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Move from the outer to the inner

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  • GraceWatcher@aol.com
    From the Desk of GraceWatcher@aol.com Read it, Believe it, and God will do it MOVE FROM THE OUTER TO THE INNER As you sit and rest quietly in what you call
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      From the Desk of GraceWatcher@...
      Read it, Believe it, and God will do it


      As you sit and rest quietly in what you call your quiet time, do you
      feel the vision of inner awareness penetrating the boundaries of the
      three-dimensional world?  Do you feel and sense the breadth, the depth
      of vision that is being generated?  You have moved into a new realm of
      existence and within this realm of existence, it is as though there are
      no boundaries.  There are no limits to what you can see.  You move in
      and through your physical world, but you see how all is part of a
      unified expression of creation.  

      As you encounter other souls, you no longer observe and limit your
      observations to the outer form or to the outer expressions, for you know
      that beneath that which is being presented externally is the truth of
      the eternal soul embodied but for a moment.  As the clarity of vision
      becomes ever greater, you see the connection between all points of
      existence.  It is as though you are walking through a dream.  It is
      often referred to as dream time by the ancients.  For the world, as you
      see it, is but a passing notion in the eternity of existence.  

      As you penetrate the limits and boundaries of that which has been the
      cloak of three-dimensional thinking, you know the infinite landscape of
      creation that you are really observing.  It is a time to carry this
      vision into application every moment of existence.  There is no longer
      the need, no longer the desire, no longer the inclination to dwell on
      analyzing, reacting to, or evaluating the outer form and substance.  You
      recognize that all of the outer form and substance is but a temporary
      statement of that which has been utilized and is being utilized as a
      tool of expression for unlocking the inner door of awareness.

      We would observe that that which you now experience and now see is
      beyond those limitations that have been created within the experience of
      the earthly school.  The observations now are beyond those boundaries.
      Feel what is being presented and see not with the outer eye, but with
      the inner eye.  Feel not with the outer emotions, but feel with that
      inner unity of understanding and knowing.

      A transformation has occurred, one that will never be reversed.  Go in
      peace. Walk in harmony.  Act with resolution and guidance knowing that
      every step is illuminated from within with the eternal Light of
      creation, with the eternal embrace of the Love of creation.  

      As you sit in the forest in your physical self, do you feel the flow of
      creative energy surrounding you, penetrating all existence?  Do you feel
      that flow of creative energy flowing within you?  It is most important
      to connect consciously with the flow of energy for this is the process
      of the manifestation of life energy.

      Every moment of your existence is a moment of creation.  Every
      expression of consciousness that you project from within is a statement
      of creation.  There is an infinite well of creative potential within the
      consciousness of the soul, for how can that which is one with all and
      one with the Consciousness of Creation be anything less than infinite in

      You see, it is a rather extensive potential that you have as a soul.
      What are you doing with this potential?  What are you as a soul
      releasing into manifestation as the conscious flow of creative energy?
      There is much that occurs which is simply responsive to the externalized
      environment that is reactive or interactive with that which already
      exists and is, to a measure, not even consciously understood or
      interpreted or recognized as being simply a reactive and interactive

      It is most important to feel the flow of creative energy, to feel the
      presentation of every aspect of consciousness and to allow the doors to
      the inner, infinite resource of creative energy to open wide without
      concern for what the world might consider or think of that which is
      presented.  Creation is the purpose of existence.  What are you
      consciously creating?

      We have spoken of the creative pattern of words.  We have spoken of the
      creative pattern of what is called art, which is simply a statement of
      inner recognition of the harmony, balance, beauty and interaction of
      certain components of the physical world.  There are many patterns of

      We mention this only to suggest that time be taken on a regular basis to
      simply let creation happen consciously.  Feel the impulse.  Feel the
      movement.  Feel the penetration of the veil of resistance.  Feel the
      creative energies simply moving into form and substance.  Whatever that
      may be, let it flow.  If it be working with wood, if it be working with
      paints, if it be working with other artistic endeavors, if it be working
      with words, whatever the flow is, let it occur freely, unobstructed, and

      Remember that every step through the life experience is a step of
      manifesting that which is known from within.  Every step is a step of
      creative energy.  What are you creating?  Be conscious of the flow of
      this creative energy and let it express what you know, what you feel,
      and who you are.

      The flow of creativity is Love in action, moving on waves of Light,
      manifesting as the total Life experience.

      Love and Light
      Paul E Jones

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