has but one purpose and that is to be
      recognized for the magnificence of the creative statement being made, to
      recognize that the essence and truth of that creative statement being made
      can only be known through the consciousness of the soul.  That is the link,
      the perpetual and eternal link that takes one across this bridge of
      transformation from the manifested to the pure statement of unmanifested

      The pillar on the other side of this bridge is rather concrete, rather
      solid.  It is composed of the three-dimensional, focused, created world in
      which you as an embodied soul are temporarily dwelling.  Each element of
      this pillar seems rather permanent and rather solid, for that is the
      attachment to the created essence that has occurred which has made it appear
      as though there is a permanent reality within the manifested world.

      It must be known that the manifested world in which you live can only exist
      because of the underlying foundation of that which is the unmanifested.  The
      manifested world has no energy of its own.  It has no patterns of expression
      that are purely of its own essence.  For the essence of all creation resides
      in the infinite Source of creative energy that emanates from the one Source
      of all.

      Again, it is only through the consciousness of the soul that this eternal
      link can be known, the link that connects that which is manifested across
      the bridge of transformation with that which is the pure essence of all that
      is unmanifested.

      So you see, the soul is that connecting point of consciousness that brings
      both sides of this eternal bridge of transformation into a single and
      uniform reality where it is all seen as the same thing.  The difference is
      only in appearance and temporary attachment.  The reality lies in the
      underlying essence of the entire creative process.  That underlying essence
      is what you call Love.  It's what you call Light.  It's what you call Life.
      Love is the Source, Light is the energy that radiates Love into the infinite
      cosmos-creating universe after universe, creating that which is called Life
      or that which contains and emanates the same Love and Light.

      The soul is the carrier of this awareness, of this consciousness.  The soul
      is who you really are.  So move across, go within, merge with this bridge of
      transformation and rest in the single truth of your existence that you are
      indeed a soul transiting the portals of creation remembering, observing,
      knowing the truth that the body is simply the vehicle, and the soul is that
      eternal statement of consciousness experiencing creation and knowing the
      truth of all.

      As you sit on the Knoll of Creation, do you feel the impulse of creation all
      around you?  Do you feel the energy flowing in and through the trees, the
      grass, the flowers?  Do you hear the energy of the birds, of the wind?  Do
      you feel the depth of creative energy that is flowing from the center of
      Mother Earth?  Creation is not something that happened.  It is a process; it
      is continuously occurring.  From the Source of all creation, the continuous
      impulse moves out and into manifestation.

      There is never a moment in eternity when creation is not occurring.  To be
      aware of the flow of creative energy is most important for, within the
      consciousness of the soul is the essence of the entirety of that creative
      energy.  When this is understood and, more than understood, when it is known
      and becomes the soul movement of energy from the consciousness of the soul
      into manifestation through the bodily vehicle, then there is true alignment
      of intention and purpose with that which is the result or that which is

      There are many avenues of creation from the One Source.  There are many
      patterns of creative form that are the result of how the creative impulse is
      interpreted, how it is moved into that form and substance which is
      compatible with the entirety of the creative activity taking place.

      There is no part of creation that stands independently; it all relates.
      From the creation of the universe to the creation of the solar system, the
      planets, the moons, and all of the life forms that inhabit the billions of
      planets and stars in your universe.  All of the creative patterns fit

      As the consciousness of the soul awakens to the creative pattern being
      expressed, there is then an understanding of how all connects.  As the soul
      penetrates the veil of physicality and observes the inner realm of
      intuition, the inner realm of omni-dimensional existence, the inner realm of
      the infinite truth of existence, then the pattern of creativity becomes very
      purposeful, becomes very intentional.  The result of that creative flow
      through the consciousness of the soul becomes in alignment with the flow of
      Love, the flow of Light, the flow of the purposeful activity within the
      earthly environment that brings about a greater understanding for all.

      Creation is the process of Life.  It is important to activate the flow of
      creative energy, for it is, when activated, that the doorway of resistance
      then is opened ever wider.  It is important for the energy of the soul to
      focus on a creative pattern and to let that creative pattern be sufficient
      unto itself.  It is that which flows from the consciousness of the soul that
      is molded into a creative statement.

      Ultimately the soul realizes and knows that it is the entirety of the
      creative impulse and that all that is in one's experience has been created
      by the flow of creative energy through the soul.

      This is a most important concept to comprehend for there is never a moment
      when creation is not happening.  Therefore, it is most important that the
      creation that is taking place be aligned with the purposeful intent of being
      the entirety of the creative impulse which is the presentation of Love,
      radiating as Light, manifesting in infinite variety as Life that is the
      pattern expressed by the consciousness of the soul.

      Feel the creative impulse; be the creative impulse.  Let that creative
      impulse manifest as the attributes of the soul are brought into total
      presentation within every movement within your environment.

                                                         Love and Light

      Rev. Paul E Jones
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